Date: 20th August 2010 at 8:55am
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Certainly not much manager talk about today… or indeed yesterday, which is strange. Some reports said that Kevin MacDonald would talk to the owner and CEO after the Vienna game. There seems a little uncertainty whether he actually wants the job – then I guess the next question is, if he wants it, will he be offered it!

The Express have a line in their match report asking if MacDonald wants the job and he apparently answered ‘I still don`t know. We will have to wait and see what happens.’ Not sure if that was a direct question or if that has been taken out of context.

Easy enough really, do you want to manage one of the biggest clubs in Europe or not! Ahem! No, not an easy decision really, the pressure is immense and he is very well respected in the area of the club that he currently operates in. Hopefully some conclusion will be come to soon though!

Whether he gets the role full time or not, it seems he wants to bring in some players. Not sure how this would work. What happens if he brings in players that whoever ends up manager doesn’t want?!

The 49-year-old Scot, whose side play Rapid Vienna in the Europa League on Thursday night, hopes to meet owner Randy Lerner to discuss the situation.

The Metro quote Big Mac saying he should be able to talk to Randy and Paul Faulkner about transfers after the Vienna game, now that the Ireland/Milner situation has been sorted.

‘After Sunday (Newcastle United away) we’ve only 10 days to see what there is and if there are going to be any dealings in the market.’ Adding, ‘I did say last week that whilst I was in charge – be it two games or 20 – that everyone would be given an opportunity.’

As usual, a great post in the forum by Glensider on Big Mac

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I firmly believe that its way too early to come to a definite and defining decision as to whether or not KevMac is the right man for the Villa Park hotseat.

If he is being seriously considered by the folk with the vote, then for the good of all concerned, particularly AVFC, his ‘trial’ period should run for an absolute minimum of ten games.

Can we afford to wait that long? I don’t know.

In the absence though of any outstanding candidates for the position, what choice do we really have?

Do we go with a lesser appointment more or less immediately, in the hope that the new guy can salvage something from this summers transfer window? Or do we stick with the man in temporary charge, someone who knows the club inside out, and someone who may or may not bring the best out of the playing staff we currently have available?

I cant see anything being done in the transfer window now anyway, if I’m honest. If a new guy comes onboard, will he know where our failings lay, where we are weak and in need of strengthening, whereas if KevMac remains in temporary charge, will Lerner trust him with any money, if indeed there is any money to trust him with?

Forget last weekends opening day home win against West Ham. As impressive as it was, things are going to get a lot tougher, rest assured of that. I cant help believing that that sparkling showing will be the exception as opposed to the norm.

We’re in for a tough campaign, I genuinely believe that, and I question whether KevMac is the guy to dig us out of any holes we might find ourselves falling into. Does he have the experience to cope if the going gets tough, results fall away, and the notorious Villa Park crowd becomes restless? Does he even have the desire needed to take on the job?

I’m going to continue to sit on the fence. Lets see what Sunday brings, then the Rapid game next Thursday, followed by the visit of Everton to Villa Park on Sunday week.

The next three games will answer a few more of our questions and concerns, while the Everton game itself might just give us a very clear indication of just where our season is heading.

Oh and a couple of other reports have cropped up on Ronald Koeman but nothing we’ve not already covered I don’t think.