Date: 1st August 2007 at 10:28am
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Marlon Harewood says coming to Villa feels like home thanks to the players and Martin O’Neill.

The former West Ham striker told the official site: ‘I wouldn’t say this has been a tough experience for me because the lads have just been awesome. I feel like I’ve been here ages really, they have gelled with me and I feel like I am at my ‘homeplace’.’

He also says the tour of America was good as a ‘bonding’ experience adding, ‘It’s how I expected it to be really, how any professional would feel going to a new club. The atmosphere and the banter has been good. The lads just want to play football now and do really well this year.’

He says all the teams in the Premiership have talented players ‘But you can tell that all the boys are ready. We don’t want to lose any game, although it really isn’t about pride. I personally do not want to lose any game, and I hope the rest of the lads are the same.’

I guess he has seen some of the negative reactions from Villa fans over his move as he added, ‘I’m not trying to prove anyone right or wrong, apart from myself. I had a great season a couple of years ago (16 goals) and I want to carry on from there, and enjoy my football. Last year was a hard year for me personally and for West Ham, but now I have got a big task ahead of me and new people around me and I just have to make sure that I get back what I had before, try and maintain it and help the boys get to where they want to go.’


23 Replies to “Marlon Harewood – Villa Is Home!”

  • Well his arrival seems to have atleast had 1 good by product. Luke Moore looks ready to rumble!

  • He’ll be fine, if he can chip in with a goal or two, great. If he scores ten plus, awesome. Welcome Marlon, at least he has taken our club to his heart, fair play.

  • I hope he scored 8 this season that will make me happy but only 1 goal will not make me a happy Villian

  • christo, lets hope he does, to be fair he hasn’t been on the pitch for us in competitive football yet, if he can replicate the 16 goals from the season before last, most of us will be happy I’d have thought? I do think he could be on a hiding to nothing if he doesn’t start brightly though, the boo boys will soon be at him I guess.

  • I actually liked him when he played for Forest and I guess we shouldn’t boo him that will do his confidence no good

  • we are talking about not booing him and he hasnt played in a proper game yet. Attitude needs to change a bit. After the previous lot it is a hard habit to shake i guess.

  • I would like to see him start tonight alongside Luke, we all know what big J can do and could be a good partnership.

  • booing shouldn’t happen…..FULL STOP…….it has massive damaging effects on a team, why do you think we were struggling the season before last ? why do you think West Ham struggled this season…..D***head Boo Boys……scream, shout, moan, do whatever but don’t boo the players, they don’t go out there to play badly on purpose…….if you had a bad day at work, would you want the rest of your workplace booing you everytime you moved ? No, you wouldn’t……..egg ’em on, will them forward, SUPPORT anyone who wears the shirt, just don’t boo. UTV

  • he is a villa player now, regardless of the rights and wrongs of it in some peoples view, and as such he deserves our support as much as any other player wearing our shirt.

  • You will boo him just take some advice he is at the very very best championship. His confidence will shatter after his first missed open goal (their will be more) He cant head the ball, no control and no desire to work for the team. You will come on here half way through the season and praise me for telling the truth. Coker is not much better he runs around so much he goes up his own arse.

  • But our manager knows what he’s doing mate, unlike your last two. Larsson wasn’t that good till he went to Celtic…..

  • Good to see that he’s settling in nicely at the club, and that the players and management have made him feel welcome and very much at home, unlike a section of the supporters. Now he has to get out there, and when the opportunity arises, do the business. I think that he’s a more than useful signing who will prove his worth over the course of the season, but what I think hardly matters. Its down to Marlon to prove his capabilities, win over the supporters, and hopefully help fire this great club of ours towards Europe. Go get ’em Marlon.

  • SHOE HAMMER who’s signing your players? Curbs or Egghead? Methinks its the latter! The only reason NRC left you lot is because of the abuse he received from some of your “fans”.

  • I know that people think that once you have paid your money you can do what you like, but to me booing is like singing what a load of rubbish. They are both Blues songs and should stay that way.

  • Tarzen why do you think some of our crowd gave coker abuse? I can tell you that it was because of a lack of effort. We can take most things but NOT a lack of effort. And curbs is the one buying all these players i went to a friendly at the weekend and we were very very good. Lets just say my confidence has gone up 200%.

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