Date: 15th April 2009 at 9:41am
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Vital Celtic have an interesting article on Shaun Maloney and his doomed move to Villa and subsequant departure. Looks like the stories were true, he was unhappy from start to finish!

By Jamie @ Vital Celtic:

‘Shaun Maloney’s career has been stuck in neutral for some time. From Celtic to Aston Villa to Celtic, the only constant has been the injury problems that have plagued the little man’s career.

But things seem to be changing. Not only is Maloney fit again (will it last?) but he has admitted he ‘probably shouldn’t have left Celtic in the first place’. Few would disagree with his observation, as not much good came of his reunion with Martin O’Neill when Aston Villa signed Maloney on the last day of the January transfer window in 2007.

Interestingly, for those who think Martin O’Neill is the Messiah while Gordon Strachan is the Devil, Maloney has also shed some light on his falling out with the boss at Villa. A miss against Manchester United, in a game Villa went on to lose 4-0, and Maloney ‘lost all relationship with Martin for about three months’.

Maloney was quoted by The Times as saying: ‘It’s easy to say so now, but I probably shouldn’t have left Celtic in the first place – it was mostly my own fault. For about six months prior to leaving Celtic, I hadn’t dealt with my contract situation very well.

‘It was eating away at me, it wasn’t getting sorted and I didn’t cope with it properly. We couldn’t agree terms and it all came to a head on the last day of January 2007, when Villa came in with their offer.

‘I never felt comfortable at Villa, and I didn’t play great, either. It was a bit like when I was with Martin O’Neill at Celtic. I was a sub, and I would come on and do OK, and that was my role. I didn’t enjoy it, but to be honest, I didn’t do enough to be a regular in Villa’s starting XI. It just wasn’t the place I wanted to be.’

For the rest of the article and quotes, My Aston Villa Hell by Celtic’s Shaun Maloney


14 Replies to “Maloney Wishes He’d Never Moved To Villa”

  • i would really struggle moving from brum to edinburgh to do the same job i am doing now for 3 times what i am being paid aswell. a lazy little man that wasnt up for the fight of establishing himself as a premier league player. he should have taken a note out of mighty stilian petrovs book – who for me is the player of the season for us. THERES ONLY ONE STAN PETROV, ONE STAAAANNNN PEEEEEETROV!

  • He was in contention for a starting place with Ashley Young, who is a far far better player in all departments. He wasn’t prepared to be a ‘bit-player’ or work to improve. Shame, but no one at Villa is crying. By the way, after a dodgy 18 moths Petrov has been superb this season in the more defensive role he plays for Bulgaria rather than the attacking role he had at Celtic. Stan showeed great character and committment, sadly lacking in a talented but feeble Maloney.

  • Just to correct a point Stig made – Maloney joined Villa for about the same amount he was on at Celtic, and the same amount he’s on now. Petrov has turned things around for you, but how many points did his first two seasons cost?

  • maloney came for the money, and well documented. i remember your lot moaning that you couldnt compete with wages, and shauns agent getting his pound of flesh out of the deal. he had a big career in front of him on a much bigger stage, but didnt have the stomach for the fight unfortunately.

  • Good riddance. useless no-namer suffering from small man syndrome. Couldnt hack it with the big boys (is that a bit harsh?!)

  • I really liked the guy and hoped it would work out at villa I almost got him on my shirt, but unfortunately he like many others before him travelling south of the border just could not make the step up.

  • Ask yourself this. Doesn’t Maloney being frozen out for three months add credibility to the suggestion John Carew wasn’t really injured after his night club stunt?

  • He was not good enough for us, simple as that, better he went to what is an easier league and plied his trade there. He is just a stupid immature idiot and we are well rid of him.

  • Not good enough a mercenary, only joining Villa for the money, fell out with the best man motivator in football. My,my can’t have that.

    Obviously another one of O’Neill’s major transfer coups.

  • I guarantee that the “falling out” was over more than just one miss in one match. More likely the fact that he was able but unwilling to put the effort forth. When I saw the team in Ohio two summers ago we managed to speak with many of the players at a reception put on for charity. The vast majority (including Ridgewell who was on the verge of signing for Blues) took the time to mingle and chat with fans. Two players had no interest and just stood on their own in a corner – Maloney and Luke Moore.

    By the way ’48 – we lost NO money on Maloney.

    CowesBhoy – no it doesn’t. The issue was dealt with using appropriate discipline and the matter put behind him. Just as it was with Gareth Barry this summer. He got his suspension and fine then came back into the fold.
    Maloney is a great player in a league where you only have to show up for four games a season…

  • I was just reading a story about a royal marine who rugby tackled a suicide bomber off a motorbike,Then i come here and read that this little ***** is moaning again about how hard it was to get paid a fortune to come on as a sub,GET IN THE REAL WORLD YOU LITTLE BOY no one gives a ***** about your pathetic excuse for a “hard time”.

  • You lot are deep, Maloney’s quality and he didn’t get a propper chance at Villa. He did have the highest goals to game ratio of all our players, and still couldn’t get in ahead of Cokey on the wing

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