Date: 21st July 2007 at 3:42pm
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Vital Villa asked, in a poll suggested by Yatey Villain:

Who is the best value signing in the Premiership so far (excluding ‘silly money’ moves and erm, Kieran Richardson).

Marlon Harewood (34%)
Steve Sidwell (28%)
Steven Davis (13%)
Craig Bellamy (4%)
Eduardo da Silva (4%)
Mark Viduka (4%)
Ryan Babel (3%)
Geremi (2%)
Joey Barton (2%)
Phil Jagielka (2%)
Olivier Kapo (1%)
Gareth Bale (1%)
David Nugent (1%)
Jason Koumas (1%)

So there you go, despite the furore on the Marlon Harewood transfer, the majority thought his £3.7million signing from West Ham was the best value so far this summer!

Must admit I think Steven Davis was a bargain for Fulham, wish he was still in the claret and blue, but hey ho.

Our latest poll asks your opinion on the transfer window so far, worried or not?


20 Replies to “Marlon Harewood – Best Value So Far”

  • Sidwell for free is better (I voted for Sidwell) although his wages are obviously HUGE at Chelsea so maybe some people had that in mind.

  • If sidwell were joining a team where he was likely to play week in week out then i’d think if was value for money, but joining the bench at chelsea seems like a waste of money/talent. Davis if he bucks his ideas up could be a snip at 4mil.

  • One not on the list that should be is McCann. Ok not the best quality but for £1 million I think he’ll be a great signing for Bolton. Not that we could have got much more as he wasn’t exactly on a new contract so prabably a good deal for all concerned. I voted for Sidwell but I must say, I think it’s an absolute waste of talent for him to go to Chelsea, he’ll be lucky to get on their bench.

  • who ever voted for harewood should have there heads examined he is easily the worst signing of the summer for any team. we need at least four more players and if we dont sign more we will struggle.

  • I have to say it wasn’t the answer I was expecting when I posted the Poll. I personally voted for Sidwell, but thought both Davis and Geremi would have also run him close….

  • superb, news, how many votes caste ?

    Marlon is the best value buy of the season, true

    Villatalk credibility 0

  • er…the words tongue and cheek spring to mind. talking about harewood, i nearly got my head stuck in a vice the other day…

  • avfc48 – I agree that voting Kryton as best value buy is a strange one, at least you would have a hard time justifying that at the moment if he doesn’t turn last season around. Maybe at the end of next season we might be able to look back and be a little happier about how it worked out. But look on the bright side (for once) – at lesat this demonstrates that us Villa fans are getting behind Marlon and backing the guy to come good. So after the initial shock and suprise, the reasoning behind the signing is sinking in and people are seeing it for what it is, a good value squad cover signing, a huge scary monster of a player that can perform at this level (he has proven so in the past) – and maybe just needs a MON confidence injection to get him going again…

  • Well said YatesyVillain: “… maybe just needs a MON confidence injection to get him going again …”. I would add that after a crappy season with Wham last time out, along with every other Wham player mind, he should also be given the support of every Villa fan on match day and on these forums. The Villa team is made up of individual players, and you can’t support the Villa without supporting those players. (That goes unless and until they turn out to be the sort who don’t bother to fight for the team.) Real Villa fans should not be in the business of sla**ing off our own players when they haven’t even pulled on their boots yet!!

  • If there’s a manager out there well capable of bringing out the best in Marlon, then you’d better believe that its none other than our very own MON. Good luck to Marlon. A couple of early goals under his belt, the confidence should come flooding back, and as a club we’ll be well and truly on a winner.

  • Lets face it. Only time, and games, will show who is the best signing of the summer, and no doubt the player who will actually come to the forefront, will quite possibly be a surprise to us all.

  • Best value player, is it April fools day. I 99% of pub players have got a better touch than him. Wait till next season you will see he cant even head the ball 5 foot full backs beat him in the air. You have got a dud o.k for the championship but i thought you lot wanted to get into europe not relegation trouble. Still laughing ive not stoped since you got him. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha this site is funnier than watching films like The life of Brian or Airplane

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