Date: 30th March 2010 at 4:56pm
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No he hasn’t released a song, although being James Milner it would have to be the best song in the world if he did and see Simon Cowell resign so Milner could take over his empire….I digress.

In a recent interview with Gol Television the England manager was asked to pick the three players who had impressed him most, and of course Fabio picked Rooney. He also picked Walcott. Yet nobody can argue when he picked our very own Millyman!

‘This year the player who has most improved has been Milner. He played three or four games with us and forms part of the national team.’

‘Forms’ is a nice use of the word there. Milly is in, no doubts about it – as if anybody seriously had any doubts anyway.

The only question that remains really is where does he play. Central midfield is the obvious choice but he does have tough competition there with Lamps and Scouseboy. I just hope it’s not the left back position although as ever with Milner it’s impossible he could ever let you down.

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