Date: 15th March 2009 at 8:40pm
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Martin O’Neill was far from impressed with the Villa crowd who cheered when Gabby was brought off today.

I’m not 100% sure what the cheering was for. Was it against the player? He has been shocking recently to be fair and maybe if the manager had a thought he’d have looked to rest him and try to (shock horror) actually change things about a little? No? Silly me!

Or was the cheering just the crowd happy that a tactical change was being made? I am not sure, I don’t have the answers to these things, I think that was more understandable than the stupid booing at the end of the game. Villa WILL lose games, we have before, we never used to boo, so why have we started now?

Baffling, then again so was the game and the substitutions so all in all, not a great day for anyone it would seem.

MON said about the substitution:

‘Gabby has been fantastic for this football club and I am very disappointed with what happened when he was substituted. Ever since I have known him, two-and-a-half years ago, he has been brilliant. He is going through a period where his confidence is low but I have got to tell you that is no way to treat him after what he has done here.’

‘I can put up with many other things but that was uncalled for and people have short memories. I’ve always said if you pay your money you can do what you want but that sort of thing doesn’t help anybody.’

Does putting him in the firing line all the time when he is so low on confidence not add to the players problems, is it always JUST the fans who are at fault at Villa? Seems so.

Think I’m struggling with the modern game and the boo boy stuff though, that has never been my idea of being a Villa fan and God knows people of my age group and above have lived through enough lean years!

One worry is it is never a good sign when the manager starts criticising the fans, the club recently I thought was pulling together but he’s had a bit of a pop a few times. Sometimes a look inward is also needed, need I mention the treatment of fans – both at home and who went – over the CSKA Moscow farce?

Maybe we can all lift our spirits for the next game, easy 3 points at Anfield… COME ON VILLA!


15 Replies to “MON Not Happy With Fans Cheering Gabby Off”

  • It was disgraceful, those fans should just stay at home and it`s totally pointless, does he not try ??

  • While we are on the subject, Gabby’s first touch when his back is to goal is ( and has mostly always been) shocking and he rarely wins headers. Think that most other managers have worked this out and don’t give him any space or a chance to turn. Maybe his rise to stardom has come too early with his England call-ups etc.

  • I am sick of everyone booing and ironicaly cheering MON. He has done a great job. I think most of the people who are doing it are not real fans, did not go thought the DOL days. We need to keep MON.

  • OMG…. Those people who support MON despite whatever decision he makes are the “Idots”. MON is human and makes mistakes, as we all do in business, but it takes a strong man to admit to his mistakes – something that Redknapp did yesterday with his substitutions. Gabby has not performed well for months now but still plays every 90 mins. The ironic cheers will ring around Villa Park if MON keeps flogging the same players (really wanted to write donkey’s but can’t be that derogatory to our players). Please MON don’t treat us like “idiots” . make the changes when they are needed, rather that wait too long and receive the ironic cheers. Admit you messed up in the UEFA cup decision and gambled with our season , a bet that at the moment looks lost.

  • YJ – if MON won’t be manager next season who will be? If we finish top 4 next season will you still be banging on about how we should of won the league!! You really think we should be challenging the top four, look at our squad compared to chelsea, liverpoo, the arse & manure – we are miles away yet. Get a grip!!

  • Mutley, don’t you think the size of our squad might just, in some small way, be linked to the manager?

  • I didn’t come on here yesterday as I just wanted to forget about it. Thank god for the St Patricks Day celebrations in Digbeth. Having read this morning’s Mail I was itching to get on here and have my 2penneth. As has already been said the “ironic cheering” was an instinctive reaction to the fact that MON had finally noticed that Gabby wasn’t doing the business. No one planned it. No one passed flyers around before the macth. This was not premeditated. It was an honest reaction to a situation. I cheered. I’m not afraid to admit it and from where I was sat (K7) it sounded like the majority of the ground cheered. There was an attempt by some to sing Gabby’s name afterwards which I didn’t neccesarily agree with at the time although maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea in hindsight. I support every player. I don’t always like the constant singing for Carew when he’s a sub as I can’t think that helps the players that are on the pitch despite the fact that I do agree that Carew should be starting. Gabby did nothing yesterday and it was clear he needed to come off long before it happened. Carew and Nathan need to start the next game. I am a big supporter of MON and I still have faith. It is however not blind faith.

  • AARRRGGGHHHH – thats all i can say. AAARRGGHHHHi am not in the mood to slag of anyone, but i am terribly disappointed.

  • YJ – Yes, wanting to bring in players who can cut the mustard! we need to finish consistently in the league to attract these players. even if we don’t qualify for CL this year we have certainly raised our profile.

  • Let’s face it – in 5 years time Agbonlahor will be sat on a bench somewhere just like Darius Vassell is now. The boy is LAZY and arrogant, and is simply not as good a player as he seems to think he is. He can control a ball further than I can pass one, he fails to pass the ball to a claret and blue shirt, and needs to realise that the only thing he is actually good at is running, FAST. Every time he stops and thinks about what to do with the ball, he loses it. How many good games has he had this season – 4? 5? That would be the maximum and is simply not good enough. We are not good enough to carry LAZY players.

  • I dont agree with the Gabby “SCAPEGOATING”. Some people are forgetting who our top goalscorer is. He doesnt work with Heskey, simple as that. Last season gabby and Carew were on fire. Mon needs to swallow his pride and either drop Heskey for Carew or go back to 4-5-1 with Gabby on the wing and big John up top. Heskey was a waste of Money. We’ll be shagged when Barry goes….

  • I just hope to god that MON and Gabby realise that the booing was from a minority, and that the majority of Villa fans appreciate what we have. If they don’t feel appreciated they will leave and we will be much worse off for it.

    For the record I think Heskey is rubbish and has had a real negative impact on the way we play. No goal threat, doesn’t run or contribute, and is nowhere near as good as Carew. I worry that MON is cutting off his nose to spite his face.

    However MON is a legend and I hope he stays at the club for many years to come!

    Thank you MON and Randy for all you have done for the club! You have my backing.

  • Maybe the disgruntled, boo boys that call themselves fans should have their own break in Dubai! We should support the team and MON in helping the club move forward. Is the season over yet? er no! Do we have a chance or sniff of CL? er yes! So all together now, my old man says be a city fan and I said………..! C’mon guys lets stay positive and hope that by our chanting and support of the team has the right impact in lifting the players confidence. Afterall, we are supposed to be a better team away from home so there is hope yet. Also, I agree MON has made some mistakes which is why he is not our mesiah but indeed a human being like us all so lets hope he and us as fans, learn from this game and from this season. Please please please be positive as fans!

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