Date: 12th May 2006 at 1:08pm
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Have the board voted on the David O’Leary issue yet? According to one report they have met and voted to keep him as manager. So, can the board please announce that? The fans have every right to know, preferably before the season-ticket renewal forms are sent out.

So come on Doug Ellis or Steve Stride, lets have a statement clarifying exactly what the situation is and put to rest this constant speculation.

O’Leary had a meeting with our so called chairman and pro-tennis player Doug Ellis and the rest of the board met yesterday. You would assume if they had voted to sack O’Leary they would have announced it after the meeting? Lets have some clarification please.

Apparently O’Leary will now meet with the board to talk over the ‘future strategy’. Strategy? At Villa? Give me a break. They have never been a pro-active board, they react (badly) to their failures and usually jump straight towards their next one.

O’Leary wants to re-build the squad with hungry players but Ellis – because he is an incapable head of the PLC – is insisting the manager sells before he buys. Quite how you build numbers when you have to sell is beyond me, but then I have never studied Dougeconomics.


8 Replies to “Looks Like O’Leary Is Safe At Villa”

  • What I want to know, is that if Ellis is 82 and does 5 hours a day… Who runs the PLC??? We dont have a Chief Executive or Finance Director? Do you reckon he gets O’Leary to clean the players boots too?

  • Surely you know by know Lee, that Ellis is a business genius, he devotes most of his time to professional tennis and giving advice to players etc, but can run the plc side of things all on his own as he knows better than anyone!? 😉

  • I don’t want to be a villa fan any longer!!!! 🙁 I honestly believe that there would be a sense of optomism in the cluib if villa had been relegated but sold and a new manager brought in. As fans we are not expecting perfection or even trophies (of cours

  • Don’t give up on villa. Last time we came 16th the season after we came 6th and missed out on europe on only goal difference. Theres always hope and a chance of glory, even at villa.

  • I’m sure O’Leary will be given another season at the club. He couldn’t do any worse. Well I suppose he could and that’s get Villa relegated but I doubt that will happen!

  • I still think that sacking DOL would have achieved nothing, apart from papering over the cracks, no crevices is more apt a word, of the Ellis regime, maybe for a month or three. Whether O’leary is capable of turning this unholy mess around is another matt

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