Date: 17th May 2009 at 2:28am
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Yes Milly is an odd job man for Villa thesedays, the only position he doesn’t play is goalkeeper but maybe that’s because in that position he can’t run much?

Speaking on the official site tonight, in a desperate desire maybe to ignore the fact that we’ve slipped to 6th Place in the league and now need Everton to help us to even finish 5th, after prioritising a Top 4 place at the expense of taking a European Cup competition seriously, Martin O’Neill has praised the versatility of young James Milner.

Sorry am I rambling?

Milly for those who weren’t there, or missed or decided to miss Match of the Day was played at right back today….apparently it seems our former makeshift right backs who have filled in, Reo, Cuellar, Doris the Tea Lady weren’t up to it today????

But yeah on the official site, apparently, just like disgracing fans by throwing a Cup tie…well to be fair, not giving it the respect it deserves nor the respect we deserve and expect as fans…O’Neill would make this choice again.

‘I thought James did brilliantly overall.

‘He was having a tough time early on obviously but he was just adjusting to the position. It is the first time he has played right-back properly from the start.

‘We went with an attacking side because we really felt we had to win the game. We put as many attacking players in there as we could.

‘Now, it doesn’t always work – with some players having to play out of position – but it hasn’t affected the Wayne Rooney’s of this world – the top players – so I thought we would take a leaf out of their book.’

Few questions if I may.

Has Milner ever even trained at right back?

Should we be proud a winger should have started his first match at right back ‘properly from the start’?

We went with attacking players, one of which at right back?

Wayne Rooney has played right back has he?

I know Milly did well today, he’s done well since he signed for us, he did well when he was onloan with us. This is not a criticism of Jimmy the Milly Milner.

He was told to do a job today and wasn’t that bad, he gave his all as always. It’s what you expect from the man, and it’s what you always get.

BUT on no planet should praise be heaped on him for starting his first match as a right back when he’s a wide player. On no planet should the words ‘taking a leaf out of their book’ when used with ‘Wayne Rooney’ be used as an excuse for playing a winger at right bloody back.

This kind of thing should only happen in emergencies, ie David Platt ending up in goal!

This shouldn’t be how you enter a game.

Yes Milly deserves all the praise he gets after todays team selection…however such praise should never and should not be at the expense of explaining how he ended up in that position.

O’Neill had no ‘hesitation playing the wing wizard out of position’ using the official sites own words, so if we are on a PR offensive where is the article praising Emile ‘barn door’ Heskey for doing a job on the wing?

I give in, I give up.

The club and manager make Top 4 everything, we lose that so as fans we have too high an expectation. We are battling for 5th place as an improvement over last season, yet we still get players out of position and slip to 6th Place.

Tomorrow I confidently expect to be rehashing an official site story about how 6th place is a ‘consolidation’ of our achievements last season and that in itself should be a success.

And yes it would be. Nobody can deny that, Top 6 finishes in two consequtive seasons should not be sniffed at.

It can’t be sniffed at, we have done well, we have done fantastically well to consolidate our position this season whether that be 5th or 6th.

But sorry I’m a traditionalist, if consolidation was our aim – fine – tell me at the start of the season.

Don’t build up Top 4 with all the ‘Gareth will leave unless we get Chumps League’ chatter. Don’t have players talking about making the Top 4. Don’t have the manager ‘prioritise’ the Top 4 and throw a Cup tie. Don’t then have him in the press talking about our best chance in 25 years to break the Top 4 FFS!

Say it at the beginning….because unless you do then claiming fans have wild expectations is a total insult to the lifeblood of this club.

I’m fed up of spin. We get enough of that from the idiots in charge of the Country. State a position and stick to it, and when things go wrong don’t make a story out of ‘effort’ which Milly gives everyday of the week, to ignore failings. Don’t blame fans for cheering eventual subs, don’t blame fans for holding aspirations that you yourselves have played on, built up and encouraged.

Cause that is pathetic.

We will be back next season, at our own expense. Can we make next seasons aims serious this time?

We’ll support regardless so why not give us something to support genuinely, and then anything else would be a bonus. Don’t play the ultimate claim and then not expect people to believe it.


8 Replies to “Milner’s Multiple Uses”

  • An excellent article that comprehensively sums up the reasons for the terrible frustration felt by many this season.Great job!

  • yeah what a weird season, i just don’t get some of the decisions that have been made since feb.

  • I dont get it…We slaughtered MON for playing NRC at right back, Cuellar too…then he tries Milner(who a lot of people have actually said they would like to be given a run at right back)…and its been jumped on

  • to be fair if downing didn’t go off injured he would’ve been run ragged all game!!

  • Well said Vital Villan. Would be nice to see MON come out and admit his mistakes, just to reassure us that he doesn’t blindly believe the spin himself, that he knows where mistakes have been made, that he is still learning from them and they will be rectified . Honesty is one of MON’s best qualities normally and fans of other teams generally like him mainly because of his heart on sleeve no nonsense attitude. Maybe there’s more going on behind the scenes or was Laursen really that crucial to the whole team ??

  • what was up with Luke Young, I’ve been out of the picture on hols, I assue he had an injury? As for Milner at right-back, not sure I’d seen anyone suggest that Euro Champs 82 but nevertheless, I like the fact you are at least trying to be positive! NRC has at least played there a few times so was surely the obvious choice? Found this season baffling, looking forward to it being over and the next one starting !!!

  • It was only a couple of days ago there was an OS story on Luke playing through the pain for the final two games, to be honest it would’ve been nice to have a little piece on him cause unless anything has been said today (not checked news yet) it’s possible he’s now on the sickbed until next season.

    This season is really strange though, normally you should be over the moon given our position but too much for me sticks in the throat. Again there’s so many problems that shouldn’t be papered over just cause of our league position, but I said at the start of the season I’d certainly take 6th place again as sustainable growth. Wierd.

  • Surely it’s not just me who can see that Marlon Harewood would be the ideal right-back…

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