Date: 14th June 2008 at 3:16pm
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Our very own BarosBarryBouma has been trawling the Liverpool sites and found LFC Online full of Liverpool fans who don’t want Gareth Barry moving to Anfield.

Take note Mr Barry, a hero at Villa Park with a testimonial and the chance to get this great club into the Champions League or an automatic place on the bench in the Champions League?

Hmmm, I wonder which I’d go for!

Might all be academic if Liverpool can’t come up with the right bid anyway, but here are just a few posters looking at it from the Liverpool side of things:


Delighted bid rejected. Hopefully Rafa gives up on him now and looks for better


Here here. Is this lad really better than what we have? Ok if alonso goes and masch/lucas go to olympics we’re going to need cover, but £20mil


If Rafa pays more than £15M for Barry then he’s f****** insane. Central midfield is our strongest position and the one that least needs to be strengthened. Get a f****** winger Rafa and another partner for Torres, nevermind wasting our money on Barry FFS. Even £12M is too much. Ridiculous.

Is he spends that money on Barry, he’ll have nothing left for anyone else unless he sells and I don’t see many clubs lining up decent bids for any of our players. So we should spend £15M on a player to cover us for the Olympics?

Carvalho Diablo

Is this lad really better than what we have?

No, absolutely not

Ok if alonso goes and masch/lucas go to olympics we’re going to need cover, but £20mil. We already have cover mate. Plessis, Spearing, Guthrie, Alonso, Gerrard etc. Just how many CM do we need? It seems like some people on this site have no faith in our all conquering, expensive reserves whatsoever. These kids can play. These kids have never let us down when making the step up.
To spend millions of pounds to cover a 1 month tournament (at the very longest) is crazy. But I repeat, Alonso is under contract. If the Barry deal falls through – which I hope it does, keep hold of Xabi!

Simple really. Anybody who pays over £4m for Gareth Barry needs the padded cell treatment IMO !

Rafa El Gaffer

18 mill for Gareth Barry? Two words and one of them is off.

Senior Rafa

Rafa should be wise and give up on Barry now, cancel the deal with Xabi and use the money where we really need it.


And again, looks like one of our own has been having a bit of a say as Jonah added in the thread:

It’s obvious to me that the little fat spanish waiter and Tom Jones look alike either pays what Villa want for their player or he looks elsewhere.