Date: 17th May 2006 at 5:32pm
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Aston Villa chairman Doug Ellis says the board backed David O’Leary and wanted him to stay for a fourth season unanimously.

Our poll on the other hand has not and a poll in the Mail was even more anti the manager. Would be nice to see the Mail now ask if we want Ellis out too!

Doug explained: ‘There has been a lot of hard talking over the last week. It was the board’s unanimous decision to back the manager. No one can pretend that last season’s outcome was anything other than extremely disappointing and I understand why supporters have been frustrated through a difficult season but myself and the board are convinced that better times lie ahead.’

A phone poll in the Birmingham Mail yesterday had 80% of Villa fans calling for David O’Leary to be sacked.

Vital Villa also asked this week if you would back O’Leary now that the board have.

18% confirmed that they would not be renewing or returning because of David O’Leary and a further 28% said they won’t back O’Leary and they are ‘gutted’ that he is staying.

11% said they would back him until Christmas, 31% said they wanted a new manager but would back him as they had no choice.

Just 12% said they were glad he was staying.


11 Replies to “Massive Anti-DOL Feeling At Villa”

  • On the positive side, he can’t make as bad a start as last year (worst in 35 years) so the only way is up for DOL – or down for Aston Villa 🙁

  • If he does do well until christmas it means he will be able to buy new players and if he doesnt it looks like there will be a new manager to buy new players.

  • I am resigned to the fact that He is here until Christmas at least, and will back him and the team as much as I can but if he fails to improve the performances, his own PR skills, and recognise how lucky he is to manage this great club (albeit under the c

  • I too would like to see the Brum Mail run an Ellis poll, if only to balance out the equation. I doubt that they will.

  • I dont think he should even be given to Christmas if things start off like we ended the season they he should be out the door by October. Still holding onto my dream that he will go to Hull anyway 🙂

  • Guys we will have to move away fom the whole O’Leary thing, it looks like we are stuck with him for now. Things are looking very bleak for us at the moment (especially with him incharge of the team) but lets hope we sign Milner Tomorrow and get some cheer

  • Whilst blaming DD and O’Leary for all things bad at Villa Park i don’t think the negativity of our support helps at all. It does not surprise me that we perform better away from home where our support for the team is outstanding. However at home as soon a

  • Buck, I agree that the players deseerve support but how do supporters have any influence in the running of the club if they are not allowed to complain, and equally praise when appropriate?

  • I’ve been a villa fan for the whole of my short life so far and i don’t got and watch the team as much as i should. What buck has said has made me realise that we will perform better if we do get behind the team. Lets support the team on the pitch and whe

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