Date: 13th August 2009 at 4:37pm
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Even Martin O’Neill couldn’t wait to praise Milly despite having subdued praise for Young.

Speaking to SSN after England’s 2-2 draw with Holland last night, Martin O’Neill was delighted by the impact that James Milner had on events when he replaced Ash on the left wing.

‘I thought James did very well and made the goal brilliantly, so I am very pleased for him, while Emile caused a few problems before he came off.’

Milly’s ability to beat a man and put in a killer cross is hot debate amongst fans of late, but his talent on the left wing last night shows he has more than just the desire, he also has the talent.

Whether or not you believe Milly would be better in the middle and Albrighton should get a shot at the right wing, a few more moments like last night would go down a treat on Saturday.

The low point of the night for many was the almost non appearance by Ashley Young.

‘Some of the game passed Ashley by a little bit. I still think he did fine in the game and he is absolutely capable of playing in the England setup,’ Monny added.

We can debate all day long whether the Girls Aloud left back realised he had a talented left winger in front of him, but to a neutral it certainly appeared that Cole was prepared to play the ball almost anywhere other than to Ash, and even when he did Ash’s main strength is getting the ball early and running at people, he’s not so hot when his back is to goal and in the time it takes him to receive the pass he’s being double teamed by a pair of defenders.

Whether his quiet game was simply England didn’t play to his strength or not is a chat for the pub. When Ash came roaming for the ball he looked a lot better, but again at Villa he pretty much hugs the line and waits – it’s a different type of game to what he’s used to.

That could’ve been the ultimate difference in why Milly looked so good, he’s always searching, tracking back, running around and he’s happier coming deep to get the ball and make himself available.

Two very different styles of play and it’s possibly the lesson Ash needs to learn for the England team before he’ll make the impact we all know he’s capable of.