Date: 9th July 2018 at 11:12am
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So here we have it.  The new kit has been launched.  Strangely there has been no kit launch event, well, there was one but it was cancelled on the day and nothing was re-arranged!

Anyway, as usual, the kit is getting different reactions but to be fair, mostly positive which is great news because there is enough to be angry and upset about at the moment without a ‘kit war’ !

The official site have a page dedicated to the kit:

See the discussion on our forum thread on the kit

Holtelower isn’t happy with the kit:

I accept football has no guarantees, I accept we will lose, I accept heroes will leave, I even accept that at some point, we may not play at Villa Park.

However, I demand 2 things from my football club, just two things

1. We are called Aston Villa.

2. We play in a claret shirt with blue sleeves.

Can you imagine if Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs, or any Euro club worthy of note dossed around with their home kit?

I am flummoxed on how a supposedly Aston Villa fan can even contemplate changing it.

Total disgrace in my eyes. Financial worries are worrying but things like that happen in life.

Disregarding your history shouldn’t !!!

VillaTomB38 on the other hand, seems chuffed

I think they’re both lovely, well done LUKE

And as usual, the entertainment on twitter has begun. You have to love the humour of football fans!


I would imagine they haven’t got images of the kit with players as yet, because no one knows who will have to leave in the fire sale required due to the current mess at Aston Villa.

You can see more comments via this twitter thread… as said, vast majority are happy, the only criticism from any seems to be they prefer blue sleeves (as do I I must admit)

Join in the discussion here…

Click for the forum

7 Replies to ““Man We Are Gonna Look Hot While Battling Relegation” Positive Vibes (Mostly) For The New Kit”

  • love the new kits.
    With all the crap that’s going on or being written about the club, this new kit could be the start of a new era.
    Sick of reading doom and gloom from fans.

    • A kit with no players is like a Ferrari without am engine. Asset stripping like you will never see, also players being sold way below market value. Randy put us in the grave, and Dr x put the dirt on top. Long road to recovery. But at least at end of tunnel will be a sustainable club in division 3

  • What have Man. Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs or any other Euro club worthy of note, got to do with your
    Poverty stricken rabble???

  • Love the shirts,hope ,pray it’s not all gloom. Please. Have faith in academy kids,
    Nonexistent with with Trotters Ind trading, Xia don’t sell the reliant robin

  • No blue sleeves , nice kit it maybe but not a ‘traditional’ Villa kit , where is ‘The Pride’

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