Date: 31st October 2006 at 1:09pm
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Following the article about Martin O’Neill asking for time from the fans (Villa Boss Looking For Time ) voiceoftheholte wrote this in the article comments which I thought was too good not to put up as an article.

The single biggest factor for the future of our club is ………….. us, the fans.

If all things remain equal then M’ON and Randy are here for the long term.

We have the opportunity of building a real football dynasty. It is not going to happen this season (certainly), it may not start to bear fruit next season (probably), and who knows how season three will go. But it is important to remember it took Fergie at Manure 4 years to start delivering the goods.

Because of Ellis we are light years away from challenging for the league, and the Abramovich factor is having a knock on in world football, let alone in this country.

So Martin O’Neill and Randy Lerner need time.

So the simple things we can do are to start filling Villa Park. Stay to the end of games and make the last five minutes (usually the most important) the loudest and most vocal in support of the team. We can ensure that in in a couple of years when we may be only half way up the table, not to infest this site (and others) with bleatings of how the club needs a change.

Lets not boo our players if they happen to be losing a game at half time. Lets not put individual players under pressure if they are struggling, it is then that they need our support the most. We can be confident with M’ON that any player not giving 100% will not get in the team. So if a player is in poor form lets get behind them because even though they may be struggling, almost certainly it will not be because of lack of effort.

Over the last few years there has been an ugly tendency for fans to pick on individuals. Not only does this destroy the player, it affects the whole team and means that other players may think twice before signing for the club. Put a Villa sticker in your car so the colours are on show wherever you go 24/7. Wear your colours as often and as proudly as you can. Bring your friends and family to the games. Those with kids make sure they do not stray to the dark side, bring them up on a diet of Villa. I would even go as far as suggesting that anybody in Brum seen wearing the colours of any club other than a local one should be ridiculed.

Lets support our local team and stuff any body from around here if they want to follow Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea or the Arsenal.

For the first time in 25 years we can have a sense of unity, a feeling of moving forward together. Lets not have people break ranks even if things do not appear to be going as well as expected. Over the last few years this club needed fans to protest. To rebel against the failing regime. What is now needed is to put as much effort in to supporting the current owners and manager as was put in to removing the old ones.

So M’ON, you have time. Take care with our club. If everybody sticks in with it for the long term, does not break ranks, then in 3, 4 or maybe 5 years time a ground holding 60,000 will not be big enough. Happy days. UTV

By voiceoftheholte


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  • Spot on. Great article. I’m sure the vast majority of Villa fans will give the new regime time….. but theres always a few.

  • Good article and who couldn’t agree with most of it? I say most because I think you are being a bit naive for the fans not to criticize players who are playing badly. The paying public has that right, and its not just Villa fans that do that, ALL fans d

  • yes, into my drink funds for the weekend wasn’t it?! If anyone ever wants to add a story, just use the link by the poll ‘suggest an article’.

  • Jonah, it is only my opinion. You can disagree with me, as I can disagree with you. You say that the paying public has a right to critisise and that all fans of all clubs do it …… does that make it right? When you pay to watch a match there are no gua

  • One thing missed was the choice of songs. I for one am fed up of chants about Small Heath instead of positive songs about the Villa. Showing support is about rooting for your club not foul mouthing others.

  • Doom and gloom? A bit strong isn’t it? I wasn’t doom and gloom about anything as far as I recall, just saying that you ARE being naive if you don’t expect fans who have paid good money to have a go at certain players now and then. Most of us have moane

  • Gordonsleftboot. Couldn’t agree more mate. Oh for the days of “Bruce Rioch is wonderful, Bruce Rioch is won-der-ful, full of health, full of go, full of vigour, Bruce Rioch is won-der-ful. Sang to the tune of an old Mothers Pride advert I think….sorr

  • Extremely well written article there VOTH, I would imagine that it sums up most supporters views and beliefs quite admirably. You are quite correct in that now is the time for supporters to unite, after years and years of protests, complaints, and rants a

  • My memory of the Bruce Rioch song is ‘Born is the king of Villa Park, Rioch, Rioch, Rioch, Rioch, born is the king of Villa Park’ sung to the tune ‘Noel’.?? I also used to like ‘Pongo Waring, always daring, la la la la la’. Now when I was a young lad, jus

  • No problems VOTH..and I am NOT saying that I abuse the players, far from it, just believe that if yer pays yer money you have the right to criticise is all.

  • Jonah we agree on that one. However I prefer to do my critisism in the pub after the match, as opposed to during the game, which only serves to knock a players confidence. UTV

  • VOTH time is what we have, wasted time is what we have had to put up with for years. The club is going from strength to strength, we are without doubt in the doldrums at the moment. If Herbert had been a little quicker lifting his rich arse out of the ch

  • Believe fans, believe.
    O’Leary left behind a tight squad stripped down to the basics, but a decent squad, nevertheless
    Doug Ellis for all his sins, and there are plenty, left the club on a sound financial footing, and still in the Premiership
    The new r

  • Jonah understand what you are saying, yes you do have a right to criticise, BUT VOTH is right, if the fans could be made to understand just what effect they have on a players performance, things would be a lot better, take Hargreaves for England used to c

  • Filling the ground now, not booing players etc, is just hyperbole, a fantasy scenario from prozac filled emasculated fans. Get a life, we have been given a great chance lets grasp it and run with it now, not in some future season when the fairies have pai

  • Steff_the-villan: I hope when you said “you boo boys” you were not referring to me. I am not and never have been a boo boy. I have been supporting Villa for over 40 years, third division and all and have earned the right to my opinions. I was merely p

  • I like intelligent debate but avfc48 has a habit of trying to drag everybody down. I am unsure of his motives, but he has a habit of annoying other fans. It is not his first time and probably will not be his last. However he has the same right to air his

  • Jonah not referring to anyone in particular, the boo boys know who they are, and I believe that everyone has a right to their own opinion, no matter how long they have supported us for (over 40 years and going strong, nice one chap) but much like yourself

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