Date: 12th May 2009 at 2:39pm
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Martin O’Neill has been singing the praises of Milly for his work ethic and his big heart.

Speaking on the official site, O’Neill says that he is very impressed with the way Milner has coped with the physical demands of playing as a wide man.

Which is suprising really as that’s generally been his main position for clubs?

‘I knew he was going to be a major part of it. The work he has done for us defensively getting back and helping cover has been terrific.

‘He has done fantastically well and I know having played that position how difficult it is.

‘You are expected to get up, support, create and maybe score the occasional goal. Then you are the first one back in again to be the first line of defence.

‘It is really physically very demanding and I think he’s done splendidly. He’s got a big heart and I think he’ll be all the better for this.’

To be fair Milner’s work ethic has never been in doubt, it’s his main strength. In some ways maybe being a little ‘runny’ on the pitch and working on his crosses would yield more positive results but I’m not sure even the praise applies to wingers, that’s just part of the job description for midfielders. Support the attack, protect the defence.

But we need something happy to talk about after our capitulation to Fulham don’t we.

O’Neill finishes off by saying that there’s no reason why Milly can’t get himself involved in Capello’s 2010 squad:

‘I don’t see why not and that should be his driving ambition – obviously to play well for us and of course to get into that.

‘I think the England manager likes him and it is up to James to go out and show it.’


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  • I’m delighted to see that the description ‘Milly’ is catching on. I thought that it was only myself and Mike F., who were ‘savvy’, ‘in the know’, part of the ‘in-crowd’, two of ‘the team’. Clearly not. Myself and Mike Field lead, others follow. See, we’re not as daft as we look Mike.

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