Date: 15th August 2007 at 6:33pm
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Vital Villa asked what you favoured strike partnership was.

29% went for local lads Gabriel Agbonlahor and Luke Moore.

22% voted for Big John Carew and Gabby and interestingly (or am I just sad and alone on that?!) the same percentage voted for JC and Luke Moore (which – not that anyone cares – was where my vote went!).

21% voted that none were their favourite striker partnerships because we don’t have a 20 goal a season striker and need one bought.

The rest were really much of a much:

Carew/Gabby/Young in hole (2%)
Carew/Moore/Young in hole (1%)
Carew/Harewood (1%)
Carew/Young (1%)

Poor old Marlon Harewood only got one option voted on, that was 1% for Moore/Harewood.

The other options didn’t register a vote.

Harewood/Young (0%)
Gabby/Harewood (0%)
Moore/Young (0%)
Gabby/Young (0%)
Carew/Harewood/Young in hold (0%)

Proving? Well, not a lot really I guess apart from Marlon Harewood has a lot to do to win over the fans, I’m sure a few goals when he gets the chance will do that!

Our latest poll asks what right-back Villa should buy.


18 Replies to “Local Strikers Favoured In Poll”

  • It is just the fact that Harewood hasn’t played for us yet – we all know what Gabby, Moore, and Carew can do – and we know that given the chance all of them can score – when Harewood scores freely for us then he’ll be worth 100% of the vote.

  • might be right Miss_Aston, lets hope so! Difficult new poll, not being a scout or a manager I don’t know a great deal about some of the options (!) but would say the current 0% for Bardsley is spot on. I think Hoyte would be a good one, don’t know Bosingwa so can’t vote there!

  • Moore should be the first name on the team sheet for me as he is easily our best finisher. I really hope MON gives him a run as he has done more than enough to deserve it!

  • I see Bosingwa is easily the favourite, so let me throw another thought into the pot. MON has apparently been reluctant to pay over the odds for players this transfer window, however, now I think, whoever he buys, if he buys, he will be paying over the odds and more so, as every foorball manager in the business knows he is desperate to bring in some quality players. Where do we go from here?

  • Didn’t we send him back with about 3 matches left to play? Didn’t Hughes come back into the team for about the last 5? As a right-back I’d be happy with us signing Graham Ward at this rate (before you ask he’s Worcester City right-back – I’ve been playing far too much Football Manager!!!); we just need someone who can defend and push forward.

  • Carew just wasn’t fit on saturday. he looked off the pace (although he’s not the quickest) i think Marlon should have played instead…. i can’t believe i just typed that!!! for me i think our best front line (when all fully fit) is Carew/Gabby or Carew/Moore. for me playing Gabby out wide is pointless. a traffic cone could tackle him. put him next to Carew to feed off the scraps. UTV

  • Marlon is starting as a Zero and there is no expectation so he can only get better. Up to him to win the fans over, all he has to do is give 100% score a goal or two and provide a couple of assists.

  • Carew is an excellent target man although he is never going to score 20+.
    Luke is our only hope, but he has to be given a chance, (should have started if big John was poorly ((the big softy)))

  • I think our best line up is gabby/moore with young in the hole… but that wasn’t one of the options >.<

  • I’m old fashioned, you need to have a big man with a pacey little bloke, i.e Gabby or Moore. i think if we play with gabby and moore with young a lot of defences would have them in their pocket. Carew takes atleast two defenders out of the game, leaving space behind him. but i dont believe we have a player in the squad that could get 20 goals a season.

  • Luke Moore playing an entire season of over 30 games would get near the 20 goals a season, without a doubt – just wonder about his attitude at times.

  • Carew will take up to about 3 weeks to get match fit as he rarely featured in pre-season games. Most of the first XI did not really play that many matches pre-season, unlike many of the other premiership teams. If you noticed we only had 2 games in the USA, and not so many once back in England. I would love to see the figures of how many pre-season friendlies all premier leaugue clubs played….

  • Big JC is certainly not flavour of the month right now amongst many Villans, yet I cant for the life of me see why. He’s certainly done nothing wrong, is an experienced top notch centre-forward, and in my estimation should be a first choice starter, an integral part of the starting line up. His strike partner? Luke of course, unless or until MON brings in another proven quality premiership striker (which would be my choosen route).

  • I find it interesting that MON says that Carson isn’t guaranteed a first team spot and that he’ll have to fight for one like everyone else – he should have said like everyone else except Petrov.!!


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