Date: 9th August 2018 at 12:08pm
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I did think, which is always dangerous for me to be fair, that Gary Gardner might succeed at Aston Villa.

I thought he had a bit more skill than his brother Craig, lifelong Villa Blues fan. However, looking back, Craig had a bit more grit. If they could have combined the skill and the grit, they’d have really been awesome! However, for Gary, I think the string of injuries he suffered every time he was breaking into the first team just did for him really. It’s a shame but it’s life.

A good friend of mine used to hang around with the Gardner brothers, and I also know someone else who had dealings with them, they never had a bad word to say about either.

Reports today that Gary might be going to Blues on loan. I’d rather he went somewhere else, it’s always an awkward move these days because of the rise in hatred between the fans. It used to be pretty par for the course and fans of my dad’s age would go to the Villa as their first team but also, if they weren’t playing, they’d just as easily got to the Baggies or Blues to catch a game. It’s all changed now!

If he goes, I wish him well, hope he can stay injury free and find himself a permanent move somewhere next season. It’s not going to work out at Villa now, but he still has a career to carve out.

Wayne makes a good point as well.

Gregg Evans says he has three options. Taking up the point from Wayne, he is a local lad, his life is here. But would he want to move to Blues after such a history with the Villa?


Maybe QPR or Bolton would be a better option then! There are blues fans sticking up for him and saying they wouldn’t mind as well by the way. Hashtag gary gardner bcfc


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  • Shame, but as you say, just not worked out for him. 40-odd games in 7 years says it all. Bit part and never made a place his own. Good luck to him, wherever he goes.

  • Got to say that if he leaves Villa and joins small heath that will double the average ability of both sides!

  • QPR isnt that far down the M40 Gaz, you know it makes sense. Why on earth would we want to do anything to help out that snivelling lot. All summer their players, directors, even sponsors were on Twitter poking fun at our financial problems. I completely understand it from fans but for the rest of them to be doing it just shows what a classless tinpot outfit they are.

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