Date: 6th April 2006 at 10:55am
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Manchester United and on-line betting giants Mansion have failed to agree a reported £70million sponsorship deal.

Mansion have confirmed that they pulled the plug on negotiations are looking at other potential Premiership Clubs.

Villa’s shirt sponsorship with DWS ends in the summer and the commercial department are looking for sponsors. With our current board at the helm, especially considering how low David O’Leary (and Ellis) have allowed Villa to sink this season, we’d have little chance of attracting Mansion as sponsors – although that could surely change if new owners were found sooner rather than later?

BUT – £70million? Why sponsor a teams shirt when you could buy the whole of Aston Villa lock, stock and two smoking barrels?

Seriously, why not? Villa are a massive club with a massive fan base. Fair enough at the moment we are more a massive club ‘in waiting’ but the potential has always been there, we have a world wide brand and are just waiting for an injection of some dynamic business practices and some funds.

A spokesman for Mansion said:

‘We are not going to go away, We are a major player in the sporting arena and it fits our profile to be involved within the English Premier League’

I’ve also seen articles from Spurs fans saying that the White Hart Lane outfit should be approaching Mansion as their shirt deal with Thompson runs out in the summer.

So, buy a few words on a shirt or buy a club. Mansion, it is over to you!!


7 Replies to “Mansion. Come & Buy Villa.”

  • Mansion want to be associated with success. They also want to get their name seen all over the world. If they bought us and renamed the stadium The Mansion and all of the stands, car parks, even the team they still wouldn’t be associated with success unl

  • funny that !!!
    ive just written to mansion asking the same question.
    still no reply though.
    maybe a few more letters from fans may merit a reply.
    come on mr fear…get a petition or something going.

  • £56 million shirt sponsorship deal.

    Whats the betting ours ends up being worth £5-6million over 4 years?

  • If that murph. You can bet we are having major problems in locating a suitable sponsor. I wouldnt imagine that too many corporates are interested in having their name associated with AVFC right now.

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