Date: 13th December 2006 at 11:55am
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Villa striker Milan Baros is looking to build on his goal against Sheffield Wednesday and show us Villa fans what he can do.

The Czech international told the official site:

‘It’s always nice to score in front of the Villa supporters. It would be nice to go on a run of goals now. That is my aim. But the most important thing is the points. If I don’t score in the next game and it’s three points for Villa, that’s better than if we lose and I do score. Of course I am happy when I score and I will try to score in the next game. But the most important thing will always be points and we got just one on Monday – we need some wins.’

Baros, who was linked to Lyon recently before Gerrard Houllier played down the speculation, added:

‘I was pleased to get my first goal of the season, but still disappointed with the result. It was like Portsmouth, we were 1-0 up at half-time and then went behind, before we had to equalize for the draw. It’s a shame, because that was one of those games we should win. But that’s football and we have to carry on trying to win games, not just drawing. Playing against teams like Sheffield United can be very tough. They look for the long balls, the long throw-ins and try to score from set-pieces.’

Baros has also praised fellow striker Chris Sutton and midfielder Stiliyan Petrov

On Sutton ‘He’s a good player. He heads the ball well and wins it for the other players. It was good to have him back and now he is fit Chris Sutton is definitely going to help us.’

And on Petrov’s first goal, ‘I was pleased for him. It’s not easy to come to England and just perform well from the beginning. He had to settle down, but for me he gets better every single game and the goal will have lifted him up.’


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  • i think you mean hes looking to build on his goal against sheffield united…wednesday, havent seen them since like 98…but yes, hopefully this is the turining point for milan, he played alot better against pompey

  • No I think he ws trying to say build on his goal against Sheffield because today is Wedneday. or are you accusing the Fear of making a mistake AussieVilla? Because that sir, is unthinkable.

  • I get the feeling that the penny is dropping with Baros and he has started to realise that he has it all to prove. Hope I’m right, because if he gets his head right, he will be good for us.

  • Get Baros upto speed, three additions in January, + Laursen, Delaney and Moore returning from injury and we really could have a strong second half to the season. After we play Manure away in January we have a really good run of games until the end of the season.

  • One goal…may be the atart of a run – hope he destroys Bolton. We need to be on form or we are gonna get mashed by the Trotters. They are an example to so-called ‘middle’ teams….Come on Milan!!!!!! Hat trick please?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Is this the same Koolbill who refused to comment on Baros last week? lol. Just kiddin. I’m pleased for Milan, he’s an obvious talent and its plain to see he just doesn’t like playing up top with JPA. Hopefully a new partner will see him scoring a few more goals.

  • exactly deanovilla, if they cant play together, sell the one who scores fewer goals, Baros has to prove himself, JPA is a villa man and it would be a shame to let him go, but goals are more important. personally i’d sell them both and find someone to build a partnership with gabby ‘hits from agbong’ (cypress hill reference for the uninitiated)

  • Thought he played well at Fratton Park, and again the other night. He’s under the microscope, but he very definitely has the ability to deliver. I hope he comes good, and makes us all change our tune. A definite starter against Fat Sam’s lads, and hope Big Chris is fit to partner him.

  • Milan needs to play off a big man, his record for the Czech republic is second to none playing with Jan Koller.He uses the channels quite well, but his real ability is in finishing.Possibly the best we have at the club.Hopefully he can get a run of games and get an understanding with Stan and Sutton going and it could really make the difference.

  • I’ve never been convinced about Baros. I’m not sure he ever really wanted to come to Villa but felt he had no other options, and I’m even less sure that, even with a good run, he’ll want to remain a villain. He had a short little run of good games last season, then trailed off, and I expect him to do the same this year. I just don;t think his style is what Villa need. Honestly, I think the best we’ve seen of Villa this year has been in the 4-3-3, with JPA in the middle in that Kevin Davies role, and Gabby and Moore on either side of him. Am I wrong? Now, with Sutton, we have a good sub-in for JPA, but what of for Moore and Gabby? Baros? Certainly not. I say we play Baros up front in the next few games (his partnership with Sutton on Monday night looked promising), let him get his little last-minute, I-want-games-in-order-to-attract-interest-for-January-run out of the way (a few goals the good for us), and then buy another Luke Moore in the transfer window. So far of the striekrs that have been named for us–Nugent, Bent, Defoe–I’d have to say only Keene looks anything close to like what we need: a forward who can play as a winger and out-n-out striker.

  • Baros has made some good noises since Monday about his respect for the club and not wanting to leave. I think we have all been pretty critical of him this season, myself included, but he has looked better in recent games and let’s hope that now he has broke his duck he will hit a rich vein of form and start putting the goals away.

  • Yo Deano. Yes I made comments that he’s over rated and over here but the only way to get rid and get someone better is for him to parade himself and score goals. I don’t mind mediocre players as long as they graft for the team and their exhorbitant wages, see Moore and Agbonlahor for perfect examples. UTV.

  • Sadly I think Baros will be gone in January. His heart just simply isn’t here at B6. Better for all, a parting of the ways.

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