Date: 10th July 2009 at 8:50am
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There is a strange report in The Mirror today with quotes from Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez slating former Villa captain £areth Barry claiming the England midfielder moved to Manchester City for money, not football reasons.

‘In the market now, the money’s not the main thing because all the people in football at that level are on big money. But (referring to Barry who he believed had agreed to move to Anfield only for an 11th hour change of mind) it was clearly 100 per cent about money. Money, money, money. At the end of the day, the most important thing for me is the passion of the players. You have to make decisions to do your best at the right time and if it’s just money, sometimes you will make mistakes.’

If Barry is on £110 000 a week at Manchester City, I guess for him, his family and his future, it is a lot to turn down!??!

John Hoey, aka Upthevilla_83, sent this in after I’d published the article above, but hey, in for a penny, in for a pound, you now get two for the price of one!

This came as a bit of a shock to me and I am surprised to say the least but Liverpool’s own Tom Jones Spanish Waiter look-alike Rafa Benitez got it spot on when commenting on the Barry Saga this morning.

I’m not Rafa’s biggest fan to say the least and I do not agree with the way the ‘Barry Wars’ saga was dragged out last year but I must agree with him with what he said in a press conference put on sky sports today. “If it’s just for money sometimes you will make mistakes. I was surprised by some decisions this year, like Gareth Barry. I won’t say too much but clearly it was 100 per cent for money. The most important thing for me is the passion of the players.”

I don’t like agreeing with him but although there is a possibility that Citeh could gatecrash the big 4 (I am hoping we do ok this year and finish off better than the relegation form we showed) it isn’t guaranteed.

He could have seen out his contract, put in a great performance for England and then had the pick of the top clubs around Europe.

Then again, in an ideal world we would win the league, England would hammer Brazil in the world cup final and you could get a pint of lager for under £1.70.

If someone offered me £110,000 per week then it would be difficult for me to turn down.

Vital Manchester City on the story: Now Rafa’s Lost The Plot!


17 Replies to “Liverpool Boss Slates £areth Barry!”

  • If liverpool tried to sign him again and he went to city then that proves he went for the money,Don`t blame him really but what a greedy little ********.

  • he’s right though…. Barry of all “model” sort of players has eviidently lost his status by joining eastlands.

  • money talks… (but it don’t sing and dance and it don’t walk… sorry, one for the oldies that) he has gone somewhere who could go on a great ride with the stupid money being spent + is on mega money. Would love to blame him but after 10 years loyal service? Not sure.. bit split.. didn’t do what he said he wanted to do though, only leave for CL.

    Couldn’t bring myself to use one of the images I have of him in the Villa shirt though, would just be wrong now!

  • I don’t particularly blame him for his move one way or the other; he was a good servant for Villa.

    What I do object to though is his hipocrisy (last summer saying he wanted to play CL). His PR lies are an insult to all involved at Villa. His lack of honesty has led to a predicament where is is able to be held up as an example of ‘everything that’s wrong with football’, which is a shame for an excellent English player.

  • Oh bitter bitter Benitez. That must be why he works for just a free museum pass (and the 2.5m a year he recently negotiated under the threat of leaving for Spain). If only there was more room on his moral high ground, the world would be such a lovely place! Of course it’s about money, but do you think he’d have gone to Doncaster for the cash? He joined for the cash as well as the prospect of joining a club that’ll knock the wholesome charity that is LFC out of the top 4!

  • That fat spanish waiter is a prat. Barry didn’t join them because he knew he’d spend most of his time between left back and the subs bench in a world cup year. He went for money, and although its not nice to think, because Citeh have a better chance of winning things than us!

  • No-one is arguing over him moving to City for the money. The reality is that he said he would only move for CL football and has in reality moved for money. If he came out and said that then there would be no criticism. But all this part of a big project is crap as what is Lerner doing at Villa? Similar but on a lesser scale

  • I really don’t blame Barry for going there! I really don’t believe he would have been a first choice midfielder/starter for any of the top 4 and surely Man City are the only other team you would expect to finish above us next season!

  • I think he woke up, realised he could potentially lose Mascherano and Alsonso this summer and remembered the best player he could have bought has already gone elsewhere. Que hissy fit. Fat Spanish W*nker

  • Tony isnt that his point? I actually dont understand your fans bile towards Rafa he decided last year not to pay the cash simple really. Alonso and Masch have 3 years left on their contracts so its the club’s decision to keep them (like it was with Barry last year). Wasnt a hissy fit at all, he said Barry chose money over the CL…true isnt it? Kaka did the opposite and chose CL over money……Its ironic that people are saying Rafa has had a hissy fit when you read some of the reactions on here…..

  • Think Barry went were he felt wanted. The way liverpool acted as a club last year presumably left Barry feeling they didn’t rate him that highly, which contrasts directly with the way city wrapped business up with out much fuss.

  • The fat Spanish waiter gobs off again. You would have thought he would have learned his lesson by now. He was running away with the title last season and gobs off at Manure and they shoved it up him big style. He refuses to pay the money for Barry last year, then stumped up £20 million for Keane. Even the thickest footballer could see that Rafa had mis read the situation. And then he has the cheek to say that Gareth went for the cash (and in truth that was a big reason as well as the fact that Man Citeh will be contending at the top end of the table this year). The simple truth is that Murderpool never offered the fee that Villa wanted. Gareth didn’t have a choice this summer as the fat Spanish Waiter would have us believe, because they never had permission to talk to him, because just like last year that never matched Villas valuation.

  • This guy is becoming an absolute total bore, and to be perfectly honest I dont really care what Benitez’s thoughts, concerns, or feelings are, regarding any topic, be it Liverpool related or whatever. Whatever Gareth Barry’s reasons were for moving to The City Of Manchester Stadium as opposed to Anfield, I dont care one jot. Gareth choose the Manchester City revolution, and jolly good luck to him. The way Benitez handled the Barry situation last summer made me completely lose any respect I ever had for the man (Benitez I’m waffling on about now), and I must admit, though I’m very sorry to see GB pack his bags and disappear, a part of me is very pleased that it wasn’t destination Anfield for him.

  • i tend to agree with the waiter on this one barry is minted has more money than most of us could dream of lets not forget he had at least 3 options 1 stay at villa become a legend to us keep his england spot…2 go to liverpool get 100k week replace alonso maybe challange prem titleand play c/l against the best players in the world keep his england spot…go to man city get 130k week finish midtable lose england place to sidwell who has just helped us to a top 4 finish…….

  • oh and had we offered him a fiver a week more than man city he’d have been holding a press conference telling us how he would have never left us and how he was looking forward to going places with villa’s revolution…..he’s a greedy bas*&rd and should be booed by every fan in the league until he is too ashamed to play any more.

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