Date: 4th January 2007 at 12:06pm
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All is a bit quiet on the rumours front. Some say that West Ham have succeeded in a £9.5million bid for Chelsea winger Shaun Wright-Phillips, but I can’t see he’d be in a rush to move to a relegation threatened team?

Otherwise the main links to Villa over the last day or so have been to Rangers midfielder Barry Ferguson who has fallen out with manager Paul Le Guen and has been stripped of his captaincy.

Some reports suggest Villa and Everton are looking at signing the player on loan until the end of the season. The Times say we are ‘scrambling for his service’ which is nice!

Ferguson’s agent, John Viola, said options were being talked over for the 28-year-old who is said to be ‘shattered’ at the turn of events at Rangers.

Martin O’Neill has quite rightly refused to be drawn on the issue saying ‘I couldn’t possibly make a comment. I am not going down that route of making a comment on a player. There is absolutely no point. I think it would be difficult for us to have any signings before the FA Cup game with Manchester United. Nothing is impossible but it would be difficult.’


14 Replies to “Loan Deal For Rangers Star?”

  • Didnt seem to shine at blackburn but oneil will be aware of wot barry is capable of.Will him and petrov be able to play in the same team im sure they have kicked each other several times.

  • is this it? Sorry to sound negative but a loan deal for a Rangers reject is not what I had in mind for the new ambitious Villa

  • Paul Le Guen’s been sacked by Rangers now, so I guess there is more likelyhood of Ferguson staying to see who the new gaffer is….

  • yup, that will be Ferguson winning in the tussle, so he won’t be coming to Villa. Good, I’d rather younger and better!

  • tylervilla, the club have no control over the crap links, they do have control on the players brought in, so lets hope they surprise us, we all need a lift and a star name or two would definitely give us that, but are any stars going to be allowed to leave in Jan transfer window? We might have to settle for some players just to bolster the squad until the summer maybe? Like the idea of Alan Smith coming.

  • Agree that it all depended on the Paul Le Guen factor, and there was only ever going to be one winner in his head to head battle with Ferguson. Wouldn’t have minded Ferguson actually, but of course it’s all hypothetical now.

  • Le Guen sacked, hooray. We have a billionaire in charge now and should be aiming higher than someone who was complete dung for Blackburn. I appreciate the need to bolster the squad but is he really better than say, Hendrie, and i really dont rate Hendrie.

  • Guess this thread wasted as he will stay and the Manager has gone.
    Player power, this town aint big enough for the two of them so they let the boss go, wonder what the ultimate bottom line was?

  • tylervilla – Ferguson, a Rangers reject? Do you think so, the only person who rejected him was le guen, and look what happened to him. My guess is you know nothing about Ferguson and what he is capable of, just because he plays for a Scottish team you automatically think he is mince. He is a helluva lot better than any midfielders at your club – in my opinion. Anyway, won’t happen now, seeing as le Guen is offski. Fergie will be staying put.

  • Glensider – At last, someone who actually recoginises Fergie’s quality. I can’t believe what some of your fellow Villa fans are coming away with, Crap link indeed. You can’t judge him on one dodgy spell at Blackburn, and I’m quite sure you don’t see him week in week out, so how can you dismiss him as a crap link? He is one of the top midfielders in Britain at the moment, FACT!

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