Date: 17th March 2009 at 9:14am
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Martin O’Neill for England manager?


I must admit I thought we had a manager who was highly rated and set to take us to glory, isn’t that what we’ve been told? What’s his name, oh yes, that is right some Italian bloke called Fabio Capello!

Anyway, according to The Sun today, the Villa boss is fancied by the FA’s new chief exec Ian Watmore if Capello quits.

And hey, it must be true, because they have an insider to say: ‘There is no doubt Martin O’Neill’s stock has risen again. He is seen as the preferred candidate to take over from Fabio.’

Apparently Capello has an ‘opt out’ clause in his contract meaning he could leave after the 2010 World Cup Finals, although the full contract doesn’t run out until 2012.

Apparently Capello has also been grooming Psycho Stuart Pearce. Less said about that the better! 😮


11 Replies to “Martin O’Neill For England!”

  • There seem to be a fair few on here who would be glad to see MON go, and I don’t think the booing (right or wrong) would make him want to stay. Still, comparing the managerial appointment policies of the relatively successful ‘bigger’ clubs outside the top four (Everton, etc) and those who are not so successful (Barcodes, Spuds, etc). It is noticeable that those who chop and change managers frequently do not profit from it. You have to get a decent manager – with whatever faults he has – and stick by him.

  • At least Young Jonah and a few others will be happy. Martin O’Neill is easily the best manager we have had since Ron Saunders he is building for a sustained position where we will regularly be in the top 6 and sometimes hopefully top 4.

  • PTP, I’m a vehement MON fan but I have to say not playing people he has signed for not insignificant sums of money (Harewood, Shorey) or ones that have impressed (Delfouneso) and ones that he has continued to play despite a loss of form (Gabby) or his perceived favourites (Heskey with an obvious injury over Carew) or by playing players out of preferred positions (take your pick) has not done the bloke any favours. I know things go in behind the scene, but can Shorey be THAT bad. I think he must have accidentally shat in MON’s shoe or defiled his Euro Cup medal. He paid 4 mill for the guy… there’s something massively wrong there!

  • This is for the fans who want MON out. Be very careful, you might just get what you want. It makes me sick to hear!!! These fans wanted Petrov out, now he’s a MOTM contender every week! Just because you pays your money, don’t mean you have any idea of what your F****** talking about. Sinse when has cash been knowledge? I’m affraid D’OL was correct! There are sections of the Villa faithful that are fickle. Very fickle!!!! What must RL be thinking when hears the booing etc???? F****** muppets….

  • Gabby is MON’s man, he believes he will be our star player in years to come and he wants to keep him here. Whatever happens Gabby’s going to play when fit and if it works out we’ll all have the eggy face. I actually think we look stronger at the back with Nige on the right and Young on the left than with Shorey in. Shoreys decent going forward but Luke is a better left back. He needs to trust them and obviously he doesn’t, I just think in the bigger picture he get’s it right. When he has his full squad I believe he will do it for us no matter how much Man City spend, what ever Everton are doing and not worrying about if Spurs ever shape up. In the bigger picture MON is a great manager and we’ll just have to put up with his changes because he’s not going anywhere

  • Why would he leave us to fail like eveybody else has?! I dont even want to contemplate MON leaving. We’ll never replace him. He’ll get it right in the summer transfer window. As for Gabby, He’s gonna be the tits in a couple of seasons. The guys quality, just low on confidence. Bit of shooting practice and we’re laughing.

  • I love how some of you feel the need to belittle others opinions because they differ from your own. And once again I repeat, try looking up the word fickle, because you obviously don’t know what it means. I love Villa and always will, my love has not changed one bit. My opinion on O’Neill has changed, that is not fickle.

  • I think you will find YJ fickle means; Changable in one loyalties. Your loyalties have changed towards MON, that in it’s very nature is fickle my friend! You clearly feel slightly uncomfortable with the fickle word. so much so you felt the need to respond to a generic post. I said some of the Villa faithful are fickle very fickle. If you feel that was directed at you then i’m affraid it say’s more about you than me. I support Aston Villa and who ever wears the badge. The treatment of some of the Villa staff over recent weeksand days is disgraceful. lets put this into some sort perspective. Two years ago we was relegation fodder, two years on we a real forth spot contenders. we have failed to win in recent games. We are fifth and still have a good chance of forth. To leap all over MON at this stage is nothing short of madness. I remember a certain Sir Alex Furguson was one game away from the sack. The rest is history!!!! MON is a great manager and remains a great mangers. |One swallow doesn’t make a summer, in the same way one snow flake doesn’t a winter make! If MON leaves Those who booed and and cheered with sarcasim should be very ashamed. He will be missed by you all if he leaves. Mark my words!!!

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