Date: 21st February 2010 at 10:47am
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Well, one minute we are being told that Martin O’Neill should be the next England manager (Warnock – O’Neill Should Be Next England Boss!) now we have him being touted as the next Manchester United boss.

What is so wrong with him being Villa manager and building an empire here?!

Then again, there is little loyalty in this game, it is a job and players / managers come and go with the best offers and biggest wages, no different to the ‘real world’ really is it?

Anyway, former England striker and now BBC presenter Gary Lineker has told the Mail online that MON is perfect for Man Utd.

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My mate lives (what? I do have mates, why is that so funny?!?!) in Manchester and assures me that some of the Utd fans already refer to MON as future united manager! Personally I think Jose Mourinho might be in line, then again, could they put up with his style and swagger?!

Linekar said in the Mail ‘His credentials will surely make him one for the short list. I championed Martin’s candidacy for the England job when Sven Goran Eriksson went because I was convinced he ticked all the boxes.’

Adding ‘It has been a significant reason why he has improved the status of every club he has managed. Another has been careful but very shrewd player judgment which has earned him a tremendous record for getting value for money in the transfer market, albeit with a tardiness bordering on frustrating indecision. Nobody could accuse him of not looking very carefully before he leaps.’

Suppose the biggest question, as Sir Alex Chewalot and MON face off next Sunday in the League Cup final, is how long Alex Ferguson will keep going for and would they go for O’Neill who certainly won’t be the youngest option out there.

Time will tell. In the meantime, I don’t think I’ll lose any sleep over it, knowing Fergie, he’ll be there in 10 years time!!!

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