Date: 6th February 2010 at 8:23pm
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Well, lets face it, that wasn’t great but we didn’t lose and a point down in London isn’t all bad?

We didn’t really turn up apart from the defence who again had to put up with a great deal of pressure because our attacking intent wasn’t right. Emile Heskey put in the effort at least but pulled up with another injury, then on came John Carew and sadly we were from thereon in down to ten men.

John Carew, Carew
Well the flipping HELL WERE YOU
Try having a shot or two
John Carew, Carew


Ho hum, I’d have taken a point before the game started, it was a mustn’t lose situation and despite the promise of fast attacking footie from the managers pre-game, or was it just appy arry? the game was a bit of a non event. Spurs had more chances but they didn’t put them away and as much as some of them are already bleating about how awful we were, if you can’t as the bestest team in the universe beat such a ‘bad team’ as us (their view not mine) then did-dums basically.

Not that many Villa fans seem happy, not so much with the result, a point away from home is never a disaster, more the no show and lack of attacking options or intent.

Hey ho, the ever excellent Glensider away match report will follow tomorrow, as well as a friend of mine’s opinions for Vital in the Observer (oh and my boorish ramble in Maxim!) and in the meantime, Martin O’Neill has spoken … and what did he have to say I hear you cry… well shut up a minute and I’ll tell you:

On the official site he said …. no, sorry, fed up waiting, I’ve got some tea ready… will bring the match reaction tomorrow (you don’t get this sort of dedication anywhere else you know!), he did say on ESPN he was ‘delighted’ with a point so there is a match reaction of sorts for you! In the meantime…

Richard Dunne, a colossus at the back again, said: ‘It was very difficult. Tottenham are a very good side and the same as ourselves are pushing for the top four. Our main objective was to come here and take some points so we’re quite pleased. We had a blip over Christmas so to get back in the points is important.’

Dunne said that the Spurs penalty claim might have been valid (then again, Dawson hand balled in the first half) and MON added, ‘I honestly have not seen it. Where have you heard that phrase before? If you tell me it looks like a penalty and we’ve had a bit of luck then we’re content.’

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