Date: 16th December 2006 at 9:04pm
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Martin O’Neill declared the 1-0 loss to Bolton ‘A very disappointing result’ but said he couldn’t complain at the performance.

Despite battering the cheating dirty Bolton, and having 60% possession, they picked our pockets and went home with all the points.

The Villa boss told the official site after the match: ‘I can’t complain about the performance from the players. The simple fact is that we will play worse than that and win games this season. We’ve lost two home games in a row, but the performances were a million miles apart. We were very poor against Manchester City, but that was not the case today.’

‘The players were up for this from start to finish and we had the better of the game. It’s not a game we shouldn’t have lost, it’s a game we should have won comfortably. The fact that their keeper was named Man of the Match speaks for itself. He pulled off some great saves – two in particular – while Gabor Kiraly had nothing to do on his debut. Just as we did at Sheffield United on Monday, we created more than enough chances, but we need to start putting them away.’

Adding ‘Bolton produced very little in the last third, but got lucky with a penalty decision. I feel that Anelka caught Petrov as he tried to shoot and the decision to award a penalty was harsh. But when we were getting those penalties a few weeks ago and people were calling us lucky, I did point out that football has a habit of levelling things out.’

Match report to follow.


14 Replies to “Martin O’Neill’s Reaction To Loss”

  • Why did he take Mr Baros off? Where I was sitting everyone agreed it was his best ever Villa game! As soon as he went off we lost the plot. Also want to complain about Gabriel Agbonlahor. He was useless! He’s quick, but what else? Nothing – when presented with three great opportunites he messed up them all! One final thing… Why play Barry at left-back, he’s not as effective at all! Starting line-up for Saturday – GK-Kiraly (couldn’t have asked for an easier debut!) RB-Olly CB-Ridge/Cahill LB-Bouma RM-Davis CM-Gardner (Petrov was useless again!)/McCann (If he’s fit – any news on what was wrong with him?) LM-Barry ST-Sutton/Baros (although unfortunately looks like he could be on his way come Jan). Anyway rant over and lets get 3 Points for the Villa (next week)!

  • Fact is Villa have been better this season with Barry at left back. not because he is better there but because we are exposed without him there. Agree about Petrov and Baros – but wrong to say we lost the plot after Baros went off. We got better and better as the game went on. Baros was playing well and he should have remained part of it. We were strong playing on the floor last 20 and that is where Baros plays well too when he can be enthused – as he clearly was today. Hard luck is the main message though.

  • Petrov had his worst game for us and gabby is not a natural winger it showed today as his crossing ability is very poor. unlucky to lose the game on a whole but we have had our fair share of luck this season. Two home defeats on the spin is hard to take but we must stay positve. The transfer window cant come round quick enough now as we are badly in need of a few QUALITY additions..!

  • New blood will help but to reach a European Football slot at the seasons close Villa will need one hell of a run in towards the end of the season.

  • What quality players would choose to play their football in front of the most fickle, whingeing fans in the league, in a half empty stadium? I feel sorry for those who do turn up because the nomarks who couldn’t make today, but have ******ily made time available to sell out the Manure game, are ruining the club. There have been to many excuses. If you were not there today but have got your ticket for next week, hang your head in shame. You look as if you are about to consign Villa to mediocrity. Well done. Randy sell up whilst you can, I am sure there is a football club out there with supporters who will appreciate your efforts.

  • Im glad i fell asleep to be honest, january transfer window if i had a crowbar id pry you open and steal a reliable striker


  • Hold on though Christo, they wont be claiming that excuse next Saturday, so that lame excuse just doesn’t wash. We lost because we cant score goals, simple as that.

  • Have you forgotten the fantastic fingertip saves????? if it wasn’t for their goalies amazing performance that game was in the bag, and the tone on the board today would be completely different, if I didn’t know which match you were talking about I would never have guessed it was this one. IMHO we played a blinding match, yes there were missed chances, wasted free kicks blah blah, but the passion, the pace, the cohesion was fantastic, bolton nicked that and know it, it should have been dead and buried first half, first half Petrov was there second half didn’t realy get much of the ball, Aggi should be in the centre not a natural winger, such a shame that there seems to be so many natural whingers around, attendance was pitifull and those that were leaving before the end, what I think of you is unprintable. great game, great team (and more or less the same as last years), going places I have no doubt, just heartbreaking to see such an empty ground and lack of support for the saviour of our club when for the first time ever he has asked for back up from the fans. Shame on you who could but didn’t. UTV

  • I have to agree with Miss Aston, I thought Baros had a good game and I was mystified when he was taken off too. Particularly as Sutton had a knock in the first half which seemed to affect him for the rest of the game.

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