Date: 21st August 2009 at 2:37pm
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Vital Villa’s interview with RafaTheGaffer from Vital Liverpool

1) So mixed start to the season, you REALLY think this year could be your year for the Prem?

Absolutely, but then again every year is our year! I don’t see that any of the top 4 have strengthened to any great degree, and the Mancs losing Ronaldo is a huge loss. It going to be very tight this year.

2) Is it true that most Liverpool fans would prefer to win the League than the Champions league or is that press guff?!

Absolutely, for once the press are right. The vast majority of the fans want the league title. It’s been a long time since we won it, and with those pesky Mancs equaling our record, we all want the league title. We wouldn’t bemoan the Champions League as well though!

3) Rafa Benitez, seems to be very popular with you folks, not so admire by away fans. Fair comment? Do you think – amidst all the continuing speculation – that you are really in danger of losing him? If you did lose him, what would the mood be and who would you expect in his place?

With the clowns we have in charge at the club at the moment, anything can happen, especially if it makes them a buck or two. The feeling around Liverpool is quite mixed about Benitez. Most love him, some actually hate him, but even those seem to think that he’s our best hope of stability. To be honest, other fans views don’t bother me too much when it comes to Benitez.

4) Your owners… total arses … yes or no!?

Do you want a swap! Is that a good enough answer?

5) What is your opinion of Aston Villa and Martin O’Neill?

Always liked Villa. Used to go quite a lot when I was in training at RAF Cosford in the ’80’s. Wouldn’t say I have a soft spot, but I haven’t met a Villa fan I don’t like – yet! 😉 As for Martin O’Neill. I have a lot of respect for him. He’s obviously a top manager, and can get the best out of a team. He was also linked with us before Benitez took over, and he would have done a good job. I’m just slightly unsure about him in the transfer market. Most of his buys seem OK type players but not world beaters. That is also down to money, so not all his fault.

6) If you could have one of our players, who would it be and why? We’d happily sell you Marlon Harewood for £10m!

Straight swap for Voronin and your on! I’d take Ashley Young. I rate him very highly.

7) Who should Villa fear in your line up?

We only have Torres and Gerrard, so the press say. But Kuyt has been in great form and is finding a lot of space and a good partnership with Johnson, so he’d be my one to look out for.

8) Do you fear Man City’s big spending might affect the top four and do you think any other club including Villa and Spurs might mount a threat also?

I think the gap will be a lot closer than it was last season, but I honestly don’t see anyone breaking into the top 4 this season. Citeh may do it next season. I think it will be a struggle for Villa to challenge like they did until March last year. I think O’Neill will be under pressure to play stronger teams in Europe than he did last year.

9) Go on then, lets have your prediction… you going to rub more salt in the wound after the mauling of last year? :o(

2-1 to us. Last year was a bit of a freak result!

I would wish you luck, but you know I’d be lying!


With thanks to RafaTheGaffer from Vital Liverpool: Dan Jones from Vital Villa does the Liverpool interview: Click Here

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