Date: 2nd February 2007 at 2:40pm
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24-year-old Shaun Maloney says of his move from Celtic to Villa Park:

‘It’s a massive challenge to play here, but I’m confident in my abilities.’

Adding on Villa World TV News which I hope is up for a revamp as it is truly dire for the money at the moment: ‘I’m delighted to have it sorted. It was obviously a little bit worrying as we got closer to 12 o’clock. Thankfully the manager, secretary and a few other people worked really hard to sort it out and I’m delighted to be here. It’s a massive challenge for me. I’ve been playing up in Scotland for a few years and this is the right time for me to make this move.’

‘You can miss the chance to make this sort of move and this was too good an opportunity for me to pass up. It was pretty late on that I found out about coming to Villa, but when I spoke to Martin I didn’t have a second thought. I knew this was the right move. The manager is obviously somebody that I’ve known before. I know how he works and I’m really pleased that he sees me as part of his rebuild of the club.’

Adding the challenge of playing in the Prem which he calls a ‘quality league’ is ‘exciting’ him.

This will upset some of our friends North of the border as he adds: ‘No disrespect to the Scottish league, obviously it’s a challenge to win it every year with Celtic and if you don’t it’s a big disappointment. But I think the quality of opponent week in, week out in the Premiership will be a lot higher and as a player I think it’s a massive challenge. I need to improve as a player and adapt to that and that’s why I’ve decided to do it.’

‘I can’t wait to play at Villa Park. The boys all speak highly of it. Hopefully I’ll be in the squad tomorrow.’


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  • He was my number one target in the window. We are lucky to get him. Great attitude,value for money and an eye for a goal. Is JPA on the way out? He has been pants for us (apart from his partnership with DV).

  • Not a bad word has been said about Maloney from Celtic and other neutral fans on message boards and I’m confident that we’ve got the best player from the SPL in our squad. Yippeeiooo Yippeeiaay In Martin we trust! Though, I am struggling to see if Carew, Young and Maloney can play in the same side unless one becomes injured (heaven forbid!). When Manchester Untied played The Hoops in the champs league earlier this season at Celtic Park, Shaun came on as sub and played on the left and did OK. So maybe we’ll see Barry drop to LB and Maloney LW? (Hopefully GB will be included in the England Squad later when announced!… Good luck and what a lift that would give us going into tomorrows game ‘eh!!).


  • Sorry to burst ye old bubble but Nakamura is by far and away the best player up here. Maloney was very lucky to be offered a 18k per week contract by Celtic but now that money can be spent elsewhere, so all the better for Celtic

  • “Maloney was very lucky to be offered a 18k per week contract by Celtic” – “Lucky” that’s your opinion not your manager’s or club’s obviously

  • Maloney is a money grabbing scumbag, who can forgett all about trophys and playing in the CL. Instead he can get ready for a mediocre club and with no chance of winning anything even winning a game is though for Villa in the EPL (When’s the last time you boys won a single match). As for tarzan why don’t you go swining in some ******** tree idiot ,ferguson is no way near the best player in the SPL. Players like Naka, Vennegoor of Hesselink and even Kris Boyd is miles ahead. But what would you know.

  • Graeme Morrison – where was Mr. Nakamura when the awards for PSFA and Young PSFA accolades where being handed out last term?? History my friend, the lad has made history – give him due credit!

  • I like Sean – he just sums up what a Scotsman is. Stupid, Deep fried Mars bar eating. jealous, and best of all desperate to get to a world cup finals. Leave as many comments as you want Sean – I need cheering up some days. (Watford 2-0)

  • Sean84 – Maybe you should have a regular slot and update us on how our feeder club is doing.

    Fancy it?

  • Sean, why do so many of you bitter Scots have great big chips on your shoulders?? The bottom line is that Scotland is a backwater for sport…the only things you are good at are the world renowned sports of curling and elephant polo!!! The SPL is, and always will be, a joke! Any player with ambition would always move to one of the much bigger leagues to test himself against better teams than Inverness and St Mirren!! Maloney wants to test himself against something a little better than the pub teams he has been used to in the SPL, so get over it!!!

  • Boy these Celtic lads are very unhappy little bunnies. Obviously concerned and upset that all of their real talent decides to head south and join the MON lead claret and blue revolution. Players delighted to get the opportunity to test and improve their games in a real league are leaving the hoops to join their parent club. Welcome aboard Shaun Maloney. Welcome to Villa Park, home of the famous AVFC. Welcome to the real world!

  • People calm down. No anti-Scottish stuff here please (within reason of course!). As a Brummie who spent a year or so up in Glasgow not that long ago, I am a huge fan of the city of Glasgow. Great place, great people. Maloney? Know nothing about him – but CFC fans are not happy – must be a good sign! But if I have one criticism of Glaswegians (no offence), they like a good whinge – make us Brummies lookk like eternal optimists!

  • bitter celts thats an understatement,i have never heard such bollox in my life as from them on vital celtic recently,any villa ones that have been on there will know they are so bitter its untrue really like about maloney about petrov and most staggeringly of all martin o’neill himself who was an absolute god up there of course and all they seem 2 do is run him and villa down with such pathetic,disgraceful comments including their editor. GET IT OVER IT PLEASE,YES WE NOW HAVE PETROV AND MALONEY(2players you loved,admit it) AND O’NEILL (who is an absolute genius by the way,we all know it) SO DONT START COMING ON THIS WEBSITE WITH YOUR BITTER TWISTED DELUDED JEALOUS BOLLOX.ok,rant over,just needed to get that off the chest! now what was that you were saying again……………………………………..

  • My word!! – I said in my earlier comments “Not a bad word has been said about Maloney from Celtic and other neutral fans”… buoy was I wrong. Is there any need to attack our club just because a professional footballer wants to push himself onto the next level!?…. or even an attack on the English League (as the likes of Dalglish and Souness would have been no-marks if they didn’t move south of the border!). You’d think that Celtic fans would have warmed to The Villa after the likes of MO’N, Petrov, Agathe, Sutton and now Maloney have represented us? I was thinking earlier, wouldnt it be a good idea to arrange a pre-season friendly with Celtic this summer due to what I thought may have been good well formed recent links….? well maybe not such a good idea…!!

  • Sean84 has he gone now? These people like to dish it out but can’t take it. I am so sure he’s been largin’ it on the Rangers site about Hartley – hypocrite. He should know not to mess with the “biggest swinger” in town.

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