Date: 27th February 2009 at 10:14am
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Martin O’Neill praised the kids for their performances against CSKA Moscow and added, on the official site:

‘I thought we were always in the game. We always felt we were capable of scoring a goal and we had one or two opportunities to do so.’

Adding, ‘We tried our utmost but it wasn’t to be. The last goal was dispiriting because I don’t think it gave a true reflection on how we did. We were pressing forward to try and get that equaliser. I think in spite of the scoreline it was a gritty display from the team.’

And to be fair, I can’t think of anything to add that would be polite, so I’ll leave it at that. :o(


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  • ‘We tried our utmost but it wasn’t to be’ I dont think me and MON agree on this. City tried thier upmost…fielded a strong team and progressed to the next stage.

  • OK so I’m extremely gutted that we couldn’t get through to the next stage but let’s look at the positves…Gardener was immense for us last night, it seemed like he was running the show and had his volley gone in it would have changed our we played. Albrighton looked lively and very promising if he can carry on playing like that. Not a great team performance, but kept CSKA on the feet until a reshuffle of formation and playing on a plastic pitch in -10!! May see him in a few games next season. We’re 4th in the league with 8 fresh players back in the squad with winnable games against Stoke, MCity and Spurs with a day 10 break in between….Let’s get behind them and MON on Sunday….

  • To be honest, I’m glad that he put out the kids. We don’t have the squad to be competeing in every game, twice a week, not when we’re trying to get ourselves into the top 4. I could criticise not having made any more signings in either of the transfer windows, it was always obvious that this would happen, but given the squad as it is at the moment, i’d have done the exact same thing. Having said that, I’m glad we’ve not gone out and bought numbers just for the sake of having numbers. Quality over quantity, every time.
    It’s a shame we’re out, I’d have loved us to have gone on and really done something in this competition, put out a top class squad every game, but there’s more at stake than the chance at a cup run these days. A Uefa cup run is short term success, a nice distraction, but it’s not going to really cement us as a top power, a champions league spot is going to help us do that in a much bigger way and that’s why I’m happy for O’Neill to be steering along this path. We’ve just got to keep on inching up the table now…

  • Lorenzo – spot on mate – voice of reason. People should rememeber where were came from – the darkest days of 68 and division three to relegation to now up there so near to being a force again. And by the way – if Man City were in our position maybe Hughes would have done the same then would he have the B***S to do what MON did.

  • 6 transfer windows, are there no questions as to why we don’t have the squad? I would just ask what would people be saying if DOL or GT (who were both totally vilified – DOL rightly…!!!) had done this? Anyway, all is well, 4th is all that matters in modern football so hopefully we get there. Everton did finish 4th a few years ago and look how they have pushed on! :o(

  • I truely believe if we make the top 4, this will be the best summer shopping spree in Villa’s history!

  • “In the end it is always negative villa fans that push out perfectly good managers.” – Name the perfectly good managers over the history of the Club that the fans have pushed out?

  • Fear, I think you need to accept that you CAN’t buy really good players in advance of having that coveted top four place – unless you are prepared to buy mercenaries and put them on ridiculous wages, and I personally hope we never start doing that! Surely we have all seen the mess that short-term measures get clubs into. Are you saying that you would rather we had won the FA Cup, like Pompey did last year, and be in their position now? That top four spot is absolutely vital if we are to turn ourselves into a real, long-term force in football again. And we all know why Everton haven’t managed to push on – lack of money available for top players AFTER they broke into the top four. I really don’t understand why so many Villa fans have such limited horizons. Do we want a short-term fix or a long, long spell at the top, built on sound foundations?

  • It’s got nothing to do with having limited horizons. We all judge success differently but we all agree on one thing and that is we want success. Just because you believe it is gaining entry into the Champions League and we want trophies doesn’t make us moanng anti O’Neil Villa hatters. Winning becomes a habit and attracts better players as you build on that success. How you do it is irrelevant as it will all lead to the same place in time.

  • I’ve been following this discussion from overseas. Bob the Builder has talked so much sense. MON was right. End of story for me.

  • Bloody hell Gordonsleftboot, where have you been? If you’d told us that a few days ago you’d have saved us all so much time! :o)

  • “Bob the Builder has talked so much sense”. Oops! Wonder if I’ll start believing my own press now … lol. I know I get carried away like everyone else but I have no real idea what is ‘right’ in this. I certainly don’t think everyone is a ‘MON-hatter’ (one of those Russian ones, right?) just because they don’t agree with this decision. I AM glad we have a manager who isn’t afraid to make his own decisions, and has the cojones to carry them through. UTV

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