Date: 4th November 2007 at 4:31pm
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Bearvill match ratings:

My match ratings, was a bit drunk as usual but I think I gathered what went on through the haze !!

Carson – 6 – predictably didn’t have much to do, solid enough

Mellberg – 6 – would be a 5 but he is so blatantly out of position that he deserves an extra point for effort. He is trying desperately to be a good right back, tries to get forward, receive passes in forward positions etc etc…. but he just isn’t good enough at distributing/making space to be effective

Laursen – 8 – Back to his best after a shaky performance last week, on course to be our top scorer here !!! ask yourself one question, if he was steaming towards you eyes on ball what would you do?? I would shit it and in the words of Gabby ‘he would head a stone if you throw it at him’

Knight – 6 – Average performance from an average player, didn’t have any lapses today which is a relief, hopefully he wasn’t saving them for next week

Bouma – 7 – As usual (I write the same thing every week) Great in defence, not so great in attack, Still I think that Wilf can now claim to be one of our consistent performers, you know exactly what you will get, whether that’s a good thing or not I don’t know ??

Petrov – 6 – Much better, think the midfield was a little bit weak today, Petrov finally looked like he could create something, made a good couple of runs, made space for himself, tracked back a bit more then usual, Hopefully he is starting to gain the confidence he needs as there MUST be a good player in there

Barry – 5 – whats happened to our captain? first half he was awful, much better second half, I love the way he makes space out of nothing all the time, who needs pace when you can gain that extra yard through clever movement. Hasn’t been great since his England exploits, does he need a rest??

Coker – 5 – Did OK !!! got caught in possession loads, far too much for my liking, tracked back well as usual, he apparently has an attacking side to his game…..I am yet to see it !!

Young – 7 – MOM – mmmmmmmmm, we have a superstar on our hands here, after the first 10 minutes was excellent throughout, always think he will create something from nothing……slight criticism, I think that he cuts back too much, sometime he has gone past them with the first dash and then cut backs into there path…..he can sort that out though

Moore – 5 – Thought he may kick on with his goal last week…I’m afraid to say that Lukey isn’t good enough and will be moving on in my eyes sooner rather then later. seems a yard off the pace,

Gabby – 6 – Don’t think the strikers were too effective today, didn’t notice Gabby do anything special but he is always involved, cant wait for big John to be next to him, should be fun !!


Maloney – 6 –
lovely little trickster, wish he would get a proper run in the team, think he would create stuff from nothing, like Young I always think he I going to do something inventive, if we had both on the pitch against slow full backs we would surely destroy that team…just a thought !!!

Berger – 5 – didn’t do much, but I think he was upfront bizarrely

Davis – not on long enough to rate, he made one run from defence and lost the ball….ouch !!! looks eager to please, possibly too eager

Crowd – 4 – Crap until after we scored…..was ok for a bit then but generally poor, well it was only Derby !! Stewards played there part in making us lower holte back rowers sit down constantly….

Derby – 3 – that’s why your going down, that’s why your going down, because you are awful, worst team I have seen up VP for ages, West Brom would have been far more deserving of their place in the premiership, in my eyes !! I imagine that Derby fans would prefer to be a division where they don’t get beat constantly

M’ON – 6 – at least his verdict isn’t blinkered like usual, crap first half, good second is pretty bang on… Think he chose the right side to put out, we do resort to longball alot but I don’t think that is how Martin wants us to play

Overall pleased that we have the three points, even more pleased that I have seen us win 5 times out of seven this season at home, now to get some away form pleeeeaaassseee !!!!!

Bring on the Blues !!!



Well match was much as I thought it would be, Derby were there for the taking and it was just a matter of time before they gifted us something. If we play like this against the blose they will do us.

Carson 6. Nothing much to do

Mellberg 6. OK not tested but not a right back that is clear.

Bouma 6. Solid enough, gives us nothing attacking wise.

Laursen 8. Won nearly everything despite being constantly fouled . Reacted like a striker for his goal thankfully!

Knight 6. Not tested steady enough.

Petrov 6. Looked OK. Switched to centre and looked much better. Comfortable with the ball but it was only Derby?

NRC 5. Won first tackle on 14mins! caught in possession 3 times first half. Looked much better on right side could he play right-back?

Barry 7. Not at HIS best but still our best midfielder . set up goal.

Moore 5. Can’t or won’t work with Gabby. Trying to like him but he’s making it very difficult

Agbonlahor 7. Still our main threat sadly lacking a partner.

Young 7. Not at his very best but played well enough second half and put goal away well.


Maloney lively little player 6
Berger Just a run out 6
Davies Not enough time to do any damage! 5



Poor performance, the approach to the match was terrible. Why insist on playing a LONG BALL game against a team that is used to that sort of tactic in the chumpionship. Why consistently lump the ball down to the forwards for Darren Moore to clean up, when the aforementioned defender is the slowest in the league, logic would suggest PASSING the ball around him would yield the best the result.

The ever improving Gabby played well again, his touch is so much better, and he also uses his head a lot more- bringing others into the game, holding the ball up when needed etc. Petrov was also pretty decent today, in fact I feel he was the most consistent performer in midfield, although he got caught on the ball 3 times (too much at this level), in the first half he played the two best attacking passes of the half , and overall looked composed, touch looked sharper and played the ball around assuredly and intelligently enough.


Carson 5- Made a couple of decent saves, didn’t have much today although flapped at a lofted ball in towards the end.

Mellberg 5- Did okay, ran willingly, tried to play the position of something he’s not

Laursen- 6- Scored the much needed goal, defended reasonably well although wasn’t that dominating in the air against the likes of Howard.

Knight- 5 – Average performance, distribution perhaps marginally better than usual.

Petrov- 6 – See above

Barry- 6 – Terrible first half, improved second half although his only real contribution to the match was the great assist to ML.

NRC- 5 – Ran willingly, but he has a complete lack of awareness and ‘peripheral vision’, caught in possession several times.

Young – 6 – Would of been a 5 if he hadn’t scored the goal, poor first half failing to deliver many crosses, second half his touch improved and was more lively.

Agbonlahor- 7- See above

Moore – 6 – Came deep to get the ball wall, touch was good, held up play well overall a better performance, although he didn’t get into any goal scoring positions.