Date: 29th October 2009 at 2:55pm
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Vital Villa asked for your man of the match v Sunderland (away Carling Cup)

Only ever going to be one winner really wasn’t there?

Yup, Brad Guzan won hands down with 94% of the vote.

James Collins got 2%, Hokey-Cokey 2% and Emile Heskey + Richard Dunne had a single % each.

Not much else to say really!

Our latest poll asks who you would like in the next round of the Carling Cup? Personally, anyone at home would do me.

And hey, lets make Benham all happy (doesn’t happy very often, especially when I send him my text jokes) and publish his ‘in the dressing room after Sunderland’ spoof.

Mon – well done boys, we didn’t play well but we did it!!
Team cheer
Mon – big congrats to brad
Friedel – cheers
Mon – no, I mean guzan
Friedel – well….probably should thank me as I have helped him along
Mon – well yes but….
Friedel – ….so I get the credit then?
Mon – ….i suppose so
Friedel – … 3 cheers for friedel….*silence*…….3 cheers for friedel!
Mon – …hip hip
Squad – horay
Friedel – ah nooooo, no…..stop it stop it
Guzan – I actually made the saves tho
Friedel – ….and?
Guzan – well what if you had played instead?
Fridel – oooo what if what if……what if I my aunty had bo**ocks she’d be my uncle!!!
Fridel walks out – huh?
Mon – nothing brad