Date: 23rd May 2008 at 1:54pm
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I have been really disappointed in the last few weeks with how Rafa Benitez has conducted himself during the so-called Gareth Barry saga.

Rafa has come out with some really unprofessional things since it became apparent that he would be making a move for our captain Barry. I have grown up like so many with the utmost respect for Liverpool, unlike Manchester United they were perhaps the likeable successful team, they have achieved so much in their time and are one of the world`s finest clubs. However I have watched the developments at the club over the past season, there is in-fighting at board level, their manager seems to have lost the plot, making stupid decisions on and off the field and I reckon it is only a matter of time before Liverpool are going to be in serious turmoil.

Benitez has single handily made the whole of the football world, including many Aston Villa fans believe that Gareth Barry would actually consider joining his club. Villa finished just 16 points behind Liverpool in the league as the reds managed to surprisingly finish fourth again, a real shock to all the neutrals, not!! Had it not been for some poor performances from Scott Carson (who we loaned from Liverpool coincidently), who it would appear is incapable of keeping a clean sheet, who knows were we may have finished in relation to Liverpool. Aston Villa have made huge strides under the leadership of both Randy Lerner and Martin O`Neill, and although many would disagree on here, I believe with the right signings, Villa could realistically push Liverpool for 4th place next season, cause I mean lets face it, that will undoubtedly be the position that Liverpool will be after just like every other season, yawn!!

With all that has gone on this week, Rafa has come out today and said that Peter Crouch is worth £15million and Scott Carson is worth £10million, he is obviously not aware that both of these individuals have played at Villa Park and that all us Villa fans are aware of how much these two are worth, £10million between them, if that, certainly nowhere near the £25million mark. He then refuses to pay £16million for Gareth Barry? Barry is twice the player Crouch is, and maybe as much as five times better than Carson is, probably a better keeper in fact!!

I urge Martin O`Neill and the club to avoid doing any business with Rafa Benitez, be that Carson, Crouch, John Arne Riise or Barry. If Barry hands in the transfer request we should refuse him a move to Liverpool just for how unprofessional Benitez has been.

We say Proud History, Bright Future at Villa Park. I believe that, but I reckon there are a few Liverpool fans disillusioned at life under the Hicks/Gillette regime and must be wondering how long Rafa will remain in the job. As this story rolls on, the more and more convinced I become that Barry will remain at Villa Park, I believe he is a professional lad with a huge amount of intelligence and that he must be able to recognise that Villa are about to overtake Liverpool who will inevitably be battling for 4th next season, as usual.

The difference next season is, so will we!!


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  • I heard an interesting comment today. Drodga will be leaving Chelski in the summer, only to be replaced by Torres!!! Dont shoot the messenger JohnDoe!! I cant reveal my source it’s someone at the Echo!!! LOL. Anyway how much has RAFA spent? and he only gets you into 4th???? Are the owners going to take out another mortgage for new players???

  • It was leaked from a scouse source. FACT:”Rafa’s When your captain wants to leave” quote tells us he had contact with Barry or Barry’s people without permission which is against FA rules, or he wants us to think that. FACT: Pool have no money for players untill they sell some players. FACT: If MON acted have as bad as Rafa in approching a Liverpool player we would be getting slated in the press and brought before the FA. Also how does Liverpool have a right, A RIGHT to add an extra 10 MILL to the price of every player compared to the same player at Villa. FACT AND THIS ONE HAS TO BE SAID AND TAKEN ON BOARD: THERE IS NOT A BIG 4, ONLY A BIG 3!

  • There are two separate issues being discussed here. Firstly the Barry soap opera, which has been played by both mangers, with MON taking the lead if anyone wants to count the actual real quotes and not settles for conjecture and rumour. Frankly, I think MON is intelligent enough to have engineered it and is winning the game from that point of view. This leaves Barry and what he wants to do as the real deal maker or breaker. Nothing the fans of either club could say would change a thing.

    As for the idea of Villa getting to the top 4, while over taking Liverpool, and in the next season, that I find over optimistic. Villa are progressing under MON and will carry on doing so, but unless Chav level investment is found, then Villa will carry on progressing at a steady pace. At the same time, all the top 4 will be progressing at least the same pace as Villa, probably more rapidly with the experience of playing CL being the real difference in class between the top 4 and the rest. MON has a big job ahead of him if the Villa fans want to be realistic.

  • Tallaght Villan, Dont let the scousres get to you. We all know they have ideas above there station in life. It’s a long, long time sinse the red side of stanley park was a force to reckoned with. They are playing catch up just like the rest of us. It’s just they cant stand not being the Bastion of English football, The way they once were!!!!!! They have fell from grace with a huge bump LOL

  • If it is the same press el ahmer then your manager and board’s hypocricy knows no bounds!!!!!

  • gappy65, thank you for your comment, though you seem to be talking about a different subject now! If you can show any factual inaccuracies with anything I have written, I?d be delighted to be enlightened with some facts.

  • You know what? I don’t care about the bin dippers, never liked them – they’ve got to come to terms with Manu taken over their historic records. They can have GB – but not on their terms. It’s a non story as he’s under contract for two years so we’ve got him by the baby Bentleys I’m afraid.

  • Yes we’ll do business with Rafa, we’ll have to, cause I hate to say it but I do believe that Gareth will move to Anfield. I just hope we hold out for a minimum of 15m cash, and dont entertain the idea of taking any of Rafa’s rejects as make-weights in any deal.

  • hang on the mighty atom, its plainly obvious to me that you’re a cockhound………… your hoard cocks like theyre going out of fashion, get over your fascination – its unhealthy – and stop looking after the inlaws dog while youre bride is down the elms chatting me & moz up !!

  • First of all i have to congratulate you on a great article. Now atom are you a villa fan? I hate it when fans call themselves realists when comparing there so-called beloved club’s with underachieving clubs like Liverpoo. Ooh there so good they won a cup 3 years back and can spend [waste] a butt load of money on average players, Torres excluded. Their highest league position is 2nd just like ours and until they win the league i won’t rate them any higher than us or Everton. Closet scousers make me sick!

  • “Their highest league position is 2nd just like ours and until they win the league i won’t rate them any higher than us or Everton” All time premier league points, Liverpool 1075, Aston Villa 877, Everton 800. Guess the stats prove you wrong villaaaah.

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