Date: 27th July 2007 at 12:56pm
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Martin’s Dynasty

As we look back over the first year of our new chapter, we can see many things have changed.

The Board – Randy, The General, Bob Kain, Richard Fitzgerald, are all experienced people using their

Specific skills to help the club develop.

The Brand- A new badge, a new perception of Aston Villa has been born. It’s only the first year but it’s our chapter to write!

The facilities – The updating of VP through general appearance, a new stand on the horizon, the Holte Hotel and Bodymoor heath –which by next season will have the new pitches laid (2.8mill) and we will have a completed facility that has cost, just shy of 17million pounds and rival’s the best in the country.

The Academy– We have been producing young talent for years with Gordon and Dwight players who have both gone onto lift European cups. This alone is a fantastic element of our club I am very proud of.

The players– We have seen players go and they are being replaced by players of a higher quality.

As we continue to grow and acquire players with the right attitude (What’s ability without this!-Marlon for example- I’ll work for my place and earn it!) and ability to take us forward we will only get stronger and stronger.

Finally –

The Manager– In Martin O’Neill we have one of the most respected and feared managers in the country.

Who in my opinion could manage any club in the top 4. There are not many other managers in the UK who as players have won Championships, European cups & domestic cups. These are all experiences, players can learn from. He has managed at all levels, and won domestic cups with an unfashionable club against the big boys.

So as we embark on our new chapter, I believe we will enter a golden period. Martin has got cart Blanche on football at the club. He runs it from top to toe, including all the transfer dealings. This is one hell of a responsibility, but one he relishes and he takes very seriously. Any football expressed/performed by AVFC is a direct reflection on him. The only ingredient we need now is time, to let him mould the club and grease the machine, so it works perfectly.

If you look at all the successful British managers, one thing they all had was time to develop the club.

Jock Stein – Celtic (13years), Alex Ferguson –Aberdeen (8years), Alex Ferguson –Man Utd (21years),

Matt Busby –Man Utd (24years), Brian Clough –Forrest (18years), Bill Shankly –Liverpool (15years),

Bob Paisley-Liverpool (9years), Arsene Wenger –Arsenal (11years), Ron Saunders –Villa (8years)

Fergie was going to get sacked at Manu after 3 years and no trophies…!!

Everything takes hard work and time. A solid foundation has to be built…most importantly we need everyone to work together as one team to achieve it.

As Ron Saunders said, Peter Withe (at 30) was the last piece of the jigsaw…then looked what happened!!

It will take time for us to develop and to compete at the level we want to be at. There will be no quick fix, or a single record signing that will be the answer.

But building bit by bit and by everyone pulling together, we can try to achieve the 5 yr plan in 3yrs, the 7yr plan in 5yrs and the 10yr plan in 7yrs….It’s up to all of us to help achieve success.

Everything is coming together… it may take 10yrs to compete for the European cup and lift it again, but it’s already been 25yrs!!!…and if anything we have been further away…at least now we have the ambition, the structure and the right people to make the dream……. a reality. Come on you Lions!!

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  • Good article but the naysayers won’t be convinced. No team, business or organisation ever got built

  • The point being…lets not get on the case too early if things are not going as quickly as we want.People compare, or look towards spurs.They have been building a team for years -RB -Chimbonda they chased for 2 years, LB- they tried 3 different players, and they are still looking for that infamous LW.We are on the right track!

  • Stig, I can’t find Fly fishing by JR Hartley(a riveting read), but I have got Oragami folding- How to avaid papercuts.-Paperback ;o)

  • Great article – I just wonder what MON’s final piece is. Assuming he goes with his 4-3-3 style he likes. I think he has got his LB (Bouma) CB (Laursen, Cahill, Mellberg – who I imagine is soon to be replaced) and a trio or midfielders in (Barry, Reo-Coker and Petrov) and strikers (Young, Gabby/Moore, Carew) with the rest of players as squad players. He must be searching high and low for the rest. I have a feeling RB may be our problem area like Spurs LW problem!!!

  • Good article, very proud to have MON as manager, now I just hope we dont get overtaken by teams like Pompey, Man City, Newcastle, WHam etc having bigger and better squads than us. Imagine if MON could have players like Owen and Ljungberg at his disposal we would be awesome.

  • superb, brilliant near Messiah ish in its content.

    can I have your babies ?

    Sorry got carried away with the over the top arse licking, do apologise.

    Good points though I’m looking back at all the similar comments made during the early days O Graham Taylor, David O’Leary and so on, and the similarity is remarkable.

    Still the comments were just as valid then as they are now so well done for putting them over so well

  • AVFC48 -Your a pr1ck.Go and burst some kids balls.You are a miserable individual who enjoys a moan.I’ll take a phrase from a Mozvillan article….Even if the Sultan of Brunei and the Lord Jesus Christ were to manage the club you would still not be happy.

  • avfc48 doesn’t like other articles getting compliments when his poor tosh gets few, or none. Its not personal onelovevilla, its just he is miserable, and a poor writer too. AVFC48 neglects to mention that when we had o’leary and taylor as managers we had the small minded idiot ellis pulling the strings, which would have ruined anyone’s good work (Not that o’leary’s or taylor’s second reign displayed good work). We don’t have that egotistic liar at the club anymore. We are slowly becoming the business. It will take time, and anyone with half an ounce of sense knows that. Avfc48 unfortunately doesn’t know that. Nice article mate.

  • It’s your opportunity again AVFC48 to tell us who should be running and managing the Club and which players should we be buying and at what price? Come on tell us as no one has ever done it right at Villa so you must know as you keep predicting it. I’ll be waiting for a response, like I do everytime you make a comment and then go and hide.

  • MON is the man. Simple As. AVFC48 go and work for the samaritans and turn the volume on that Cure CD down.

  • I’m a fan, not the manager, although I am a fan of the manager.

    If they paid me O’Neill’s salary I doubt I could do his job, my degrees are in chemistry and psychology and although I’m a qualified coach I don’t have his experience as a player or as a manager.
    My point remains though, how many said and wrote exactly the same type of bull***** when O’Lleary and Taylor were manager. How many kept predicting Taylor would turn it around, had the experience to do this and that. Now that was a bloke who had taken Villa up a league and to second in the top league. A manager who had managed England, who had done well enough who had achieved success.
    Whilst I accept O’Neill isn’t a bad bloke what has he done, what has he achieved, what has he shown in 1 season at Villa, he managed 11th, well below the success the much slated O’lleary and Gregory achieved in their first seasons

    “In O’Neill we have one of the most respected and feared managers in the Premiership” What utter rubbish, he hasn’t managed in the Premiership since the late 80’s, he’s been out of football for nearly 2 years totally away from a Premiership that has changed so much in its quality and tactics, its nothing like the one he left when he managed an average side to a few cup wins in a competition that at the time meant nothing.
    All the article does is show just how immature, unrealistic and naive some fans are in their desperate attempts to put a spin on a manager who 2 weeks away from the seasons kick off doesn’t even have a viable fullback to call on let alone serious options should any of 75% of the present squad get injured.
    Its pathetic, and the sycophantic toadying that followed was quite honestly embarrassing to any sane thinking fan.
    What makes it even more sad is that those who promote by encouragement such drivel never offer coherent argument instead there only answer is to sling insult and diatribe at any who dare risk cogent criticism

  • At Wycombe,Celtic and Leicester he did a fantastic job to be fair,however i`m only concerned with the Villa and 1st season was all in all very positive(apart from the nightmare run) Randy and the new board are not our saviours,they bought Villa at a fantastic price and with the plans they`ve put in place so far stand to make serious money.

  • The response to avfc48 will be to ask, ‘what would he do, who would he buy etc.’ But neither he or us are paid as much as MON because we lack the skill to do that so it’s difficult. He articulates well the potential of a false dawn because at the moment MON hasn’t done anything….. because he hasn’t had the time. Ferguson is a great manager because he has a track record as is Wenger and Jose. He speaks of Taylor & O’Leary who were lauded and were proven to be wanting. Other fans have rightly said that had they been backed by a billionaire perhaps the hype would have been correct. Villa have a superb platform with funds, an infrastructure being improved by the minute and a manager who has the ‘potential’ to do well. Steve Coppell of Reading was saying that the Prem is different this year because of all the money and new investment (if only we could have started a year earlier!) He said teams like us have to be different because we can’t buy the best players. We have to build team spirit and try and do it that way. I think that is MON’s way. Suggesting MON is the Messiah is a little premature as yet but here’s hoping. UTV

  • O’neill managed in the 90’s, with Leicester 95-00 so that is 7 years ago and he was out of the game for a year ( May 05-Aug 06).If we are to reference the past and manager accomplishments in their first year, I think it only fair to reference circumstance.Losing your first choice keeper for 10 games over the busiest part of the season, in addition to your No2 for 6 of them, will have a bearing on results.And as 18 points were available and we were 6 points off Europe, had circumstance been different it would have been a successful season(Never mind getting Man U & Chelsea away as your first real games in the cups!).Fair points are made, and for cogency in an argument all the facts have to be laid out in the cold light of day.All in all, we are were we are.Like night and day, there are always two sides of the coin with optimistic and pessimistic views on the same situation.At our early juncture I am embracing our “Bright future”, and although it may be in some peoples nature to analyse and criticise every step of a journey,some would prefer to get to the end of it(31st Aug) and then summarise,because none of us can influence siginings anyway!If we are to spend the money on the players we need before 11th/31st, all negative comments would be deemed premature, and show a distinct lack of faith in our leadership.If we are going to constantly guage the clubs progression against the mediocrity of the recent past we are never going to evolve.Surely that is the whole point, looking forward and having some faith….

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