Date: 27th March 2006 at 10:16pm
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Operations Director Steve Stride has warned potential bidders for top scorer Milan Baros that they will have to come up with a ‘massive’ bid to prise him away from Villa Park.

Stride confirmed there is a release clause in the Czech’s contract explaining on the official site:

‘The reports are a bit misleading and, before anybody gets carried away, we’re certainly not looking to sell Milan and nobody should think that’s the case. But there is a clause in his contract, that if activated, would represent a massive profit for Aston Villa. There’s been a lot of speculation over the weekend and we feel it’s only right that the supporters know what the position is.’

Well done to Steve Stride for clarifying the matter at least.


11 Replies to “Massive Bid Required”

  • Well that is better news… depends on the clubs definition of massive. (has the term ever been used to describe Mcanns passing range, if so expect a £7m bid to be accepted)

  • Massive profit would be nice and quite frankly for any profit I’d let him and his rollerskate feet go.

  • If we get the money do you seriously think it would be reinvested in the team……I doubt it!

  • He’s Julian Joachim in disguise. Loads of pace gets him plenty of 1 on 1’s but he doesn’t put away as many as he should. If we can get 10m or something like that we should take it even getting our money back would be nice. Look at the situation with jpa.

  • I do like Baros and would hope we can eventually build a team around him that is good enough to compliment him, but if he has a good World Cup and wants to leave then I’d accept selling him for a profit.

  • If Baros wants out, as he seemingly does, massive bid or not, are we really going to force him to honour his contract? Somehow I think not.

  • Daily Mirror says £13million. Got to admit, it would be good business, but we would still need to buy a replacement and surely a decent replacement would cost similar?

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