Date: 23rd May 2009 at 12:27pm
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Martin O’Neill says the team is still hungry for 5th place and believes they have put in enough effort this season to deserve it.

The Villa boss also points to great progress this season, which some agree with and some argue about as as it stands we are 1 point behind last seasons point haul, I guess tomorrow v Newcastle will show if we have improved or not?!

He told AVTV: ‘We’ll be going for it this weekend and pressing forward to win because we want to finish fifth. Psychologically, I suppose it is important to finish higher this season. People will think that shows progression. But I think we have improved regardless. We have played a lot more competitive games this season and I think that gets overlooked.’

He also points out that Villa have qualified for Europe for a second season in a row, something that was done and dusted a few weeks back.

MON also talks to the official site about the massive game on Sunday against the Magpies: Click Here

He says ‘From our point of view, we want to go and win for ourselves. The title has already been decided and relegation is the really big issue on Sunday but we have plenty to play for ourselves. We want to finish fifth and the ironic thing is we aren’t guaranteed that – even if we win.’


6 Replies to “MON Insists Villa Have Progressed This Season”

  • Of course we have progressed this season. To anyone who matters it will be important to know that I managed to get over for 2 games this season where as last season I did not see a single match live. Is that not progression?

  • You could argue We have progressed this season because we spent ages in the top 4 which we didn`t get anywhere near doing last season,Having said that if we end up finishing 6th we quite simply haven`t? trophies are what matters we can go the next 10 years in the top 6 or being in the champions league but if we win nothing what the hell will it matter in 11 years time,not a jot.

  • I tend to agree with Martin. We are certainly in better shape right now, than we were twelve months ago. The experience that we have gained throughout this current campaign will certainly stand us in good stead for 2009-10. As frustrating as this season has been, hopefully lessons have been learned, and that in itself will mean that the club is both in better shape, and be better prepared, for the immediate future under MON’s management.

  • Hope your optimism plays out next season glensider, IF we can now attract a higher quality of player because we’ve shown we can nip into the top four, then maybe we will look back at this season as a pivotal one. I would have been ok with 6th and delighted with 5th at the start of the season. There is an IF though and that is IF we’d also taken the cups seriously. I will look at this season as progression if MON has realised he can’t do what he did again.. then again, he should have known that… And now flame away..!

  • Out of the top 4 Liverpool and the Ars are fragile and Chelski have no manager. We could over take one of them, or Citeh or Spurs could over take us. From now on in, I see a regular top 8, with the rest trying to catch up.

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