Date: 30th March 2007 at 2:41pm
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Martin O’Neill says Randy Lerner understands the task at hand and knows success won’t just happen by magic.

The Villa boss said: ‘Our job is to try to win games and entertain at the same time. That’s something pretty important and I want to do that. It’s going to take a bit of time, but I expect us to be much better next season. I’ve got to do enough to earn myself that time. The owner keeps saying to me ‘this is a long haul job’ and he’s genuinely not expecting miracles overnight.’

Adding on the official site: ‘It won’t be the owner who’s putting me under pressure – it will be results, crowd, exasperation, frustration and impatience. But you have to accept that.’

Not sure what this bit means actually, I don’t think he is under any real pressure from the fans, a few obvious questions are being asked, but that is football isn’t it? All about opinions! Anyway, he says: ‘There will be a day when they wake up and they think: ‘It’s not happening’ and that day follows very soon.’

‘You can’t say it’s a two or three year process because it (criticism) is there and it surrounds you all the time. But that’s the game. You live with it, you have to get on with it and you have to win.’

He is also already planning for next season and said:

‘We’ve got eight very important games left and the season is finely balanced – it could go either way for us. Looking ahead to the summer, I would say there’s much depending on the eight games. We’ve got a couple of young players in the side who I think will be better next season with the experience they’ve had this year. That’s what you’re always hoping for, but it doesn’t always materialise.’

‘But, without going into fantastic detail and having looked at our team here, we would need to strengthen a bit if we’re going to try and compete. I would think that’s pretty obvious to me, to the players and to the supporters. We need to strengthen if we can do. It should be a case now of knowing the players, knowing what’s needed – which I think I do – and trying to do something about it, rather than coming in August time on a wing and a prayer.’

‘I feel that whoever is good enough here at the football club will still be good enough next season and if we’re going to add a bit more to the squad then there might be one or two casualties along the way.’

Will be a fascinating summer, I’d actually hope not that many of our squad leave until the summer after, we need to build and some of what we have are decent squad players, albeit not regular team starters if Europe is the aim – as illustrated perfectly in the last 2-3 seasons. I’m not sure we’d be gutted to see Jumper Jumper leave though would we and Hendrie is obviously off.


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  • Not altogether too sure what to make of this. He’s saying nothing new really I dont think, nothing that supporters aren’t well aware of, nothing that isn’t obvious. There are a few dissenting voices out there, but after the run we’ve been on since mid to late November its not particularly surprising that his critics should be quick to bite. The very vast majority of Villans are still fully behind him, his efforts and ideals, and a good run in through to seasons end will only strengthen the backing and support that he has. No matter what he does or what he achieves, he’ll never win over 100% of the support, thats a fact of managerial life. Even Ron Saunders had his critics, and look what he went on to build and achieve.

  • We all know its about the future, I wonder if MON like others is having the odd glance over his shoulder as the games pass and the results remain un-satisfactory. I think this has been the biggest roller-coaster season ever. I just hope we have leveled out for the last 100 yards and dont have to hang on to our seats for one final nail biting finish.

  • Long game mate, not just this season. Having seen villa in the old third, this season does not worry me at all. Doug is gone and good times are ahead.

  • I wish he`d keep his mouth shut around next season/great future etc as we need to stay up first!! Talk is cheap and all i`ve heard since Xmas is Manager and players talking a good game.

  • It all takes time,if you dont believe me then just ask Sir Alex.It took him 5 years to land silverware.I can still remember the dreadful Manchester United sides that rolled up at White Hart Lane between 85-90.He rebuilt the whole clubs structure,not just the playing staff.Bobby Charlton saw the good work being put in place & was the only reason that Fergie wasnt sacked.Now look at them!Spurs have done exactly the same thing.The club has completly changed over the last 2 years both on & off the pitch & for the first time in donkeys there is a real feel good factor at WHL.Spurs have genuine quality now in the first team & a new scouting network that has seen the recent aquisition of several of Europe”s most highly sort after kids.We are 2 years into a 5 year plan & going places at last.Aston Villa are a similar sized club to Tottenham (without our tradition though!) & are only starting out on their rescue mission.You also,just like Tottenham have a top coach in charge.Rome wasnt built in a day & neither will Aston Villa be.Stick with MON & recognise that you are only just laying the foundations for your project.Good Luck Chalky76

  • Agree, agreee, agree. Except for two years in…that would make me over 30 and I’m clinging to my 29-hood like hell matey. I would say we are a year in at the beginning of next season.

  • You Spurs fans tend to live in cloud cuckoo land,let`s see where you are next season once Lennon is sold and as for tradition you can gladly view the reflective honours for both clubs and we probably edge it,oops sorry we don`t count every mickey mouse competition we`ve ever entered like you lot ( Dewar shield ? Peace Cup !) Love these 5 year plan cliches,Brian Little had one,we were great in 1st year and got progressively worse and so will Spurs.

  • I wasnt comparing Trophy hauls Aspinall.However seeing as you have mentioned it then i must say that the history books show that Villa have done precious little since the second world war finished.The vast majority of pots were lifted either in the 19th century or at the start of the last century,unlike Tottenham.2 league titles(including the famous double in 61),8 FA Cups,3 league cups & 3 European trophys(the first British team to conquer Europe).Our tradition of playing slick football is matched by only 2 or 3 other clubs in the country,you as you will be fully aware are not one of them.Arthur Rowes 1951 Push & Run side changed the dimention of european football.They set the standards for others to follow & follow they did,both at international & club level.Our right back Alf Ramsey(you may of heard of him?) would in later years use all he had learned from Rowe to engineer Englands only ever World Cup truimph.Hungary”s famous thumping of England at Wembley in 53 was also inspired by Tottenham.Our 61 side is legendary & arguably the greatest ever club side this country has produced.Pele for one names the double side his favourite ever in European club football,you see thats the difference between Villa & Spurs.Its not the trophys that we won or the record breaking history that we managed.Its HOW they was one,playing football that Villa could only ever dream about.Just like the players that have worn the famous lillywhite shirt,Gascoigne,Linekar,Hoddle,Waddle,jennings,Greaves,Mackay etc etc……players that you could only dream about,like Lennon,indeed he may move(though i very much doubt it!) but one thing is certain…HE AINT GONNA GO TO YOU..!!No thats it,you stick with your Luke Moore..!!LMAO

  • Also Aspinall if you think Lennon is the difference between success & failure for THFC then you are very wrong.He”s not World Class yet in any shape or form & will have to improve many things if he wants to be held in the same regard as Hoddle,Greaves etc…….Your youngster Agbonlahor is in a similar boat allthough he doesnt even possess half of Lennon”s potential.World Class players at Spurs are Berbatov,Keane,Zakora(suddenly turned into Patrick Viera!) & the most important player for us is Ledley King who is easily by some considerable distance the best defender in England.A Rolls Royce that should be captaining AC Milan or Barcalona,how we managed to keep hold of him is a mystery.Not being at a top 4 club has hindered his England starting place,of that there is no doubt.Luckily for Ledders THFC are a left winger & left back from being a top 4 side so he wont be going nowhere..!!Y1ddO

  • Funny how Spurs fans always come on the Villa site and manage to write so much about themselves. I just wish we could match Spurs trophy haul over the past few years to make us as good as them… oh on second thoughts we have matched them in that respect… oh well maybe in a few years time we’ll be able to polish that European Cup again just like Spurs… oh I’m dreaming for them again.

  • Erm Hoss,are you aware that Villa have spent 9 (yes,NINE!) of the last 40 seasons out of the top flight,scratching around in either the 2nd or 3rd (yes,THIRD!) divisions.??Unlike Spurs who have missed just a solitary seaon out of the top flight in 58 years..!!Whats more you look a good bet to make it into double figures this year…!!Crikes,at least O”dreary used to win the “odd” game..He he he.!!

  • Funny really as you can play around with stats to suit whatever you want to get out of life. Villa are a rollercoaster Club and the fans have always accepted that, we have successes and failures but never languish in mid table for years on end to frustrate our fans. I remember the 1971-72 season well when we languished in the third division. We were Champions that season and set the record attendances for the third division, a record never beaten. We also reached the final of the League Cup that year, beating Manure in the Semi finals and narrowly losing in the final to 2 late goals from Spurs. So even though not a league we would want to be in again, success followed the failure. Talking of which, that 3rd division championship we won in 71-72 was 11 years after Spurs last won the top flight title in 1960-61? which to my rough maths makes it 46 years and counting since you won a league title.

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