Date: 24th July 2018 at 12:46pm
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With new the last 48 hours about the potential appointment of Thierry Henry following our takeover by Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens, reaction has certainly been mixed amongst Aston Villa fans.

The Forum Thread on Vital Villa shows the ranging viewpoints on what this kind of move would mean for us, whether positive or negative and such is the reaction the talk of Steve Bruce’s departure and Henry’s possible arrival spans a number of threads as members rushed to give their two-penneth worth.

Social media is no different having had a quick scan of that.

For some Henry is the type of name we should be looking to attract to give a further boost, for others even if they agree, not as manager owing to his lack of experience currently. He should cut his teeth is less of a powder-keg situation as despite our struggles this summer, promotion is high on the agenda regardless.

A new man coming in, experienced or not, needs time to assess the group, find his areas of weakness in the playing staff and improve that with signings or training as he gets his message across

Bruce, on the other hand, is a known quantity. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea but we were 45 minutes from promotion and his biggest critics tend to conveniently forget his personal struggles and most certainly forget the mood of the first team when he arrived and how he changed that attitude around to get us that close. Promotion or bust was a ridiculous club led assertion that paid no mind to the fact that whilst the camp had improved, we were hardly flowing in confidence and we saw that from the get-go with results – we were not yet the team who went on our winning streak.

Does Bruce deserve another shot and the opportunity to move the group on in an attacking sense now confidence is better and we have Wembley disappointment to lean on, or is Henry with a presumed greater attacking ethos the next step for the club?

I’m in the former camp for the record and that’s not to say I don’t see Bruce’s flaws, I just can’t sit here lambasting the lack of loyalty and then back the sacking of a man who got so close in an incredibly difficult year – especially when the option is a thoroughly unproven but ‘sexy’ replacement that works well for the social media brigade who continue to praise Dr Tony Xia for realising he had no option but to sell the majority share.

They’ll be the first to turn on Henry when he doesn’t make us the ‘Villa Invincibles’ within 72 hours of being appointed.

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19 Replies to ““Massive Risk” “Don’t Know How I Feel About This” – Some Villa Fans React To Possible Managerial Switch”

  • It’s got to be change,ASAP ,Bruce out,Xia tool,Give Henry the chance , No more Dads army, terrible
    tactically. Way passed the sell by date,Go .

    • alan shearer, gianfranco zola? brilliant players a disaster as managers henri? non merci

    • poor start/ gone by xmas. its a gamble we don’t need to take. until ffp goes away, we’re stuck as we are.ask ranieri to come and have a look. big signings great new side of world beaters? united are£380 million in debt yet still buy players for millions, why shouldn’t we?

  • Yes Bruce did give everything and it wasn’t enough so I’m all for a change, let our new investors make the risk decisions it’s their club and their money, they have already stated that they respect the fans so let’s just take the same attitude, this is probably the best thing that has happened for our club for many a year let’s just go with it an see what happens.

    • let henri cut his teeth elsewhere, villa is too big a club to be starting a managerial career with. if the team gets off to a poor start the baying will begin again. we’ve had enough revolving door managers bruce has a settled line up a united squad, he should be kept our dream of promotion was ruined by just one goal. yet people talk as if the chairman’s tea lady has died note to owners get snoddy back, unhappy mata from united, barkley from everton caroll on a season loan. and a decent keeper. get bruce another round of golf booked with j.t promotion? doddle.

    • i’ve had enough of the revolving door to the managers office henri? stupidest, most reckless idea i’ve ever heard.with bruce we’ve a fairly well established side that has rebonded the gap left by the scum who got us relegated and humiliated. bruce should get the creditfor giving us some pride and stability maybe a mysterious accident involving richards, tshibola,mccormack and richards could be arranged

      • maybe a ‘mysterious’ accident involving tshibola,richards mccormack and gardner could be arranged( soon!

    • maybe ask ranieri to give us a go.he started the first chelsea revolution bringing players like poyet, drogba,cech to name but a few and of course the leicester miracle will never be forgotten.

    • aston villa not succeeding?=sack the manager we’ll be like leeds and sheff wednesday soon, stuck in a league we don’t believe we should be in because we’re too big a club for it

    • i’ve an old navy mate who works(as a cleaner). he says mata is very unhappy at the prospect of another season being messed about by mourinho. if it is true then THAT is the quality of player we should go for.

  • I would think new owners, new broom. Surprised at this choice but if it is so, then I’d support and be fascinated!

    • poor start? the fans will be after blood, i don’t think he’d last until xmas, where we’ll have to be in a good position already

  • What about if Henry joins but only as assistant I reckon Wenger is coming out of retirement, Wenger , Henry, Bold.

  • My only concern is TH’s lack of experience in the championship compared to Bruce’s. It is a lot easier working with premier league players on the international stage than working with Villa players of a poorer ability on a wet and damp night away to Brentford. Can’t see he would come to assist Bruce as he has a number of assistants already. Is this another Zola/DeMateo moment? Look where those two finished up. It would be interesting to hear from the new owners what their reasoning is before commenting further. Frankly if Donald Duck could get us promoted as champions I would be the first to go quackers. We need to have more information before we can decide if this is good or bad.

  • Henry would get most out of the youth. I think these new owners are smart enough to not allow for another Martin oneil scenario. This American is going to get people into position.

  • Guys, please stop acting like a bunch of racists. I am certain if John Terry, Frank Lampard or Steven Gerard was offered the Villa job, Villa fans would be dancing in the streets with delight, neither one them has any managerial experience. Give TH a chance to show what he can do. I have supported Villa since the days of Joe mercer.

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