Date: 27th March 2012 at 3:14pm
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Our latest poll asks what you think about the planned protests before the Chelsea game.

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Article comments from the article re: the protest (unedited)

Think it is a major mistake after just one protest + a policy so clear, McLeish out… to now throw in ‘and Paul Faulkner’ does the next one then have ‘and now Randy’ and the one after ‘just McLeish again’ ? Too knee jerk. Stick the aim, no need to split it in my humble opinion. Paul Faulkner doesn’t choose the manager in isolation for a start, Randy is the boss + Paul has brought in some massive deals to the Club which is overlooked because of the hatred for McLeish. All too confusing. So what do the ones who want a change in manager but not change in board do? As said, too confusing and not good to now be throwing in another thing you want. Clear aims, clear press contact, clear mandate and off you go. Just my humble opinion.
The Fear

I don’t think Faulkner should go, but I don’t think he should be anywhere near decision making when it comes to footballing decisions. He’s great at the corporate stuff. I’m more annoyed with Randy than Paul. As for McLeish, well, do I really need to say anything? Sack him! Good luck with the protest, but once again they will not listen to us.

i agree with you Mr Fear and astvil123 , its just Mcleish out we need to concentrate on, he has ruined our club and is a poor manager . my fear is whoever we have will get the same stick though, i have to say the some of the players have been poor and i really believe a lot of them are overrated and believe the hype. i would say that Albrighton, Banan, Ireland Dunne, Hutton, Nzogbia ,have not played that well . i am sure a lot of fans will disagree with me about Banan and Albrighton but i beleive Banan will waste his tallent because he thinks he already has it and Albrighton needs to practise his crossing and shooting but there you go thats just my opinion,

Fear – I agree with you. Putting Faulkner in the statement is daft. As I understand it the choosing of a manager is doe after sounding out selected people in the game who are meant to understand the need. A bit like recruitment consultants. So it is not a single person decision. McLeish out? I still think he should be given more time and am not convinced we get any of the big names that most would deem good enough if appointed. Plus we need stability and not constant change. However his statement yesterday that we could not win – echoes of Houllier at City was a stupid one. We all want the team to go out and fight for the shirt. To say we want a win before the game and then change after it only says that no-one can believe what is said pre-game anymore.

I agree, leave Faulkner for another day. The main thing and the most important thing is to build up the pressure and get this turd out at the end of the season! I BEG all ditherers who don’t like/want Idiot to get up and join this protest. Ok, it may not work, but if we don’t try we don’t know do we???? It’s got to be worth a shot, it’s too important not to make the effort…… come on you Villa fans……. PLEASEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pride of Lions

I think It’s about time we got rid of Doris the tea lady too. Add her to the list and I’ll definitely be there!

I posted something similar to this on another site but it fits here as well. Before the Spurs capitulation, Faulkner did an interview with Tom Ross and stated, among other things, that with the squad we have we should be challenging for a Europa berth at the very least. Now, my maths has never been that great but I’m pretty sure 15th place does not get a team into Europe. In my books, based on that level of expectation (a Europa League challenge), being in or on the verges of a relegation battle must mean that the manager has failed quite dismally. Now, as mere fans it’s nigh on impossible for us to pin down a busy CEO, but those that do have access… Kendrick and Abrahams don’t seem on the ball enough to ask the questions that matter. If there has been a shift in expectations from Faulkner, shouldn’t the local ‘scoops’ be trying to glean that from him? And I read the Q & A with Kendrick and he seemed to come across as one of us, so, I wonder why things like this never get published? These protests will never work while the local and national press and the majority of the fans remain indifferent to the situation we find ourselves in.

Every single person in the entire footballing world can see that McLeish at Villa is and always will be a disaster. Randy just doesn’t want to admit he was wrong. Either that or he just doesn’t care about Villa anymore.

@Jonah, as you know, Doris the tea lady is now only part time, still makes the best tea and scones going and therefore sir, you are quite quite wrong to want to protest about her as well!
Rawlie… ‘another site’? Sorry, I don’t understand, there are other Villa sites?!?!?! Joking aside, the expectations haven’t changed and I believe them to be right, we have a few bad apples in the squad imho, they need managing and then when we can, selling, however there is no way we are as bad a squad as our position shows and so I draw the same conclusion, transition or not, the manager is failing in his job.
The Fear

I agree with the campaign against McMuppet. But any protest against Faulkner will not work and will dilute the McMuppet Out message. It will simply give McMuppet the chance to say the fans are protesting against the Board and not him. Stick to protesting against McMuppet. The pressure needs to be maintained, although it is only the boycott of season tickets that will actually get rid of him. At the end of the day business men look a the money. If that isn’t coming in a decision has to be made. McMuppet Out. UTV

Sod it, if we do nothing the club will continue to get worse, if we do something we could potentially wake up Lerner or just get nowhere? Either way whats the worst that could happen when protesting? The players get upset? Please, will just be another Mcleish excuse. Got nothing to lose really, it’s not hard to stand there and get the clubs attention in numbers, if it fails it fails, so what? Least people will have made an effort instead of being sheep and accepting the clubs demise.

Paul Faulkner said the aim was European qualification this season back in November, probably feels a bit of a tit now…

The team’s morale seems ok, just seems to lack real desire and battle, which explains why we’ve not scored from a corner in the league, no one is willing to really go for it. A lack of quality at set pieces. Our formation is not as good as O’Neill. I could go on and on.

Ya have to agree we need to concentrate on getting ECK out, 1 problem at a time, and instead of getting faulkner out it would be better to get a director of football in, a proper one who knows manager in europe and not just britan and know players from europe and even africa, just look at what newcastle are doing with Peter Beardsly as devoloper of football and a good scouting system with people who know about football and has got them players like, Ben Arfa one of the hottest talents in france a couple seasons ago, David Santon one of the hottest talents in Italy a couple seasons ago, Ba, Cisse, Cabaye all these players have turned newcastle into a formiddable team and all just from having a person at the club who knows football we need a football man and to get rid of the anti football man!

I think Faulkner should bend over and pull his underpants and trousers UP as I don’t want him talking through his ass any more………
Pride of Lions–The-Midlander.html

@kerryvillian – i agree with that, it’s stupid how many talented players we miss out on because of our rubbish scouting system. In the past we’ve been linked to some quality players before they became hot property, but missed out. the likes of Ozil, Huntelaar, Falcao, and those players you’ve mentioned who are now at Newcastle, and look at them now, Huntelaars scoring more goals than games he’s played, Ozil plays for Real Madrid! Falcao is wanted by the European giants. And it’s worse because we were all able to see how good they were and were crying out for us to sign these kinds of players, but we never do. And at the time they were all realistic signings. Did you know though that Houllier actually had a deal in place to sign Cabaye, but Lerner wouldn’t give him anymore money after he’d signed Bent and Makoun? so it fell though. I mean even teams like Fulham are able to spot and sign decent players from abroad, the likes of Ruiz and Pogrebnyak are doing pretty well for them. – I also agree about leaving Lerner/Faulkner out of it, Mcleish is the problem. I still trust Lerner financially, and Faulkner also helps with certain things. I’m probably a little apprehensive when it comes to them choosing a manager, but right now I just want their current choice out.

McLeish is the main target, but there are a lot of fans that are also unhappy with what Faulkner is doing. So that is why we added Faulkner.

Its is impossible to please everyone, all we are doing is trying to provide a platform for Villa fans to show how they feel about the current direction of the club. This is the last thing I want to be doing with my spare time, but I cant sit back and watch our great club fail. If any body has any better ideas how to do this please contact us via our website. The more the merrier.

you are just mixing the message though and not consulting before doing so to be fair. who is writing the mandate? And you know I admire the fact that you are at least standing up and trying to be counted so not just criticising for the sake of it. You have forums to go on to talk to people and ask what they want. The last protest, in my humble opinion, set back the calls to get McLeish out because hardly anyone bothered to turn up. Looks silly, looks like most (or as he said ‘the silent majority’ back him, which they don’t) You need a few thousand for a march, anything less and it is counterproductive and again, just my opinion. As for adding Paul, then why not Randy? Randy is the boss, he hires and fires, he chooses the manager. Paul F has brought in the two biggest deals this club has ever seen, just bad timing that we have, at the same time, a hated manager. People are speaking out of ignorance if they think it was Paul and Paul alone who brought in this manager and if you asked Randy he would agree with that statement. You have a mcleishout mandate, you’ve not changed that to throw someone else to the wolves, then who next and who is deciding? Do you see what I’m getting at?
The Fear next I reckon. Can we turn up to the march with any other political views banners as we seem to be including everyone??

Stay on message guys, your site is called McLeish Out! It’s going to be hard enough drumming up support for a potest against the Manager, if you start deviating by adding other people to the protest, you are dead before you start. I’m not a fan of Faulkner either, but one thing I am sure of, the Manager needs to be the focal point of any protests as he simply has to go.

By the way, that was a message from the popular front of Villa; the peoples front of Villa are splitters! (Copyright Monty Python, ask your dads).

The views on Randy are very mixed so thats why I didnt think to include him, and also as the owner cant see him sacking himself. To add again the message is McLeish Out! Im doing my best in trying to do something to help the club, but I also have a lot of other commitments so it can be difficult to devote as much time to this as it is needed. I just cant sit back and watch the club I love become a laughing stock and slide down the table. If im the only person there so be it!

Mate, you are not the only person and we (sorry Fear, don’t wish to speak for you!) are only offering advice. I agree with you and the protest that’s why I have bothered to respond to you, we need a good turn out on Saturday and by keeping on message, you can hope for a better turn out by keeping the target of the action McLeish and McLeish alone. Nobody is attacking you mate, just trying to help.

I hope people do turn up. A large turnout will show the club how we feel and it will make his ‘silent majority’ statement look even more ridiculous.

McLeish is not going to be sacked this season. Probably not next season either. The club has spent too much already on compensation to O’Neill, Houllier and Blues. Thing is, I don’t really care any more. I have been a Villa fan since 1960 – over 50 years and a season ticket holder for a large
part of that. I was a shareholder before Randy came along. I voted against that as I thought it more important for the fans to have some (small) say in the running of the club than to have a rich owner. I used to wake up on Saturday mornings thinking, ‘Great. Villa Park today’ Now, it’s only having a season ticket that gets me to go at all. I will not be having one next year. I stopped caring because it hurt too much. To see my club essentially abandoned to McLeish tells me that the owner no longer cares. Don’t tell me how much money has been spent on Bodymore Heath, or the Holte pub. The only thing that matters is the first team. Everything else is way down the list. To those of you with the enthusiasm and energy to keep protesting I wish you luck. But I have had enough.
chocolate teapot