Date: 15th August 2009 at 7:13pm
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First off, well done to Wigan, they deserved the points and played us off the pitch at times, nice game for their new manager who out thought the Messiah despite being new in ie not in his 4th season and not after 7 transfer windows

Ok, hands up, who feels sick? Who feels gutted? Who feels gob smacked? Who feels shell shocked?

Over reaction?

No, not at all. This was the first game of a new season, it looked like the end of a long and painful campaign.

I’d struggle to think of a worse match, can’t think of one worse for years and years, this goes back to the decimated squads we had under Doug Ellis, off the pitch the improvements are there for all to see, on the pitch and most especially today, we are a shambles.

Again, over reaction?

We aren’t talking about one game, we are talking about games since last February. The performances barring a few have been relegation form. Still, we are too big to go down, that sort of thing doesn’t happen to big clubs, just ask Newcastle and Middlesbrough. Over reaction? Well yes, on that point, maybe slightly, this was the first game and it was against the current champions.

Oh bugger, hang on, no it wasn’t against Manchester United, it was against Wigan. They played us off the park at times today, they passed the ball better, they SHOT when they had a chance and they took their goals brilliantly.

Has Martin O’Neill lost the dressing room? Rumours (and they are only rumours, albeit from all sorts of different sources) say that players aren’t happy, there are fall outs, even today we have the John Carew situation. An injury or an ‘injury’ ? The John Carew Situation If today was the performance of a happy team, then ladies and gents, we might be in big trouble this season.

I went down with lowish expectations, with the current squad I’ve said I think we’ll be around 7-8th, I’ve given up pretending… Also my optimism level in one thread in our forum that asked was 5 – flat. I expect nothing, I’m not confident we will take the cups seriously so am not sure we are competing there and sorry to say squad wise, we aren’t competing in the top five, on the performance today we aren’t competing in the top 6 or 7.

In all my years of going, I’ve never known a team booed off at full time, let alone half time in the first game of the season. Take note MON, take note Villa. The attendance at 35 000 was poor, some don’t have the faith now, the past 3 years have been average performance wise, results ok, but performance wise? There was never a honeymoon period for this massively rated and hyped (?) manager either, others have come in including John Gregory (slated by many) and David O’Leary (the most hated Villa manager in modern times?) and shot us right up the league in the first season, but MON took two seasons to get 6th and then was lauded as the messiah.

Well on today’s performance, he was clueless and the players knew it.

The face of Nigel Reo-Coker when Marc Albrighton was brought on ahead of him was a picture… he was furious. If I was Randy, I’d be furious as well, £8.5m for a player and a kid is brought on ahead of him? Not only that but we put one of the stars of England v Holland – James Milner – to right-back.

The defence is ultra shaky, the midfield were simply out played and our strikers don’t shoot. Ashley Young had a lovely free kick that was fantastically saved, our keeper – and I will check when I watch the highlights (highlights…? LOL) – was simply too slow. But then that is what you get when you buy star players right at the end of their careers.

Oh, I could ramble on. I’m gutted. I went with low expectations thinking I’d not have so far to fall if we don’t do well this season, but I didn’t expect to see that … it was dire… If anyone has any positives, let me know.

You might well point at Fabian Delph, he was lively and into it, but then he was brought off…!!!!!!!!!

Worrying times, it might be the first game and I’m sure some will flame me for my passionate thoughts, fine, do so. I spent my money, I’ve spent it for years, and frankly I’m sick to death of Villa being also rans.

I’d like an apology from the manager…. in actual fact, I’d like something else from him but that won’t happen… yet. I’d like to think the players could donate this weeks wages to Acorns as they sure as hell didn’t earn their money today, they let us down almost to a man… and a statement of intent from the club would also be a great idea as there are many (and I have to say, me NOT included as I do have faith in one area) saying this is just like the Ellis days and that the money is clearly not there.

Never easy as a Villan is it? We had our expectations raised through the roof and now the roof looks like it could well be falling in again.

Oh well, Rapid Vienna, Liverpool and Fulham upcoming, we’ll bounce back surely!?

Player Ratings

Brad Friedel 5
looked totally responsible for goal two, I’ll probably watch the highlights and stand corrected. First goal was a pearl though!

Nicky Shorey 5.5
like Shorey, but today he was a little boy lost

Carlos Cuellar 5

Curtis Davis 5.5

Habib Beye 5.5
ouch… came off and I can see why, got to have time to settle though obviously

Ashley Young 5
spent too much time on his arse, great great great free kick which nearly went in but some awful distribution

James Milner 6
got stuck in but was lost at right-back when the change was made, wasn’t able to get forward much before that let alone after

Fabian Delph 7
good debut, looked like he cared, going to have to watch his late tackles though, had a yellow and won’t be allowed in this league to follow through

Stiliyan Petrov 5.5
not great today, not great at all

Emile Heskey 4
the one shot he had was half way between the corner post and goal post, his header went sideways not towards the goal. Never a fans favourite for Villans and he’s done nothing to improve that.

Gabby Agbonlahor 4
looked chunky, unfit and not that interested, must do better Gabby, you have the world at your feet, take the chance and don’t become a Vassell or Joachim, I implore you

Steve Sidwell 5.5 (60 on for Delph)
didn’t notice a great deal but match was pretty much over even with 30 mins to go

Marc Albrighton 5 (67 on for Beye)
not the right match to bloody a youngster in
not on long enough to make an impact

Manager Rating
Not sure if MON thinks he is Brian Clough or that he can do a Cloughie. He isn’t and he can’t. Times have changed, not sure MON has changed or that he can change and as for his coaches…

Opponent Rating
Looks a bright and capable manager, should keep Wigan nicely safe and pushing upwards this season.

The All Important Pies
Ok, well I warned Alison Plant that the pressure was on before the game, I’ve always liked our pies and the pie makers have been changed to Pukka Pies… Mine was fine… phew! Job done there at least!


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  • shaky at the back, lightweight in midfield and non existant up front – bout sums up our performance today, be afraid villa fans be very afraid

  • Nice rant Fear, but to give delph that rating is daft. He went to ground too often, never broke up play, got booked, never made a pass let alone a telling pass and was generally swamped by more experienced opposition.

    He should never have played, but d

  • Its not even that avfc, its just so damb predictable. we have had the backbone ripped from our squad in barry and laursen. we have all been brainwashed to underestimate this. and the few quality players we do have are just marked out of the game because t

  • I asked earlier if this was MON’s last chance in the transfer window, the vast majority said NO, I feel vidicated after that performance, and hell yes this should be is last chance

  • I expected something along these lines but its so disheartening to see it happen. Feels like the Ellis days all over again. A manager that can’t run the team. We can’t even field a full team & bench for a match without including a number of youth play

  • yeah, just trying to find something positive avfc48 to be totally honest, as a debut for a kid, he did well so thought a nice 7 would be good! he has a lot to learn but then at 19 we all know that including him! MON does look a spent force, obviously I

  • A couple of weeks ago, if pushed, I would have predicted that we would finish in the top half, just about. This was before the euphoria of the Peace Cup. And I imagine I would have been slated for my negativity. I must confess to being surprised that we l

  • That was easily EASILY the worst Villa performance I’ve ever seen. Absolutely abysmal. My word, you’ve been generous with your ratings! Shorey 5.5??? Try 2 at best. Davies 5.5??!!! 3, at best…he was attrocious. And you give Sidwell the same rating? He c

  • Things may accelerate very quickly, a poor performance against Rapid and then off to Liverpool where we lost 5-0 last season, we could find ourselves out of Europe and bottom of Prem, with an awful goal difference, in just a matter of days from now, still

  • Can I just say that Gabby looking ‘chunky’ might actually mean that he has been on the weights? How is he supposed to do something on the pitch when the service to him was non existant? Too harsh.

  • The comment about getting it right off the pitch is correct. I travel on a official bus ans today we got a police escort from the ground (following the away fans coaches but hay ho). Big improvement to sitting in the traffic.
    I’m not sure about the

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