Date: 17th March 2006 at 5:53pm
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Vital Villa asked who would you replace David O’Leary with if you had the opportunity. The poll was suggested by message board member Aronno7 and the results were emphatic!

58% want Martin O’Neil. Probably be the same for most clubs that, he is a top manager who could build an empire if he went to the right club with the right backing. Obviously the right backing at Villa will only happen when a certain Mr Ellis leaves.

8% wanted Sven, not sure if they also want his fake sheikh! 7% said Stuart Pearce, but as his team have the hoodoo over Villa, I can’t see why he would want to move. Mind you, the whole poll was hypothetical, as no one will come to Villa whilst we have the current ‘takeover’ (cough cough) situation.

No one voted for Mark Hughes, 9% wanted someone else and 18% said they wouldn’t want David O’Leary replaced.


8 Replies to “Martin O’Neil No1 For Villa Fans”

  • Great indication of how at least 58% of the Villa fanbase still have their brains up their arse

  • O’Neil would be a fantastic manager for Villa. But is he even considering returning to football? A certain person I know quite well told me once that O’Neil was being lined up to replace Gregory. Apparently O’Neil had even been to V.P. and met with Ellis

  • You are currently voting that O’Leary is your 2nd best Manager, so leave him be. I think he is a good Manager, and comes across as a decent man too. Sometimes you don’t get both (take Ferguson and Keegan). He is digging his garden with the only tools he h

  • I think we’re living in a dream world to think that Martin O’Neil would ever consider moving to B6. Sadly we are not right now an attractive proposition for the big names.

  • I agree that O’Neal would never come to Villa but I still voted for him. The poll asked who we would like, not who we think we could possibly get, who we can get is clearly David O’Blarney!!!!!

  • We can all dream but i feel the only managers we will attract under the current regime are ones who need to make a name for themselves or cast offs

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