Date: 9th March 2009 at 12:40pm
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Vital Villa asked in our last poll, following the slight wobble results wise recently:

Where do you think Villa finish now?

The majority still have the faith we can get 4th with 38% of the vote.

35% think we’ll just miss out and finish 5th (see new poll on that very subject!)

15% are fearing a real fall and UEFA Cup football again with a 6th place finish.

3% consider the season doomed saying below 6th.

That leaves the opti’s!

5% said 2nd and 4% 3rd.

Our latest poll asks, in a poll suggested by AstonVillaFC ‘If we were to now finish 5th, would you view it as…’

So what do you reckon, where do you see us finishing and how would you feel if we ended up 5th?


9 Replies to “Majority Say Villa Will Finish 4th”

  • You could have Fear, but we all know 5th place is ‘failure’ this season. 5th place only brings you the Europa Cup – and we all know what the club thinks about that don’t we!? Again, the majority of fans think that MON will ‘fail’ this season – simples!

  • 5th is only failure in some “arm chair” fans eyes Class of 82. Finishing 4th would be incredible and we have given ourselves a great chance but to say finishing 5th is a failure is short sighted to say the least. We’re building something at the moment and as long as the fans can see that then I think we’ll keep moving in the right direction, i’m guessing you’re one of the boo boys!!! Are you telling me if someone asked you 2 years ago how you would feel about finishing 5th you’d say it was a failure? Don’t think so!!

  • 5th is all well and good and an improvement on last year e.t.c but i fear we may lose Barry, our most reliable and consistent player. We need him to stay because he’s top class, as we all know. Losing him is like a step back. We deserve 4th even if we dont get it. We missed so many opportunities. Just hope Barry can see that

  • Hi pjvilla. You could have asked me at anytime in the last 30 plus years I have been supporting Villa, and I would have told you that 5th place was the bare minimum we should expect for a club as great as ours. However, now that MON has made it clear that the Uefa/Europa Cup is not worth competing in, I see it as HIS failure if we do not finish in the top 4 – especially with all the advantages he has over previous managers. By the way, you guessed wrong.

  • So can you tell us, Class of 82, of those who are realistically available, who would you rather have as Villa manager? I remember lots of names being bandied around during last summer’s window, including Big Sam, Mark Hughes, (probably not Appy Arry lol) and a whole host of other managers who were spending cartloads of cash on ‘big name’ players. Where are they now? Are you saying you would prefer the big-talking, big-spending failures over the guy who has built something that, in my opinion, is more solid than flash, and who (in case you have missed the fact) has us still sitting in fourth place? The only manager I would swap for MON would be David Moyes, but let me remind you his squads regularly have real dips in form and is pilloried by toffees fans for it. Regardless of where we end up, I will consider this season a success over what has gone before. If you can name a manager you’d rather have, and who would come to B6, tell us who it is.

  • BobThe Builder. I don’t remember asking for MON to go? If I question whether he should have thrown the Uefa Cup, or I deny that the prospect of 5th place is the most exciting thing to happen to me in many years as a Villa fan, does that mean I want him to go? Let’s not kid ourselves here, MON is a ‘decent’ manager and there are a lot worse. But do I think he is ‘The Messiah’, or even good enough to get us to finish in the top 4? I am still undecided but, if you pushed me, I would say no. Who would be “realistically available” to replace him? Ask me again when he gets the sack/resigns and I will tell you. After all, I’m not Mystic Meg!!

  • Being a supporter for 100 years doesn’t make you a better manager or pundit than someone who has supported for less time.
    A lot of people expected the Villa to finish top 4 (above Liverpool at that.) MON has done an amazing job but anything less than 4th is failure no matter how far we have progressed and no matter what the pre-season expectations were.

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