Date: 4th August 2007 at 9:13am
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According to the Daily Mail today, Villa boss Martin O’Neill has put in an £8million bid for West Bromwich Albion defender Curtis Davies.

Davis had a transfer request rejected by Baggies boss Tony Mowbray but is said to be desperate to play at the top level. Spurs were also thought to be interested according to yesterdays gossip!

The Mail say WBA will try to hold out for a fee of nearer £10million for the 22-year-old centre half.

Davis joined West Brom from Luton and was their captain within six months.

O’Neill has already stated he wants to bring in more players, lets face it, with a squad our size he has to basically.

The Villa boss said: ‘In an ideal world I would have liked to have another couple of players in by now but we will have them before transfer deadline. Randy Lerner has not put a cap on anything. It is about me trying to find the proper acquisitions. He is leaving things to me and he will be supportive.’

Meanwhile the press have picked up on the fact that Randy Lerner has had a Villa tattoo! A lion on his leg so I believe!

Meanwhile The Sun that Portsmouth and Villa are in the hunt for Fulham right-back Liam Rosenior.

Reading are also said to be after the England U21 player.


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  • trouble is, what is a true value for any player? I guess this is what MON is on about, the money is too high but if you want them, you have to pay as the baggies obviously don’t want to sell, so it is silly money or move along! Don’t know much about the Fulham right back, wonder what sort of price he would go for?

  • I think Rosenior is an excellent prospect. He caught my eye a few times last season on MOTD as a quick fullback/wing back who gets up and down.

    If we’re putting in big bids for Davies – does that mean we’re not signing the Norwegian bloke??

  • This guy has the potential to be a great centre back for us! Stop fannying around, offer them the cash and sign him up!

  • Just look at the signings, Liam Rosenior is a very good player I was impressed with him against Villa last season. Also Curtis Davies both of these are again U21 Internationals with very hungry and bright futures. I believe that these two rumours are true and this stays in line with what MON has bought in so far. By the year 2010 we will have 7 Full England Internationals. Gabby,Moore,Cahill,Davies,ReoCoker,Young & Rosenior.

  • melski – why not go for both of them?? We were all saying we needed a CB before Ridgewell left – so two new CB for £12m minus the £2m for Ridgwell. Improved the centre of defence for £10m net – thats the kind of way we should be looking to improve. Maybe Cahill may feel forced down the order but I would be surprised if Laursen stays fit all season. Now the RB and GK and things look rosy again!!

  • Davies has massive potential. The player has asked for a transfer, usually means he will move. Mowbary wont want to keep a player that does not want to play for the team. If we want him we will get him.

  • O’Niell is a sly old fox……..instead of being England manager, he will be the manager of most of them in 2010 at club level !!! Basically he is holding the bird up to the FA, and fair play to him…….anyone who knocks his five year plan should be wary…

  • MON is a very sharp operator he will not be ripped off. Lets take Defoe for example, Would you say that he is almost twice as good as young? i would’nt! do you think he is 5 as good as Harewood i dont. The same Harewood that took just 45 minutes to destroy us 2 seasons back. You in my opinion MON is spot on the way he is doin his buiness. Some of the teams sellin ned the money to strenghten, the longer we stall the more realistic the price becomes. MON is a shrood operator. do we remember jan most of our buisness was done at the end even the final hour. That is why we got Maloney for next to nothing. So please all you Villa faithful watch MON weave is magic.

  • So if he buys Davies for 8,would you agree that he`s 4 times the player Ridgwell is ? Is Petrov and NRC twice the player of Davis and if Angel goes for nothing but we buy Harewood for 4m………

  • If we get Davies, Rosenior, Haageland and Bosinga and maybe a GK our team will be complete for this season. You guys are right MON is building the basis of the next England team here at Villa Park. Who needs Defoe when we have Gabby and Luke to poach the goals. But, please, go for them, let us hope it is not just paper talk.

  • I like it Curtis D, would be a great signing and show how we want to move forward. Moving Liam out and Curtis in is the right thing to do

  • How long before people start slagging the manager off for only offering 8 million? The Booboys will be gathering one the boards later on to have another pop at the manager.

  • I honestly think that with the sale of Samuel and McCann to Bolton Jussi will sign for us – they have just signed another young keeper – thats 4 GK’s in there squad right now. WBA have just loaned a experienced European Defender. So…Jussi,Rosenior,Davies look to be on there way IMO. Things are moving at last.

  • exactly Aspinall. dont you see how the transfer market is structured. like everything else in life. A product, whether thats a footballer or a car etc is worth what your prepared to pay for it. and just because someone says its worth this much dose’nt mean you must get ripped off for it. If we had a sugar shortage and sugar became £50 a bag would you pay it? because thats the price. or would you drink tea with no sugar. What some football managers fail to realise is. There player is not the only one on the market. just because the press say these are the players we should buy does’nt mean we have to. We finish strong last season and we have let squad players leave (with 1 or 2 exceptions Ridgewell) and as long as we replace most if not all we will be doin ok.

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