Date: 23rd April 2009 at 2:20pm
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Martin O’Neill has told Sky Sports News that he won’t be paying any attention to the press talk about Villa and England midfielder Gareth Barry saying the situation remains the same, the player is wanting to wait until the season is over before looking at contracts and possible moves.

MON also says the situation isn’t like last year, he knew it would arise this summer and so it isn’t an issue for him.

He also says of the tug of war between Villa and Liverpool last summer, ‘I’m not bothered. From the experience of last year I don’t think that will materialise.I really have not got an issue with any of this here come the end of the season.’

He also says he is pleased with how Barry knuckled back down after the move didn’t materialise and warns that the player might not get the same role elsewhere:

‘Gareth has played very, very well indeed. He gets a freedom to play that might not be afforded in other places.’

Is he on his way do you think? It all depends on who come in for him surely? Will he really be happy going to Liverpool in order to be a utility player and do they have the money with trouble their owners seem to be in debt wise? Should be an interesting summer as per usual!


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  • I disagree astonsteve. He’s a great player/professional but i think we could find someone younger, faster and cheaper, like wenger did with fabregas. I bet MONS already lined up a replacement for him. It will be a sad day for all villains if he does leave but im prepared for it. Every cloud…..

  • Other than that dreaded article last summer, the bloke has been a perfect professional for over 10 years. Will be very sorry to see him go but couldn’t blame him after the teams results since January when he must have hoped and expected so much (along with all the supporters.)

  • Defour – add a few million to whatever we raise from the Barry sale and we will have an excellent player on our hands. Just need to get in quickly!

  • Two points; I don’t see Barry being a squad player whichever team he ends up at. He might not play as many games as he does at Villa, but that will be to his benefit, as any playter benefits from a rest from time to time. He is an outstanding player and walk into the first XI’s of any of the top 4 teams. Ironically, the competition is stiffer at Liverpool than at any other club, but Gareth Barry is more than capable of making himself indispensable to Liverpool.

  • Second point; Medzy, it could be argued that Barry’s replacement is already at the club. Unfourtunately, I’m not talking about an outstanding youth prospect. Rather, it is Steve Sidwell who could well be MON’s choice to succeed Barry. Of course, MON might have realised that Sidwell could never replace Barry, because he’s neither the same type of player, and he’s not remotely in the same class. But if he decides that Sidwell isn’t the answer, can we honestly expect MON to bring in an exciting talent? And even if he manages that, they will be nowhere near as talented, and nowhere near as suitable for us, as Barry is.

  • Does anyone actually have some serious knowledge or have watched Defour play or is everyone just getting swept along by the media storm surrounding him?

  • Will Barry be happy as a utility player at Anfield? Yes of course! But he will go with the expectation of forcing himself into regular contention. The only question is whether Benitez still wants him. I think he will, particularly at a reduced price.

  • I saw Defour play in the games gainst Liverpool at the start of the season (when Liverpool were extremely unfortunate not to be dumped into the UEFA Cup at the first hurdle). My recollection is that he looked nice and tidy, much like Petrov really. On what I saw, he didn’t look like a ‘number 10’ type player, though that doesn’t mean to say he isn’t. But he wouldn’t be a like for like replacement for Barry because he simply isn’t as strong physically.

  • actually i disagree that sidwell isnt up to replacing barry maybe reo-coker is,but we dont know because they never get played in that role at villa,its the positions they played for there former clubs and we were all banging on about them being top class players…nobody came on here saying they didnt want sidwell did they?and reo coker was immense at westam until they fell out so actually is barry goes then mon will have to change things around….who knows we might have had the next england c/mid sitting on our bench for 12 months?

  • My heart wants GB and Petrov to stay. At the end of the day they are two very good players. Both have had a very good season. But my head wonders whether basing the midfield around them is the right decision. They are very similar players and maybe we need some variation in there? I really think Sidwell could be a great player for us. Hasn’t really proved it since he’s been here but …. I’d love to go into next season with the midfielders we have (definitely inc. Barry) plus a leader-CB – ML clone – and a goal hanger. I really believe we’d challenge big time.

  • Can`t afford to lose GB,i don`t think MON could buy as good a player in a million years same for Laursen.

  • Is there a better passer of the ball out there than gareth barry?? Capello for one certainly thinks there is no better English one! It will be a sad day to see him go, but in my opinion he deserves to win some silverware and he is getting no younger!

  • Yes obviously would love him to stay, but just can’t see it now as he will be alot cheaper than last summer. He will still be one of the villa greats to me even if he does go.

  • If I was Barry I’d be thinking of the World Cup 2010. Leaving Villa for Liverpool or even Arsenal carries a big risk of him losing form and starting England place or even a squad place. AVFC would provide Barry the best chance of being on form and fit for the world cup.

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