Date: 26th May 2009 at 10:41am
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Shock horror, Villa are being linked to none other than Newcastle United and former Liverpool and Read Madrid striker Michael Owen.

I thought this would be a good idea, as he will be on a free BUT surely it is too big a risk? I must admit I’m not convinced that Villa are going to join the race for him to be honest. Just my gut feeling. Anyway, Janine Self has a report in The Sun saying we’ll join in the bidding.

The report quotes Villa defender Curtis Davies saying he’d love to see him at Villa adding ‘People will talk about his wages. But if you are getting him on a free transfer, it offsets that. If we are ever in the running for a player like that, it will show the progression of this club. If he goes somewhere, keeps fit and plays games, he will score goals.’

I do agree, if he is fit, in our team he’d score for fun as we do get a decent supply up to the strikers now and he knows where to be to get those poacher goals which our strikers seen oblivious to, but isn’t it a massive IF when you talk about fitness and Owen?

I must admit to get a big name would show how far Villa have progressed. Remember Chelsea did this years ago, taking a few like Gianfranco Zola arguably amongst the very best players to have graced the premiership, as well as Gianluca Vialli to show that they meant business despite the players being towards the end of their careers.

Hmmm, I wonder?

Our latest poll asks if you’d like Owen at Villa or not!

I did sort of agree on the transfer with him when he walked passed me at the Villa v Newcastle game. He smiled, I said see you at Villa Park next season. I think that is legally binding.


19 Replies to “Michael Owen To Villa Park???”

  • easy to say when you aren’t the one paying the wages, so I’d go with a yes, lets give it a shot. He is only 29, if he could stay fit then he’d score for fun at Villa. You don’t get anywhere if you don’t take a risk in life..!

  • then let me be the first to say NO THANKS. this sort of transfer shows no ambition at all and i liken it to the Heskey thing which has proved completely worthless. vote 1 …no more has-beens!!!

  • If we can afford him, then i’d welcome him at Villa Park providing he passes the medical! Carew missed how many games this season, yet he’s still scored a bucketload for us, and remains a key player. I’d even still be keen on Ashton if he became available, but as JF points out, it’s easy to take a punt when it’s not your cash.

  • If he’s not after anything stupid like £100,000 per week then I say sign him up but no more than a 2 year deal with options to extend on the club’s part. That way there is very little risk and a lot to gain. He may be injury prone but when he’s fit he is simply awsome. If we can get him fit then it could revive his England hopes too.

  • How much to get Des Walker and Chris Waddle in Villa shirts?

    I’d like him at Villa. If only for that wow factor. (I remember playing champ manager ’93 and signing Le Tissier and Waddle for Villa. Now that was WOW!)

  • Owen is desperate to play in the World Cup and would only would only have the desire to play at the top end of the league to help prove his worth and make this happen. None of the top 4 would touch him. Spuds are not in the market for him and Man Citeh have the finances to not even bother looking at him. So the only 2 clubs who might take a chance on him and who he might relish the challenge with, are us and Bluescouse (the club he supported as a boy). I would say it is fairly nailed on that he will join one of us(probably them). Personally I would take the chance. But I would stress that he is part of a group of players that would all get a run out and that he would be used in a way that would help his fitness levels and not be expected to play every game. I think that the Fonz and Gabbi could learn a lot just by working alongside him. However I fully understand all the reasons not to touch him with a bargepole. But I would take the gamble.

  • Name me three players on pay as you play – its an imaginary deal and a player of Owens stature would not agree to it. I say go for it. ANY striker we sign will be a risk – Kenwye Jones, Darren Bent etc. and would all cost loads. I have high hopes for The Fonz, Heskey is a recent purchase and I would not have thought a striker would be high on O’Neills shopping list as Barry/Laursen replacements needed more. If he was a free transfer I say sign him up!! Im not fussed on wages, as they will be high (but then so are all free transfers) but certainly he could play with Heskey or Carew and Gabby and Fonz will learn loads from him. He also has European experience and if it doesnt work out we can sell him on. Another thing in his favour is leadership – captaining his club and country. If we lose Barry we have no captain – NRC and Davies are not guaranteed starts and they are the only ones who have captained a team before. That may be important.

  • When Martin Laursen joined us – he had his injuries and endured a poor start at Villa park due to this, but after he was fixed he became Great. I still think Owen as some mileage left in him. i still believe he as one last hoorah left over. i say sign him up. aside from his average spell at newcastle he as delivered the goals wherever else he as played.

  • Wasn’t Paul McGrath supposed to be washed up when we signed him at a similar sort of age? I’m not saying Owen will be the player McGrath was, I’m just saying that with a good back room team and a decent manager a player with injury problems can still do the business.

  • he’s a great player but he has way too many injuries, which would probably lead to an early retirement like laursen. more than likely a waste of money but he’s still a great player. however if we weer going for a newcastle player i wouldn’t say no to Obafemi Martins

  • And jimjim96 please not Martins, he’s a poor man’s Gabby. Did you see how many clear-cut chances he missed ofr the Toon on Sunday? I would stake a large bet that if those chances had landed at Owen or Viduka, one of them would have been put away, and things could have been slightly different.

  • Tierney – so to disagree mate. But martins is a decent finisher. have you forgetten how he single handedly dispatched us earlier in the season. i dont htink you have seen much of martins. i would love to hav ethat dude at Villa park

  • Hahahaha.. nothing like sitting on the fence, is there lads! And I’m not either. I’d sign him up in a heartbeat. His record is phenomenal and maybe he won’t play every game. But I tell you, he’ll keep the likes of Gabby, the Fonz and whoever isn’t playing out of Heskey and Carew on their toes. Pure international class doesn’t come around too often for a club not in the CL.

  • lol, sorry chocolate teapot, although I think NO is a pretty easy option on the poll…! Owen is only 29 and isn’t washed up at all, just his injury record is dire, when fit he can score for fun and is an inteligent player who makes the right runs / gets in the right positions, Gabby etc could learn a hell of a lot from him in that sense, but there is that massive IF injury wise.

  • Yes he can be clinical Pablo, I just think he can bottle it at times, like Gabby. Gabby is quicker too, though probably not as strong. Was just my opinion that’s all. I think if he was to arrive, he would receive the same stick as Gabby is currently getting from some in the stands.

  • Michael Owen is a 1 goal in 2 games striker (he even managed 1in3 at Newcastle) and is available on a free. He’s desperate for a chance at a top English club and desperate to make the world cup squad. If he joins the Villa and makes 30-40 appearances he’ll scorce at least 15 goals. I AM INTERESTED. Another striker chipping in 15+ goals is priceless. Villa need to improve by 10 to 15 points in the league to be in with a chance of 4th. A half decent season (form and injury wise) from Owen would improve the Villa.

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