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One of my favourite Vital editors Merlin has done some questions for us ahead of Saturday. I say one of my favourites. I mean one of my favourites from London teams. Well, when I say one of my favourites from editors from London teams I mean London teams beginning with C. Ok, when I say one of my favourite Vital editors from London with a teams name beginning with C, I mean Premiership only… Anyway, now we have clarified that, here is our interview..!

1) Managers at Chelsea, why the constant changing?

A desire to grasp the Holy Grail and provide entertaining football seems to be our mantra. Jose Mourinho had to go, his way with the media was grating with those in charge, Avran Grant (despite taking us to the Champions league Final) just didn’t cut the mustard image wise, Scolari just wasn’t up to it, Hiddink was always only going to be on loan due to his Russian Federation commitments which leads us to the present incumbent of the post, Carlo Ancelotti. I guess it doesn’t read to well does it? However, Ancelotti has a proven pedigree in club management and was always the man Abramovich wanted, he’s settle din well and with only one defeat things are looking rosy!

2) Carlo Ancelotti, the right man for the job and will he last more than one season?!

I’d say most definitely. The time has come to stop chopping and changing and his demeanour, his manner and his ability suggests we’ve finally got our man.

3) What is the latest on the transfer ban (as a non Chelsea fan can I just say LOL by the way?!?!) and do you think it will be lifted? If not what effect do you think it will have on your squad as there do seem to be a few aging players in the team?

We submit our appeal imminently and it’s rumoured that the case will be heard in December. Rumours persist that we have documentation to prove we’ve done nothing wrong but the inside word is that the most we can hope for is a reduction in the ban possibly to a one transfer window ban. From the outside the squad may look to be growing old together but from the inside we know different. We’ve several good youngsters coming through, some of which are plying their trade out on loan but youngsters like Sam Hutchinson and Miroslav Stoch will become prominent next season, mark my words!

4) You confident this season of the PL?

Not sure if confident is the word! We’re the only one of the so-called big four who didn’t weaken their squad with a sale in the summer transfer window and we definitely have a squad of mounting a serious challenge but there are so many obstacles to overcome. We don’t know how it’ll pan out injury wise, we’ve the African Nations Cup to contend with and it could be a long season if we maintain our interest in all four competitions. I’ll tell you what – ask me the same question for the reciprocating fixture. I might have a better idea then!

5) Champions League – ruining what was a great domestic league with the division of money. Agree or not?!

I think it has become unbalanced! Take the last two seasons with the English sides dominating it, is that right? What happened to the good old days when only the Champions went through? Is it a prelude to some sort of European Super League? Has the Premier League served its purpose? I can’t help thinking that the recent introduction of internet ‘only’ live FOR England games could change the whole face of football and for the worse! As for the money aspect, it’s interesting to see that despite the big cash influx, all the top clubs are riddled with debt! Accountability a forgotten word methinks!

6) What do you think of the new rich boys Man City challenge, a threat as they can also now buy the league or not?

I think they would have been better placed if they could offer Champions League football this season. I guess their immediate success hinges on gate-crashing the Champions League to entice the really big names otherwise all you’re going to get are those keen to see their bank balances grow to humongous proportions. Interestingly, their new found wealth seems to have taken a little of the heat off of us! As for winning the league – I doubt it this year!

7) What do you think about the mighty Villa and are you looking forward to your trip to Villa Park?

Always love Villa Park, I loved the original Holte End and always enjoy the journey up. It has a good vibe about the place and holds several fond memories for me – beating Fulham in the FA Cup semi-final for one. As for Villa, I can’t help but feel you must be looking at Manchester City and thinking that should be you, when Randy Lerner took over there was so much anticipation but you seem to have stuttered along! Why I think only you can answer!

8) If you could have one of our players (you can’t because of the transfer embargo by the way!) who would it be and why? I assume you’ll say Emile Heskey…!!!!!!!!

Ignoring the fact FIFA perceive us to have been naughty boys, I’d go for Ashley Young. Fast, direct and young! Emile, I’m afraid, wasn’t even in my thoughts!

9) Come on then, let’s have your prediction for Saturday?

Villa Park is traditionally a hard place for us to go to, our recent record is poor and a 2-0 defeat saw the Mourinho era start to draw to a close. Therefore, we’re due a change of fortune and if Didier Drogba can hit top form I see a repeat of the victory we achieved last year!

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