Date: 20th June 2009 at 2:46pm
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MaineVillan has gone transfer window crazy, this is what he has to say:

I know it sounds crazy, but last night I was a bit drunk and fancied a Kebab to soak up the Special Brew before going home to the girlfriend and listening to her moan about stuff.

So, I was at the Kebab shop ordering a Donna when I see MON in the corner at one of those dingy little tables with loads of newspapers spread out on the table and floor.

I asked Mikel, the owner, what was going on and he said that MON had been there for the last three days solid just reading newspapers and circling the transfer links.

I asked Mikel if MON had spoken to him and he said no. In fact, it turns out that he had just overheard MON swearing at the papers and saying, ‘I never thought of him,’ or ‘darn that’s a good idea, I wonder if it is too late to get him.’

I asked if anyone else had been in to speak with him and Mikel said no. I also said he hadn’t made any phone calls, though he did hear MON swearing about not knowing how to replenish his minutes on his call plan.

I asked Mikel if he had approached MON; he had! He asked him if he was expecting anyone, and MON said he was confident that one or two people would be joining him for Kebabs before the end of the season.

Mikel, also fearing MON might be hungry, asked him if he was going to order anything: he had been there three days without food or drink.

MON had replied that he was waiting to see what everyone was buying. Mikel did say that he swore everyone time someone ordered though and muttered, ‘I was going to buy that, and now it’s gone.’

I guess he is still there. Perhaps we should all visit and buy him something?


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