Date: 3rd April 2007 at 11:53am
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Sorry, this is going to sound really bitchy and it isn’t meant to (well…….) but we have some potentially good news.

Gavin McCann will now have to sit out the games against Wigan at home (Monday 9 April) and away to Middlesbrough (Saturday 14 April) after the red mist descended on him in last nights match against Everton and he picked up a 10th yellow card for the season.

Actually, that does look like a bad thing to say! However, despite the fact you can’t say he doesn’t always give 100%, McCann has proved to be a fairly average midfielder for us and was woeful in the first half yesterday. He works so hard to get the ball – although not so much last night – and then gives it straight back to the opposition. You have to question whether it was just coincidence and a kick up the arse that made Stiliyan Petrov play better in the second half, or was it having a quality player in Patrik Berger alongside him?

So maybe we’ll see Patrik Berger make a well deserved start against Blackburn on Saturday and see a little more of the second half display Villa rather than the atrocious first half fodder.

So, a good thing that McCann sits out a couple of games or am I totally out of order?


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  • Most people will heave a sigh of relief, it will be Interesting to see if Berger is slotted back into the midfield. He made the difference between a team who could pass and link up and a team that could not pass wind last night.

  • Depends whether Berger can last more than 45 minutes, I have my doubts. I’d give Davis or Osbourne a punt. Maccan isn’t good enough, simple as that.

  • McCann was poor yesterday. Petrov was also poor playing alongside McCann but in the second half, Petrov was outstanding as defensive mid. Berger made an instant impact and was a main factor of our nice second half performance. I can see McCann as backup DM for the upcoming years. And Barry was creative enough and Maloney far better than Young. I want to see both Patrik and Shaun to start against Blackburn.

  • Still unsure about Maloney, doesn’t seem to have much stength or power. Would prefer to see Davis who is seasoned to the Premiership style

  • Berger is looking far sharper and fitter than at any time he has been at Villa, he should last 80 mins at least, but why not start him, let him get a positive start for our lot, then fine if he has to be subbed.

  • Petrov slotted into that golding midfield well last night despite the criticism he has received. I think McCann is a good squad player but it was obvious last night that we need a new defensive midfielder and two new centre backs who can play the ball out of defence. Slot Mellberg to RB and also buy a striker to run off Carew. Thought Berger (sign him up)and Maloney were fantastic last night!

  • A good thing! No disrespect intended, but like Petrov all the early promise that was shown by McCann at the start of the season has disappeared. Is it that he is trying too hard to secure him a longer lucrative contract once negotiations start this month? Whatever it is, it highlights one of many problems Villa have in centre midfield, and especially backup to players that play the “holding” role. When McCann went off, Barry switched to a more central role, and with that bit of extra quality in the centre provided Petrov more time on the ball – which I feel he needs, the EPL is too quick for him. Despite the improved performance via the changes made in the 2nd half, I feel we didn’t have much shape and if Everton had produce in the final 1/3rd of the pitch, they could have hit us on the counter & game over. Anyway, cut a long moan short, MO’N – go and buy us a quality tough man, a ball winner in centre mid who can play football too – someone like Sissoko at Liverpool, or the new Ian Taylor (wherever he maybe)…. Osbourne will hopefully develop quickly – talk of the lad has been scarce somewhat of late?.?

  • This article might sound fickle when compared to comments about missing mccann at the beginning of the season when our bad run of form first started, but compare that to the type of player he and petrov are, i’d say it’s time to drop mccann indefinitely and find a quality replacement who can step up to the mark for us. Can’t fault his effort and dedication to the cause but he simply isn’t good enough for us. I think petrov will come good with the right support.

  • Can’t believe there’s talk of him getting a new deal. It was interesting to see the difference in Petrov once McCann had gone off. He looked a different player. I thought Barry was excellent in the centre last night in the second half. With the change in formation, it seemed to free up Barry to drive us forward. Perhaps we already have the answer to our midfield problem

  • Interesting comments guy. Must say McCann has been dreadful in every single game i’ve seen him play this season.

    New goalie

    New right back(bardsley back to sunderland or manc utd)

    New centre midfield, right midfield(gabby isnt a natural winger – goes missing for long periods).

    New striker(to run off Carew and chase the knock OR mature Luke Moore in that role.

    Anyone else agree?.

  • Berger has to start on Saturday, he fully deserves the opportunity. Thought Petrov second half was a different player to the guy who looked totally out of it first half. Why do we start so sluggish and slow? Every single game we’re on the backfoot from the off, and invariably a goal down early doors.

  • That was by far the worst game that i have seen Mccan play, it was as if he had been on a bender the night before. I think Berger has to come in, and barry pushed into the middle. The positive note was that it was probably the best game that i have seen barry play in the middle as an attacking midfielder. Petrov was also good and was used as a defensive midfielder at celtic on occasions. If Berger is not brought in then Davis definately has to get a look in, were he he play his prefared position as an attacking midfielder. I think young is struggling up front, or on the left where he has been playing, i think either play Maloney or berger up there. Give Young a rest, or maybe try him out on the right where he prefares to play. We definately need to change it up, i was very disapointed that MON started with the same team and formation that we used to no avail against Liverpool and Arsenal. I think maybe bring Laursen in too, possibly for Melberg.

  • What a difference one real world class player can make to a team. What MON needs more than anything is a time machine – go back a few years and break the bank for a younger Patrick Berger!

  • Fair comments about McCann i think, he’s just not up to scratch..

    I think the team to start against Blackburn should be Sorensen, Bouma, Laursen, Cahill, Melberg (RB), Berger (LM), Barry, Petrov, Young (RM), Carew, Moore

  • Yep, I like that team splatt … although I’d tinker with it slightly and keep Maloney in for Moore. I disagree with some of the earlier comments, I thought Maloney did well when he came on against Everton. He and Berger provided better movement and Maloney was always looking to take people on and have a pop at goal … refreshing!

    Leave Luke and Gabby to come on later and scare the sh&t out of them with their pace…

  • I think we all know 6-7 of the first team regulars will not be at the Club this time next year and McCann is one of them. He isn’t good enough for the ambitions the Club has. Harsh reality but we keep having great debates about the players we have and the supposed brilliance they show in very small amounts but we should be looking at who we need to improve the team and take us up the table. What we have at the moment, however we gloss over it, just aren’t good enough. How many of our players are good enough for Uefa Cup football, let alone Champions League? I would suggest 2 or maybe 3 if Laursen could remain fit. We aren?t where we are through bad luck.

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