Date: 25th August 2007 at 8:25pm
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Martin O’Neill says that Villa got what they deserved today after taking all three points against Fulham.

He said after the 2-1 win:

‘We got there in the end and we deserved to win the game. I thought the winner wasn’t going to come with so little time left in the game but I felt we warranted the three points. We were attack-minded all afternoon. We went a goal behind but it was relentless after that. We had some great chances in the first half but still went in a goal behind but I felt we still had enough to win the game.’

Adding on the official site, ‘At the same time as you are gallivanting forward it’s possible to leave gaps at the back. We got a bit of luck when they hit the post and it would have been a long way back from 2-0 down. But I thought we earned that luck because we should have scored some goals before then.’

He also sang the praises of Shaun Maloney for the winner and has apologised for being such a naughty boy and being sent to the stands by match ref Steve Bennett.

See, Martin O’Neill isn’t the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy.

He said: ‘At the end of the first half I went on to the pitch to remonstrate with the referee. I shouldn’t have done it; I should have waited until we got to the dressing room. Two minutes were put up on the board and I felt that Fulham had spent that down with injuries. But the referee told me he had played two and a half minutes and said I shouldn’t have publicly voiced my opinions. I think he’s right so I do apologise. He told me I couldn’t sit in the technical area in the second half. I shouldn’t have done it, no matter how het up I was.’

Meanwhile Fulham manager Lawrie Sanchez said: “I’m obviously disappointed. It was poor defending to allow the lad through on goal with a straight ball. We are being penalised for every moment that we do something wrong and at the same time, we’re having no luck at the other end. We’re four games in and there are 34 to go. We’ll be alright once we eradicate the errors that we’ve been making and have people in the team who don’t make those errors. We are having absolutely no luck whatsoever at this time and we’re compounding that by making serious errors in judgement at crucial times late in the game. As good as Aston Villa are, we should have got something from this game.”


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  • Come on come on come on…Maloney, plus Yung equals width…!!! Easy. Petrov must rest. *****ing great match.

  • wow it even edits f c u k. what about fcu…only kidding. Now lets buy Diop, davis, that chelsea guy who never gets a sniff at defence….johnson. And….Defoe for good measure.

  • What you aren’t mentioning is the fact that Sanchez is being the moaning whiner the Premiership is(n’t) crying out for. A penalty, yeah it may have been, but it happened, we should’ve had one too, but he doesn’t mention that. Personally I thought with all the controversy that Steve Bennett had an exceptional game today, with the obvious exception of first-half stoppage time, a point Mr. Sanchez forgot to mention…

  • There was me hoping the reason He & the Subs did not come out was because Mon had a bust up the the useless PetKnob Still gets selected beats me

  • Brilliant result in the end! Had be worried though, would we have won the match if fulham didnt go down to 10 men? again no goal from our strikers. I knew we cud win as soon as petrov was taken off! He should never have started with the way he plays. Put him in the reserves and make him prove himself! WHY do we play gardner at right back when mellberg could play there? If cahill isnt gonna ever play sell him!

  • but we are only playing mellberg cb becauase we dont have any other to cover him in the center othawise he wud be the obvious right back. I dont see wht we dont play laursen and cahill in the centre and melleberg right back untill we get 1! and then leave gardner in central mid instead of petrov the waste of space. im not convinced with luke eitha hes got a lot to prove but id b happy to give him untill xmas.

  • Can u see MON starting with a 442 anytime soon? – thats the only way Moore will get an extented run in the side. 433 only works if you midfield work and there are no passengers – well guess what. We have Petrov – enough said.

  • With all this formation chat I thought Id add my two cents – Go with a flexible 4-4-2 which can change to 4-3-3 when needed. Carson, New RB, Mellberg, Laursen, Bouma with a Reo-Coker and Barry in CM. Have Young and Agbonlahor on the flanks with Moore and Carew up front. When we go 4-3-3 we have Gabby and Luke as wide strikers and Barry, NRC (defensive midfielders) and Young (more offensive). That would sort that. Also allows Berger or Maloney to do what I have said Young/Gabby should do.

  • Why cant Carew be like the Carew who plays for Norway we never seem to sign strikers who can score.

  • Luke Moore scored a perfectly good goal, but for a poor ref decision. I don’t think anyone can justifiably say that Luke Moore is not the answer, he simply has not been given enough opportunity (in a striking roll) to prove himself.

  • Carew struggles for Villa because we have not yet worked out that despite being fantastic in the air, he is better with ball played to feet. At bit like England with Crouch.

  • We all think that and its funny everyone thinks that apart from the manager who only thinks we should do long ball for him. Why though do we need to do long ball when we have won matches by not doing long ball and Carew even scores when its not long ball.

  • Carew had several chances where he was put through and he made an arse of them His one real contribution was the header that hit the bar. The amount of chances created and not finished just put pressure on teams, had he converted 1 better 2 we would have walked the match as it was we scrambled a win.
    As good as Maloney’s strike was, I’d hardly suggest 1 goal in a few minutes substitute appearance for a bloke angling to go home justifies talk of him becoming a first start.
    Maybe if O’Neill played Gabby and Moore as twin strikers and did away with this need to have a big man up front we’d score more. Better still if he had the guts to take on a top striker like Anelka or Defoe or had something more than an excuse for a scouting network to find genuine strikers we would convert more than we do.
    Just me too for me same as last season, maybe a little more ability than then in midfield, countered by several players covering a weak right back.

  • We need a quality proven striker. I’ve been saying it since day one at The Emirates last season. Nothing has changed since then. Neither Gabby, Luke, JC or MH are capable of being a 15 goal per season striker. I know Christo disagrees and thinks Carew, Moore and Agbonlahor can notch 50 between them this season, but trust me, it aint gonna happen. If they were to score 25 between them we could consider ourselves lucky.

  • Anelka ?? Are you mad? the guy is an arse who would suck the life out of Villa. Yes for Defoe. It’s not about guts. Your attacks on MON are groundless in terms of telling us he has no guts. Agree that we need more players tho….I think we need a hardman midfielder still. Diop for a season or two anyone?

  • well at the moment I say I think Young will score 11 goals this season with Gabby scoring 8 and as for Carew at the moment sadley I cant see him scoring 5 but hope am wrong his effort is there but he just has to score.

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