Date: 23rd March 2009 at 1:56pm
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Wurzel says Martin O’Neill is the man to take us forward:

Yes it hurts. Yes we are on a terrible run, yes MON has made a few mistakes, none as serious as verbally attacking the fans.

Most of us have been critical of his management over the last couple of months, but when all is said and done he is still the man to take us forward. It is easy to get carried away with the anger that a 5-0 defeat causes, but we are in danger of chucking the baby out with the bath water if we let our emotions rule our head, especially with an away game to Manchester United next.

No, we need to keep focused, see how far MON has taken us so far, and trust that he is the man to take us on into the future.

We get nowhere by sacking managers every 3 years, we need to give whoever is the manager a real good go at taking us forward.

It takes time, and there will be set backs, as we are experiencing, but the only way forward is to trust MON to do the best for the club, and lead us toward that top 4 place.


19 Replies to “MON IS The Man To Take Villa Forward”

  • I agree with the above, who else could we get that would take us forward or do better than Martin O Neil, i cant think of one!

  • You have to look at SPurs as a precedent. 3 Years ago we came within minutes of 4th spot, we had a much better team than you did (Carrick and Davids in midfield ffs!) and we were up against a much better Arsenal side with the likes of Henry, Pires et all. The year after we started badly but kept the faith with Martin Jol and we ended up coming 5th again and went deep in the cups. The season after under MASSIVE pressure we started terribly and 7 games in Levy (and everybody at the club) panicked. £40m was spent on players that werent even gonna get into our first team (Bent, Kaboul etc) Almost Everybody wanted Jol out and Levy panicked and sacked him. Only now, 2years later are we starting to recover from this untimely transition period. My point im making is, you MUST keep faith in O’Neill, with your squad to even be challenging the top4 was an achievement. Dont think youre there until youre there like we did. Youre a big club and O’Neill is your best shot at breaking the Sky 4.

  • the fact that we are mixing with the so called big four , shows that mon is the only man to take us forward, yes we have had set backs and maybe have a few more, but that will make success that little bit sweeter

  • Totally agree… the guy has transformed this club we are still a sleeping giant that MON is waking up. The Lion will roar again soon. ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR. keep the faith. UTV

  • I wouldnt want anybody else. A sleeping giant is exactly what we are and is exactly why MON took the job. MONs a great bloke and i respect everything he’s done for us but i think his transfer policy has to change. I love the fact he wants to keep things english but the quality just isnt available. We need some big name flair in my opinion, Just to get the balance right

  • Support MON 100% despite some odd recent selections. Huddersfieldyiddo is absolutely right. They ballsed up big time sacking Jol, a point I made on an earlier discussion on Spurs page. At the start of the season we would have all been happy to be scrapping for 5th/6th spot with Everton again. Our brilliant first 2/3rds of season raised expectations much higher, but the difference between winning (and being confident) and losing (thus losing the confidence) is a VERY thin line. In our good run we got one or two lucky breaks. All the breaks appear to be against us at the moment. Evens itself out over a season, methinks. We possibily need some outstanding foreign star to supplement our excellent english backbone in the summer.

  • Okay, everybody stop and take a deep breath. I’m looking for improvement this season, nothing more. If we finish fifth, THAT’S an improvement. We’ve had a great season so far and whilst running into a bit of a rough spell, which we all knew was just on the horizon after every 1-0 win with a goal in the last five minutes, we’re still handily placed to finish anywhere from third to sixth. Martin O’Neill is one of the top five managers in the country and we should be very pleased he’s with us, instead of in London or the Northeast! I think we’ve hit a lowpoint to the season now and with a break before the Man Utd game, Martin will be doing everything in his power to turn it around. I think we should be doing the same and supporting him 110%

  • FACT!! – O neill has never won a premier league game at Villa during March. Roll on april!

  • you must be daft if you think martin will bring in big stars in the summer he carn;t handle them he goes for the lower lights and thats wot he will always do. you have got to remember this guy thinks hesky is world class

  • Arsenal have to play the top 3 now………let their bad run begin again and ours over or nearly over….i hope….4th still there boys, by one point!

  • I don’t think we messed up on Sunday. I think we just met an already good Liverpool side, brimming with confidence on the back of thrashing 2 of the arguably worlds best sides. I also think with a stroke of luck we could have been 2:1 up before the they scored the second. As for MON he is a great manager and still is IMO. He will get us back to winning ways. He is the only man to take us forward IMO.

  • Good point Gappy and koolbill. If Reina hadn’t made a couple of decent saves then the game could have taken a very different tone. Along with the Ref being born down the road from Anfield. Spuz beat Chelsea aswell so we have met some very inform teams over the last week.
    Hopefully Arsenal’s luck of playing the out of form teams will change and they have got Man City and Wigan next who could both beat them easily. MON is truly the Messiah and must now resurrect the team in an easter/Jesus stylee.

  • Of course we need to stick with O’Neil, we’re lucky to have him. For the life of me though i can’t get my head around January- probably the best chance we’ll ever have of getting 4th, Arsenal buy Arshavin, and who do we get- Heskey!!! So we change a winning system to introduce a donkey, and funnily enough we’re now losing every game…….How can O’Neil be so great in so many ways but get the really, really obvious stuff so wrong?!!

  • Why change a winning system indeed. Everyone was clamouring for signings in Jan, well we made one – a current English international. Then we changed the system to accommodate him. Be careful what you wish for Villains. If he’d purchased no-one anc carried on playing the same team, everyone here would probably have still been on his back. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t is a phrase that springs to mind. I think you will all be pleasantly surprised by the type of signings we might be going for this summer, now that we’ve established ourselves as top 5 contenders for the 2nd season in a row, and will (fingers crossed) be in UEFA again next year. I think we’ve been working on building our global profile, and then we can look to build and take it up a notch. Evolution, not Revolution. Viva La Villa! 🙂

  • People tend to forget, or weren’t around at the time to even remember, that Ron Saunders took considerable flak from the rank and file supporter, when he disbanded the highly entertaining 76/77 team, in an attempt to improve them, which of course he eventually did, putting together the League Championship/European Cup winning side. In between those years though he took the flak, criticism being heaped upon him left, right, and centre. What I’m trying to say is that it takes time to put a winning team together, it isn’t going to happen overnight. MON inherited an absolute shambles, he had to start the rebuilding job at below ground level.

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