Date: 9th August 2007 at 1:14pm
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1) So how kind has the transfer window been to you this summer?

Torres, Babel, Voronin, Benny Onion, Leiva and Leto have been brought in, as well as about a dozen of Europe’s finest young talent brought into our academy. Just about all of our senior players have committed themselves to new long term contracts and the plans for our new stadium have been finalised. All things considered, we’ve had worse years.

2) How do you rate your chances this season in all competitions and where do you think you’ll finish in the PL?

The bookies would have us as third favourites to win the title, and I think that’s about right. It might take some time to bed in the new players and we’ll have to make a strong start, which is something we haven’t managed to do for a long time. So I think we have an outside chance of winning it, a reasonable chance of finishing second but the odds would suggest a third place finish albeit a lot closer to the top two then we were before. Mind you, it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve beaten the odds!

I think we would have to be considered among the favourites in the Champions League. Our record in Europe is great, so I reckon we should get at least to the semi’s and then, who knows?

As regards the FA and League Cups, I’d fancy our chances of winning at least one of them.

3) Any players you wish had been sold this summer or are you happy with what you have?

I’m happy with what we have but I was certainly glad to see the back of Craig Bellyache and Bollocks Zenden.

4) Have you been surprised Villa haven’t been more active in the transfer window or don’t you care!!?

I have been surprised at Villa’s apparent inactivity in the transfer market. I seem to remember you telling me last season, that Randy Lerner was regarded by some people as the best of the American owners in the Premiership, well not from where I’m sitting mate!

Martin O’Neill is a pretty straight shooter and yet I heard him say today that there is no cap on his spending and he has the full backing of the chairman, so I’m confused as to why he hasn’t spent more and let’s face it the clock is ticking and any players you do bring in now will probably take a while to settle in, as they’ve missed out on your pre-season. Seeing your side being outspent by the likes of Fulham, Sunderland and Birmingham (I think), not to mention just about everybody else, has got to be a cause for concern to you guys. I did hear somewhere that you had been linked with a possible move for Scott Carson and although he’s a great keeper, I wouldn’t have thought this was an area of pressing need for you. The ironic thing about it is, its got so late in the transfer window now and clubs are bound to know that your getting desperate and you’ll end up paying way over the odds for a player that you could have bought for far less a month ago, so I don’t see what purpose this delay serves. Very strange indeed.

5) What do you think of Villa’s chances this season, where about do you think we’ll finish?

I think you’ll probably finish about 12th at this rate, but if you don’t bring in players soon, you could slip even further.

6) Do you enjoy visiting Villa Park and what do you think the result will be this Saturday?

Villa Park is one of the great grounds and I’ve also seen a couple of cup semi’s there over the years. We’ve got a pretty good record against you there and I expect that to continue on Saturday with a 2-0 win for us.

7) Are you as bored as me of the stupid kick off times?!

They do my head in, there just so hard to keep track of these days. It’s ok if they want to move the times of one or two games for the telly but the vast majority should kick off at 3pm on Saturday.

8) Finally, if you could have one player from our squad, who would it be and why?

Well the way things are going for you guys, I’d hate to deprive you of anyone. But given a choice I’d take Gareth Barry. I think he’s a great player and extremely under-rated.

With thanks to Gerry Ormonde from Vital Liverpool

I’ve done an interview with Vital Liverpool and will add a link here when it is up on their site.


14 Replies to “Liverpool Fan On Saturday’s Game”

  • It is nice when fans of two clubs with no direct rivalry do interviews/chats like this as they tend to be fairly objective without the shortsightedness of blind loyalty clouding the issue. These are a good idea and I hope to see more of them.

  • “I did hear somewhere that you had been linked with a possible move for Scott Carson and although he’s a great keeper, I wouldn’t have thought this was an area of pressing need for you. ” – He hasn’t watched us much lately then !

    We NEED to beat the Red Scouse on Saturday. With the Blackburn game postponed and a trip to the geordies , we could be in for a rough start if we don’t win. It would be nice to start beating “the top 4” , something we have not done for several years now.

  • I can only put if down to not finding value for money. If a big hitter MON really wants to come to Villa then we’ll pay whatever. Would you want to spend yr cash on anything you don’t really want or settle for 2nd best?

  • artful_dodger74: If you manage to find the answer to that question PLEASE come back on here and let us all know.

  • Out of all the senior players Liverpool have bough, only Voronin and Babel stand a chance of doing it in the prem. Torres must be the most overated player since savo Milosevic and Milosovic has a better record in Spain than Torres. Leiva and Leto, well….say no more, fairies mate. You have the only English world class player in Stevie G, and you have a great defense, Javier Mascherano is class too, but you’ll still struggle to be consistant in the league as Benitez is always worrying about the next cup match. Good luck and I wish you well, and hope you can knock the Mancs and Chelsea off the top spots. You are the biggest club in England as far as I’m concerned, time to rid us of Fergie and Mourinho.

  • 12th!?! I think we are going to surprise quite a few people this season. Our lack of transfer activity means EVERYONE will be underestimating us. This could work in our favour. We are clearly much better than we were this time last year (were we finished 11th) and we started (and ended) last season with a 9 game unbeaten run. We looked awesome going forward last Saturday. Bring on the Red Scouse.

  • An honest assessment there by our red scouse friend, both of Liverpool’s chances this season, and of our own. As for Saturday’s game, I cant see us beating Liverpool, and with a trip to St James Park hovering in the background, a sticky start to the campaign looks on the cards.

  • Great assesment! Spot-on in my opinion and he seems pretty honest about Liverpool(not met many!) Will he be our new manager?

  • Sad really. We were all very upbeat and positive about 2007-07 when the curtain came down on the last campaign. Feel right now as if I’ve had the stuffing knocked all out of me. A sense of deja-vu, as in disappointing summer transfer wise.

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