Date: 12th May 2012 at 10:40am
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I asked last week of Alex McLeish Where is your dignity?

I think in the press since he has answered very clearly. He hasn`t got any. Or is he really deluded enough to think that it can now ever work at Villa?

Virtually ALL of us didn`t want him, that is a given. PLENTY of us, once he came, had the good grace to say we`d give him a chance, albeit, lets be honest, with doom filled heavy hearts!!!!

The season has – in my football expert opinion – not actually been very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He blames injuries, fine, they have stacked up – much like they did at Blues, is that a coincidence? – but we weren`t winning before the injuries when he had a full squad AND he set us up to roll over many times this season.

Anyway, I`m not sure why he thinks we care what his pal says but he told press yesterday, as quoted by Neil Moxley in The Daily Mail what Sir Alex Ferguson thinks. Sir Alex Chewalot, the man who recommended McLeish to Villa? Well, he`s not going to tell his pal what a hash of it he has made is he? THE WORST HOME STATS ON RECORD… That is reason enough to resign – but you need dignity to do that.

This man is seriously dangerous if he thinks nothing is his fault and that he deserves to stay. Surely he is just posturing for a pay off?

‘I spoke to my ex-boss last night and he thought some of the squads below us were stronger than us,’ said McLeish, ‘that’s a measure of where we are at the moment and the number of young kids we have.”

Really? Blackburn, Wolves, Bolton and QPR are stronger than Villa? REALLY?


Dave Armitage in The Daily Star has more quotes.

“I`ve been in charge one season. Did anyone expect me to win the league? Come on – I think people have to be more understanding.”

Just how disrespectful is this man? NO, NONE of us expected you to win the league, we expected a bit of fight, not the negative anti-football you have produced though. I only have to think of the Spurs away game to want to cry! Top ten would have been fine, but fighting relegation?

He added, “I anticipate being here next season. Yes, we have underachieved for a football club like Aston Villa. But I think people know there have been extenuating circumstances.”

The extenuating circumstances are having you as the manager.

He is right, we have missed Darren Bent, he is a £24m striker, but as John Barnes pointed out all that time back v Man Utd, we left him up front, on his own, isolated and the formation didn`t work for the player. We were NOT winning even with a full squad, he has forgotten that fact. We have not done one back to back win all season, he has forgotten that as well.

Anyone remember this? Kevin Keegan Shocked At Awful Performance YOU HAVE GOT A MORAL OBLIGATION TO GO AND TRY TO WIN A GAME AT HOME… In the first half they were inept.

Anyway, if you are looking for crumbs of comfort right now, Mat Kendrick stands by his story that McLeish is off and we also have the Mirrors Villa correspondent James Nursey on Twitter: ‘McLeish’s views on his #AVFC future will be in Saturday’s Mirror after today’s presser. Heard and saw nothing to change my view he’s doomed’

He is going. He is going because he has to go. There are so many fans holding out for this decision before renewing, so many fans enraged by this season and even more hurt by it. A fresh manager and a new approach can unify this club again, if he remains, next season will be very ugly. Very ugly indeed.

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