Date: 27th January 2007 at 10:31am
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Several reports this weekend are linking Martin O’Neill with a move for Alan Smith of Manchester United.

The link to Smudger Smith seems to be one that just won’t go away. Having suffered a badly broken leg and a dislocated ankle in a tackle with Liverpool’s John Arne Riise, an injury described by Sir Alex Ferguson as ‘one of the worst I’ve seen’ in the 2005/6 season, Smith has failed to win back his place in the Man Utd team and although he has said he wants to stay and fight for his place – and I’m sure I’ve read comments from Sir Alex Ferguson that the former Leeds striker still has a place at Manure – the player is now far lower in the pecking order that he might need a move to resurrect his career.

Reports have linked Aston Villa to Smith since the arrival of Martin O’Neill, both on a permanent deal with around £5million mentioned and on loan until the end of the season.

Name: Alan Smith
DOB: 28/10/1980
Height: 5’10’
Position: Striker/Midfielder

Leeds United 1998-2004 with 172 appearances and 38 goals.
Manchester United 2004 onwards. 52 appearances and 7 goals.
Smith has 16 England caps (1 goal)

Fergie tried to convert Smith into the next Roy Keane but the experiment didn’t go to plan and the Man Utd boss was quoted as saying, when Smith returned from injury, that he’d be back as a striker.

If he is now over his injury, it would certainly be a great signing for Villa, he has a nasty, snarling streak that our squad has been lacking and he has played at the highest level. Him and the Hulk (John Carew) up front would surely worry a good few defences in the Premiership?


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  • Not sure….. Can’t remember what his pace is like. On loan definately because he’d be better than Angel, but long term I think we could do better in the summer.

  • Definately worth a loan move and see how things work out,i really think Smith would do very well at the Villa,i reckon he`d come too.

  • he is a good tough player, think he’d do well for us, especially with a regular spot in the team. He is a natural winner who isn’t afraid to get stuck in, as long as he is fully over his injury he’d be great. The Mirror are saying we might try to get him on loan with a view to a permanent move. Try before you buy!!!!

  • Not quite sure on this one. Have thought for a while now the reason he has not got back in the United side is due to him not recovering properly from the injury. Must admit i didn’t think he was that good before it.

  • A loan deal first would be the best option. Agree that we need some more “bite”…but not wholly convinced Smith’s the man.

  • I will be very surprised if MON doesnt bring in at least another loan player (after all, we’re allowed two) before the deadline, and personally I would be absolutely delighted if that player were Alan Smith. He would add so much to the present squad, and hopefully during the loan spell we could convince him to move here permanently. So go ahead Martin, you have my blessing.

  • cant’ see why Smith wouldn’t be tempted Christo, MON has a reputation and Villa are a big enough club for it not to be too much of a come down leaving Man utd (never easy leaving the likes of Man Utd)

  • yea am just being realistic as alot of players when playing for a team in europe dont want to go for a team thats not europe but I guess players are a different type like some go to a club because they like the colour of the shirt or like the location or the club is in Europe or the club as a good respectful manager

  • The next Roy Keane? Well we already, supposedly have the next Patrick Viera in Osbourne, and we supposedly had “the next zidane” in Berson. Id take him but if he came it would mean someone has to go, my guess is Angel. I dont know it will work out maybe Gabby and Young on either flank with carew and smith in attack. But then there is Luke Moore. Either way, wed have some depth and it would be a pretty vicious attack

  • Smith is versatile in that he can play both in midfield and as a striker…i’d love him at Villa….we need someone to get really stuck in …in midfield. He suffered a very bad break but Villa is a place for players of his calibre to come back and be part of an exciting future..
    I wouldnt want Angel to go just yet…..he might benefit most with Carew and Young now in the team….time will tell.

  • He is wasted at Man Utd, I think he would be a fantastic addition to what is looking like a competitve squad. Got plenty of passion and guts, McCann could do with another graffter and he can pass a ball, runs with it well and can crack em in from anywhere

  • But would he play as a striker or a misfieilder? I think we are quite blessed with strikers but another option is always good (if he’s not expecting to play every game) However, as a combative midfielder as he’s been played at MUTD, he could be great competition for McCann. I think I prefer him as a midfielder and striker back-up than as an outright striker.

  • Another “rumour” but one well past his “sell-by” date. If we’re going to be competing in Europe within 2 years why take their cast-offs now. Invest in youth, youth, youth…

  • I asked a MunU fan I know( from Manchester & a season ticket holder..makes a change!) and he said the reason he is not playing is Fergy wanted him to go to Cardiff on loan and he wanted to stay and fight for his place.Smudger, he was’nt asking you he was telling you.Since then he has been reduced to cup games and cut off to the reserves.On his ability I was told the ball STICKS…strong on the ball and excellent workrate.He never really got a good run up there except for when Ruud was injured and he started the season, he was sensational.Then Saha came and midfield beconed.He aint a midfielder.He has got the right tempermant but has’nt got the positional awareness you get playing a position since you where a kid.He is a striker and given his age and the determination to get his career back on track would be a real handful.Get him in!

  • I’d love to see him in our squad. With someone of his ability and ilk in the team I think it would raise our profile and we would certainly be heading in the right direction for the future to come. I’d prefer we buy him rather than a loan though, can see Moyes snapping him up if not.

  • his apperances to goals ratio isnt good if we do get him hope he will score loads as every1 else probly does

  • his games 2 goals ratio aint very good because at leeds he played a good lot right wing and at man u he started playing midfield and that must of affected the goals ratio.think if you stick him up front(where he is best) he would score goals as he showed at start for man u.

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